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- product -showsplash org. I'm using chrome Version 47. HiDPI) display resolutions or custom refresh rates. 26. 0-26-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 18 14:39:52 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/LinuxQt: 5. 4 installed and through changing DPI and icon sizes I somewhat have  devPixelsPerPx) for each of your screens. 0. 0 RC2 with "Use Unscaled HiDPI Output" on, reports an incorrect resolution to the Linux guest. I've been experiencing an issue with the main menu comes up with no any text entry after some navigation through. The latest release, Deepin 15. This package should not be necessary for OSX because it automatically scales. I have installed a copy of Elementary OS (Ubuntu and based on Gnome 3). 19 May 2015 Chrome beta for Linux is supporting HiDPI scaling now, but Brackets, which is based on Chromium, does not yet. It has a HiDPI display running at 2560x1440. This almost works for pgAdmin. STEPS. 30 Nov 2017 Known as one of the most beautiful GNU/Linux distributions, Deepin provides a safe, secure, reliable, and easy-to-use computer operating system for users of all ages and genre. com/jedireza/gimp-hidpi https://github. Cinnamon currently have the best support of HiDPI displays. k. Release versions now support HiDPI on Android, and Mac and Windows 8 desktop. "Fast, elegant and stable interface" is the primary reason people pick Cinnamon over the competition. interface scaling-factor 2`); Start Steam. I then purchased Aftershot Pro 3 and was excited to get started editing, but was very sad to see  First time using Linux on a HiDPI display. 23 Nov 2016 In the desktop Linux world (and it would seem in Windows land as well), the term HiDPI is being adopted as the manufacturer-independent version of pixel-doubling or “Retina. For example, you can use it if you have one HiDPI (Retina) screen and one lower-DPI HD screen. Therefore, the SNAP interface is hardly readable on such displays. ! Under Linux, setting multi-monitor configurations  Browser compatibility[edit]. 9 replies 8  GUI issue on Linux on HiDPI. 5. OS Fedora 25. 8. See Fonts#Console fonts for configuration details. My laptop has a  20 Jun 2017 Fedora Workstation has been leading the charge in supporting HiDPI on Linux and we hope to build on that with the current work to enable fractional scaling support. This extension does not affect the editor font, as this can be changed  -startup plugins/org. org/index. With the exception of the font (which is picked up from my desktop settings), the UI is not scaled, making it  Chrome Version (from the about:version page): 23. env or similar?? thanks in advance! Report · User Avatar · jpparkeramnh: Member: 121 posts: Joined: Jan. Therefore, I run Android Studio like so: $ xrandr --dpi 192; android-studio&. The words on the app menu are so small that I literally can't see th… 14 Jun 2017 I found some trouble getting my spotify client to scale correctly to my HiDPI screen after installing it. x scale better on HiDPI displays by installing a Java 9 prerelease. https://sourceforge. 10). - Is there a way to  6 Jul 2016 My idea of how we should implement this. manual configuration) than Windows/Mac OS drivers in regard to support of non-standard display resolutions, very high (a. Another reason is  If you are using Hiri on a HiDPI display, it will look tiny when you first launch it. See Fonts#Console fonts for configuration  23 Oct 2017 I used to be a lot into Linux in the 2000s (learned with Fedora, then Archlinux when Ubuntu wasn't a big thing), but went with macOS after the 28 Dec 2016 In the age of Apple’s Retina technology and 4k displays, HiDPI support is becoming more of a mainstream thing. 3 cinnamon. tabs and sidebar) and are way too tiny to be readable image. epp. It scales the display perfectly straight from installation. 6" 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) … The issue is connected to JDK-8149115 Config. 3. : Ubuntu 16. jar --launcher. HiDPI-Scaling set to 2x. Firefox. The pictures looks good on Mac and Windows, but not on Linux 12 Oct 2017 Hello. equinox. gtk. It's impossible to use KISSlicer on a Linux computer with hiDPI displays (what mac calls retina). linux. Bart van der Bilt. Set HiDPI mode (for example run `gsettings set org. What is the expected result? ¶. I do face an issue though. Search, Learn, and Share advice for building successful applications and APIs using Anypoint Studio, the Anypoint Platform, and Mule ESB. Hopefully this tutorial will help someone having th 30 Nov 2017 Note: Not all Linux software looks okay in high-resolution mode yet. Now I have converted all images to HiDPI. 