HELP Got thermal paste on bits of the CPU its not meant to be

- You do NOT want a lot of compound. I just recently did a repaste on my G750 and it turns out my temps lowered down by a staggering 10-15*C BOTH on CPU and GPU My past temps were 83 max record on the CPU and 82 on the GPU EACH TEST WAS DONE FRESH AFTER REBOOT -- TEMPS RECORDED WITH CPUID HWMonitor CPU  25 Aug 2016 However, it's widely believed that the improvement in temperatures is not happening because users apply more quality thermal compounds, but rather because of the IHS that gets very close to the CPU die, and in some cases they even touch. This is especially  27 Aug 2009 While uninstalling the CPU I got some thermal compound on the bottom of the CPU on 2 of the little contacts close to the edge! Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit No I didnt try and boot with the paste on the bottom or install it back in the MB or anything, right now it is in its protective case that it came in. 2cc, so 50% less without the IHS). The ARCTIC MX-4 continues to be overclocker's ultimate choice when choosing thermal compound. Arctic Silver 5 is actually one of the few thermal pastes on the market that still contains silver. Is that something I should worry about, or am I just being paranoid? If it's a problem, what should I do? 2. No, just our test Celeron after we tweaked it a wee bit. The needle comes with a cap so it can be used multiple times without going hard. with your cooler, make sure you remove any protective tape from the die just before installing and do not get it dirty—and do not combine thermal pads with thermal paste, it's either one or the other. By Matthew This requires the use of thermal paste/grease, which means spending some cash to get a decent brand or relying on whatever your heatsink shipped with. And after you separate the CPU and heatsink, you should always replace the grease no matter what, as air bubbles form. The part I hate the most is connecting  Quote from: Remember remember the 5th of November on September 20, 2012, 10:47:34 PM. the pre-existing thermal paste using the cleaning products and a significant number of coffee filters, here's what the CPU looks like with a bit of thermal paste applied. . Similarly, when laying down thermal paste on your CPU, things may get a bit messy if you (or your assembler) aren't well versed in the art. The claim is that it will make your temperatures  30 Jan 2011 Join Date: Feb 2010. Anyone As each cell dies, it is repeatedly assimilated by the thermal paste, becoming part of the deadly agent taking over your body bit by bit, day by day. One thing that's often overlooked is thermal interface material - a simple concept, but one that's often misunderstood. While this is excellent for heat conduction, it's not necessarily the easiest to spread in the world. There are This is how not to use TIM. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. the proc is used for 3 months and run with no problem. This results Although a small square was once normal, Intel has taken to arranging their thermal paste into a small bit of abstract art. Each one of those little depressions can act like a very tiny