1. As far as I know, this problem does not occur on… Cairo-Dock doesn't work for me i think is my configuration but someone can help me ? Config : - Cairo Dock 3. 5 Feb 2016 For now to enable HiDPI support on Linux for java apps, the GDK_SCALE factor should be set. I understand that a lot of FOSS projects does not support HiDPI well, if at all, but a giant like Valve? They were even trying to roll their own "console", but are unable to invest few scraps to a Linux client of their most profitable project? 8 Nov 2016 Some of sublimes GUI components do not scale in hidpi environments (eg. 10 (64-bit) Netbeans info: Product Version: NetBeans IDE 8. Or whatever you prefer instead of 192 , of course. 5x (like on windows 10 default)? any hidden settings on . 2526. well at least I can now do work on my UHD screen without changig the resolution wich is something. 2, the main window and all dialogs were really large, everything was scaled up. 0 (Developer Build 152281) Is this the most recent version: Yes OS + version: Linux 3. The latest release is a good one too. UI is scaled to an appropriate resolution. 04 LTS, and will feature out-of-the-box support for HiDPI displays. My MacBook has a resolution of 2560x1600, but the Linux guest sees 2880x1800. This option doesn't just wipe the HiDPI. 16 sowie ein ASUS-4k-Monitor, der über ein DisplayPort-Kabel verbunden ist. The problem is that everything on screen is TINY. The main problem is that the  7 Mar 2017 Hi, I have a 4k laptop screen with 2 1080p external screens. I also tried a number of things at https://wiki. java. 21 Dec 2015 Hello, a bug report for my problem was suggested here: https://answers. Graphics libraries have fixes for that, usually supporting scaling  Hi On 4k diplay HiDPI preset on linux is too big, and “LARGE” UI preset is to small there is a way to set intermediate scale on Houdini UI, like 1. The screenshot below was taken on my Dell XPS 15 with 15. 11:44 AM - 21 Sep 2017. Ubuntu's Unity desktop (I'm told, anyhow) pl 20 Sep 2014 This is always so baffling to me (well, usually it's connected to idiotic DRM). Behavior in Windows Chrome (if you have  Although the location was chosen mostly because it was the one closest to Jonas and near enough to my temporary place, it turned out to be the best we could use, since the huge amount of hardware that was available there, including some 4k monitors and HiDPI laptops. If you have a high resolution screen, such as an Apple Retina, Brackets will ignore any HiDPI settings and present you with very small text and icons. It allows us to play early Westwood RTS games like Red Alert and Dune 2000 in a modern engine on Linux. How It Works? First, you set a pixel ratio for your current screen using the toolbar button. JavaFX9 is released with HiDPi scaling on Linux. 9 Jan 2018 OS Linux will continue this year with a rebase on Canonical's upcoming Ubuntu 18. I just have one sugg 9 Apr 2015 Chromium Finally Gets HiDPI Support for Linux After Being Ignored for Three Years. How do I change the UI scaling so I can actually read the text on screen and have applications be a reasonable size? I've tried googling around  If another operating system is present on the disk, the second option suggested by the installer is to "replace the OS with Linux Mint". com/idea/2017/07/intellij-idea-2017-2-is-here-smart-sleek-and-snappy/: The fact is that “the better HiDPI support” is currently limited to integral scale displays only, which is not your case. Now, change to a TTY and use the setfont command to load one of the fonts. 7 more missions for the Dune 2000 campaign. The highlight is the option to support HiDPI screens under windows/linux (as Mac had this already). Useful for mixed-DPI multi-monitor setups. TL;DR To this date, HiDPI support  26 Jan 2018 At the same time as adding HiDPI monitor support for Windows 10, Valve has added a "2X-scaling mode" for the Steam client to satisfy modern high resolution monitors. 16 Apr 2017 - 13 min - Uploaded by unicks. Most/99% of  25 Mar 2017 The default Linux console font will be very small on hidpi displays, the largest font present in the kbd package is latarcyrheb-sun32 and other packages like terminus-font contain further alternatives, such as ter-132n (normal) and ter-132b (bold). b128 - the menu icons will be red as expected (if GDK_SCALE wasn't set explicitly). Dear FreeMind users,. Tools -> 3D -> Tools -> Blur -> Tools -> Color -> Zen AiO Pro Z240IC 3840x2160 Intel® Core™ i7 6700T NVIDIA® GeForce  27 Mar 2017 I just wanted to share my findings regarding TV12 on 4k/HiDPI displays: Run TV in an terminal: teamviewer winecfg There in the graphics - 5142. common --launcher. KDE Frameworks: 5. 14 Oct 2017 Given the available options, I went for Ubuntu Linux. Display: 3840x2160 OS: ubuntu 15. euhttps://github. The device is a 15. You can however force Cinnamon to run in low or in high DPI mode by going to Menu->Preferences->General. The release turns on HiDPI support right out of the box and the UI scaled correctly on HiDPI displays for me with no need to configure anything (it even  27 Jul 2016 Linux HiDPI & Pulseaudio - A Success Story - posted in Tips & Tricks: Since installing Ubuntu on my 2014 Macbook Pro w/Retina display I had two major gripes with Renoise: 1. properties file as described in Customize your IDE properties. 22 Jan 2018 Cinnamon, GNOME 3, and i3 are probably your best bets out of the 6 options considered. По моему мнению, производители не ставили HiDPI-матрицы в основном из-за слабой поддержки DPI, отличных от  7 Aug 2017 Downscale from a HiDPI resolution to a lower resolution with scaled fonts and icons in Linux, Ubuntu, GNOME and KDE. I'm on Linux, GNOME3. I had the same problem, and I did not manage to "enable" hidpi for Android Studio. p2/pool/plugins/org. 6" laptop with a 4k display and a native resolution of 3840x2160 (somehow gnome-screenshot scales that down to 1920x1080). Canonical is playing host to a 'fractional scaling hackfest' in its' Taipei offices this week. It seems gephi assumes 96dpi screens and does not read the system's dpi configuration. 1240. I assumed that somehow HiDPI scal What steps will reproduce the problem? ¶. 0 166 DPI  18 Jun 2017 Linux HiDPI support is in an evolving state with some applications and environments providing seamless support while others provide close to none. Is it possible to do the same on Linux (be  HiDPI means Hugh Dots Per Inch, HiDPI is a display technology in which screens supports high resolution but relatively in small format. 6. So I want to switch back to Linux (OpenSUSE Tumbleweed to be precise). I have not tested  Most of the popular linux desktop environments have HiDPI support. VirtualBox 5. I don't have any HiDPI monitor or HiDPI supported hardware to verify above information; This answer solely quotes relevant information from the web. Setting up HiDPI support in gnome  24 Jan 2018 High resolution displays are becoming the norm, but despite this, Linux has iffy, and confusing DPI scaling settings. Safari supports HiDPI modes on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. 106 (64-bit) on a asus ux305fa 13. Now, it is a wine application and you can change the wine's DPI setting per WINEPREFIX. I finally understand why folks were upset that fractional scaling didn't make it in to GNOME 3. I wonder if there is a solution for the small interface issue that Matlab has on HiDPI screen under Linux. 4 on Ubuntu 14. The scaling factor of Mozilla Firefox also needs to be adjusted manually. Blurry icons on HiDPI display (GNU/Linux). launchpad. For example, LibreOffice supports HiDPI well, but does not come with a single icon theme which suits high-resolutions. ISSUE Steam doesn't follow the HiDPI mode set in GSettings, making it look super small and being barely usable. The menu bar looks correct thanks to the graphics toolkit doing the right  If Android Studio does not detect the correct system DPI on your Linux or Windows machine, you can set it manually by setting the hidpi property in the ide. 19 Oct 2014 For a few months now I've been using the very lovely Dell XPS 15 9530 as my main laptop. 22. The Chromium developers have just  The SNAP GUI does not apply proper scaling of fonts and icons on hi-dpi (4K) screens on Linux platforms. The Cinnamon desktop handles the HiDPI screen well, but certain apps don't scale as nicely as others - among them Firefox, which displayed its UI elements and web pages at  30 Aug 2014 A previous post regarding Sublime Text 3 and High DPI screens on a Linux system was nothing more than a bad workaround, if that. eclipse. I have turned on the HiDPi setting which works awesome for the 4k screen but it makes my 2 1080p screens 25 Apr 2017 OpenRA is easily one of my favourite open source projects. This property functions as follows: hidpi=true: Sets  I've installed the Soda Theme, but everything is still tiny. 66-b17 Runtime: Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment 1. The fonts, tabs  comment:38 Changed 3 years ago by andreasfrom. Hello. jetbrains. com/questions/614301/how-to-set-different-scaling-on-multiple-monitors I'm trying to use an external monitor on my HiDPI Dell XPS 13  11 Mar 2015 The attached screenshot is from running vlc 2. Highlights: HiDPI font rendering. Then please run the same test with current client build (I used b130 nightly) having display scaling factor = 2. The lower resolution will be rendered crisply and will look great. Fortunately . Using ST3, build 3065. Gnome , KDE , Xfce , Cinnamon all four most popular linux desktop have the HiDPI support. Note that this property has no effect on Mac machines. 5, is now available for download bringing full support for HiDPI displays, as well as support for the  In 2. Here we have compiled a list of the best desktop environments to use with HiDPI displays. You can certainly change the resolution on your display to 1920x1080 (1080P) and simply not use its full capabilities but this article will walk you through adjusting the  Thanks, but that did not help. (Manual adjustment in about:config works on Linux as well. 1 (Build 201510222201) Java: 1. I can increase font size of the code with Ctrl + Mousewheel or +/- but that's it. The apple has also marketed the same HiDPI display technology with its own given name called Apple's Retina Dis But, I've been using Linux with KDE for quite a few years now, and most things about Windows annoy me now. launcher. a. 04 on a HiDPI display. 4. package. 4 for Mac Retina display and DPI scaling awareness added for Windows but under Linux it seems there is still no DPI size adjustment so the UI all looks tiny on HiDPI displays. Experiencing the same on Linux. You can set pixel ratios for any number of screens. it works for both HiDPI and non-HiDPI displays and must be set by the user explicitly 2. 4 Jahre alter Desktop-PC mit Intel-i5-CPU und -Grafik, DisplayPort-Ausgang (1. 0_Beta1/. net/projects/freemind/files/freemind-unstable/1. I've got Plasma 5. 1 x64 Cinnamon on my Lenovo X1 (gen 3). What happens instead? ¶. 3″ 1920×1080 with linux mint 17. 1 with GTK+ 3. As it turned out, Linux came with its own set of problems, and 4K or HiDPI has below usable support no matter which OS you choose. e. Please run the attached test code with e. Why doesn't it work? 2017-11-16. php/HiDPI. ) -moz-device-pixel-ratio, min--moz-device-pixel-ratio in CSS media queries. Font sizes are automatically doubled to make most of the screen look good. In order to support HiDPI screens applications need to render themselves bigger than they used to, how much  6 Jun 2017 An anonymous reader shares an article: Canonical is playing host to a 'fractional scaling hackfest' in its Taipei offices this week. Log in to comment. 26 Jun 2015 Like all the rest of the applications it looks awfully small on a hidpi display. launcher_1. v20170531-1133 -product org. x86_64_1. In a tool like yed I think this support is even more critical. 17 Aug 2017 For now, if you have a HiDPI screen, like the one on my Dell XPS 13, you may find that it has tiny icons and fonts that make it difficult to use. Unfortunately, Linux Mint Cinnamon didn't scale automatically and I had to drop the resolution down to 1920x1080 to get decent workable resolution. Both GNOME developers and Ubuntu developers are  16 Mar 2017 This would have meant perfect support for HiDPI on linux already in 2015 or so but we are missing one important thing which is supporting both HiDPI and normal DPI screens at the same time. No pulseaudio output without doing weird shit like abusing alsa loopback (xruns everywhere) or sensible shit like setting up jack  25 mar 2016 Un riassunto del supporto agli schermi HiDPI su Linux: ecco i migliori ambienti desktop per questi schermi, e come sfruttarli al meglio. This page is powered by a community of volunteer enthusiasts helping you make an informed decision. 21 Nov 2014 Hi, I have a laptop with high resolution (3200x1800). archlinux. Technically everything works fine, except, unfortunately, that I can hardly use the profiler GUI because everything is so tiny as to be barely recognisable. 0 - Linux Mint 17 (Kernel 4. If you don't want to wait, you can use Brandon Bertelsen's extension ui-too-small, available in Bracket's extension registry. Chromium-Finally-Gets-HiDPI-Support-for- High DPI screens are beginning to show in an increasing number of devices, and developers need to adjust their applications to support it. Googling seems to indicate HiDPI support on Java is somewhat immature. It automatically recognizes a HiDPI display. See this forum post. Compiling it with jdk8 didn't magically help (it was worth a  21 Jan 2017 To increase the font size for the Linux console (Ctrl+Alt+F[2-8]), first install the terminus fonts: sudo dnf install terminus-fonts-console. 02-b45 64-bit for the first time on Ubuntu 16. v20161219-1356. 4 HiDPI support was supposedly added in 2. Linux 4. The distro will also be released this spring, after Ubuntu 18. This 2X-scaling mode for the Steam Linux client supports high resolution texts and graphics when running the Steam client on 4K  Atom Hidpi scales Atom's interface based on the current monitor's resolution. In this post I'll detail the steps to use HiDPI with KDE if you have a high resolution display (for example, I have that in my Linux Dell M3800). Audacity should respect the 'Gnome scaling factor' (this should fix gnome and unity installations, like for Ubuntu). desktop. IDEA should have auto-switched to the previous HiDPI mode on start, but it  You can make ImageJ 1. Hello community, after updating to 5. Since we introduced HiDPI support we have been improving it step by step, for instance last year we introduced support for dealing with  4 days ago Linux drivers are usually much worse (they require a lot of tinkering, i. 1), Fedora 22 mit Gnome 3. Both GNOME developers and Ubuntu developers are in attendance, ready to wrestle with the aim: improve GNOME HiDPI support. If i don't use OpenGL it's work find but i see it in top right corner for  I have build some apps also for Linux systems. it is seemingly not display-wise in case of multi-display machine  Both Windows 8. net/ubuntu/+question/274062 I also created a question at askubuntu: http://askubuntu. IntroductionAfter long-term domination of displays with high density of pixels on mobile devices, this tendency at last has reached and laptops with desktops. All other browsers have their problems with hidpi. When i run Cairo dock with OpenGL is very small and it doesn't work. Currently on Linux Atom does not scale based on DPI, so this package is necessary to make Atom readable on monitors with high resolutions / DPIs. Looking at the source, it looks like it's using java awt as it's UI toolkit. 0 is available under. If you need one, you can just grab a  4 Jan 2018 2017 saw Ubuntu abandon the Unity desktop and come back to the GNOME fold, which means that Linux Mint is now the most popular distro that doesn't . 1 or newer and macOS will resize an individual window on bitmap basis (resulting in blurry windows but proportionally correct) of an application if that application's window doesn't declare that they supports DPI scaling mode or retina display mode. Manually setting the Linux resolution to 2560x1600, my native resolution, means  26 Sep 2015 Created by: jarradh* Gitter app is incredibly small on HiDPI (Retina) screens on Linux I believe Electron has this fixed with latest chromium ? Hello, I'm running YourKit Java Profiler 2016. Thats why in this article, we've decided to outline how to set up HiDPI scaling on Linux desktop environments that support it. Thanks for the help. 0) - HiDPI - XPS 15 9550. In my opinion, vendors did not put HiDPI-matrix generally because of weak support of DPI, excellent from 96, in Windows. 0-rc2 CPU architecture (32-bit / 64-bit): 64-bit Window manager: XMonad URLs (if relevant): Behavior in Linux Firefox: Works correctly. To make things readable on screen I use a "scale for menu and title bars" screen setting (this is Ubuntu 14. I wonder if your team are able to provided Geogebra Linux desktop version user a option for scaling factor slider like what TexStudio did(which is also a  13 Mar 2016 Thus we have to wait until javaFX supports scaling on Linux (scheduled for JavaFX9 afaik) or that Gluon implements custom css scaling for Linux (unlikely to hapen). To start using this plugin: 1) Set up all the fonts sizes in your IDE. System76 says that it  Although I am able to change the font size of the UI to make it useable but some interface (such as advance setting panel and graphing functions) are not HiDPI supported. I'm running Linux Mint 17 "Qiana" on it. 26 on the HiDPI/4K monitor Dell U2718Q the icons in the toolbar are blurry as can be 6 Jul 2016 HiDPI support in KDE Plasma has been recently improved! I'm afraid what's not improved is the procedure for using that. 04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) operating system, due for release on April 26, 2018. To fix that, in Hiri you'll have to go to Settings 10 Jun 2015 Google Chrome 43 introduced HiDPI mode by default. The default Linux console font will be very small on hidpi displays, the largest font present in the kbd package is latarcyrheb-sun32 and other packages like terminus-font contain further alternatives, such as ter-132n (normal) and ter-132b (bold). Post Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:40 am. RESULTS Steam looks super small compared to the other  18 Dec 2017 Plugin provides possibility to create several UI profiles for different screen resolutions and easily toggle between them. Moreover, linked maps are shown with a preview if you place the  Das Retina-Zeitalter ist nun auch auf meinem Linux-Desktop-Rechner angekommen. Unfortunately, ImageJ2 and Fiji do not yet launch using Java 9, due to limitations of the ImageJ Launcher and ImageJ Legacy components. Only the Cinnamon desktop environment has  Hello, I've recently purchased a new laptop with a HiDPI display (3840x2160). gnome. I wanted to share both my findings about the state of HiDPI in each DE a… Non-Ubuntu flavours or unofficial derivatives are not mentioned, such as Linux Mint/Cinnamon, elementary OS/Pantheon. Install JOSM on Linux machine with HIDPI display; Launch JOSM. Safari. Being there also allowed another local Caonical  21 Apr 2017 This is by no means perfect and its kinda hacky to get it to work, but here are the first baby steps towards HiDPI for Ubuntu MATE. If you want to go After a little searching, I found a helpful line in the ArchLinux HiDPI documentation: Full HiDPI . 8 Retweets; 48 Likes; MrNightcall Henri Koivuneva سیا Matt Gabriel James Love GamingOnLinux Jonas Haberkorn nathan heath Tero Pohjasniemi. For me, the ter-m32n font works quite nicely:. 0_66-b17  25 Dec 2017 should there be a release goal for simplifying this in stretch or later? should there be a BTS tag for HiDPI issues? first login with a particular monitor; should start trusting the values from the monitor EDID if they are in a range that is considered sane? create a list of recommended monitors for Linux users? 9 Feb 2017 Just installed Mint 18. Plugin supports: Default system  12 Jan 2018 I'm using gephi on an archlinux system with a 4k screen (HiDPI, "retina display" with 285dpi). I will maintain this post with status updates on the issues listed so that others can reuse my solutions. For example Firefox can't scale its scrollbar and Chrome scales nearly nothing in the right way. Out of all the modern Linux desktop environments, Pantheon has the best out-of 18 Apr 2015 You've paid good money for a high-resolution display. I know this is problem in Java UI but other applications (Eclipse, IntelliJ, ) did manage to achieve it. HiDPI is detected automatically. 0_66; Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 25. the first beta of 1. Fed up with a bad looking si Now most of the Notebooks have Hi-DPI/retina displays, all major operating systems set high DPI values. This plugin might be useful for Linux users with several displays of different resolutions. 04 LTS (64-bit OpenJDK 1. For achieving this first we'll need to recompile with GTK3 widgets audacity (using a modified wxWidgets with GTK3 selected instead of GTK2). 13 Jul 2016 Despite being a loyal Plasma user, I have been using Gnome on this hardware because Gnome does an excellent job at auto scaling on HiDPI monitors. Dear LibreOffice folks, Running LibreOffice 5. Das Setup: ein ca. 500. g. But this approach has some seeming drawbacks: 1. ” Few manufacturers are actively using this term (System76 is!), but software developers tend to know and use it. Ein paar Hürden waren aber zu  I hope this helps people with those "futuristic" HiDPI screens , its not like you can really buy any laptops without those anyways (if you want good colors, scale, Flame works perfectly fine (on Linux but still). Some major  I just wanted to say thank you for the only Linux browser with flawless HiDPI support. It is becoming a real messy working intensively, especially with AppDesigner that suffers also because you cannot change the font size in the editor. library /home/iko/. I don't know if that's a fact on windows display too, but on linux it's just minuscle (I use a notebook with a 4k display that has around 280 dpi). I'd love to see it  6 Dec 2017 Not bound to Windows. 04 Linux + HiDPI machine. Running Element OS (mainly for this reason) - everything else looks great EXCEPT this one thing. However, teamviewer comes with its own, outdated copy of wine that lacks the comfortable winecfg. Adding proper scaling/DPI adjustment support under Linux would help make  7 июн 2015 После многолетнего доминирования дисплеев с высокой плотностью пикселей на мобильных устройствах, данная тенденция наконец-то дошла и до лаптопов с десктопами. 2016-08-18. Here's how to enjoy it with Linux's GNOME desktop. 0_111). com/MoriTanosuke/HiDPI- Steam 17 Dec 2016 Hi,. Remember that the settings you change will  If you're using Ubuntu or a derivative (Kubuntu, Linux Mint, etc) you may get an error message similar to the following: dpkg: dependency problems Lack of HiDPI support. I use Linux mint with Cinnamon. 6 Jun 2017 I'm yet to experience Ubuntu or GNOME on a HiDPI screen, so I can't attest to how well things currently work, but I do know that some big improvements are coming. Found a workaround on https://blog. You will find them in /usr/lib/kbd/consolefonts/. When I start gephi everything – the whole GUI – looks terribly small and the program is not really usable. Fabio  I have an ASUS laptop with a 3200x1800 HiDPI screen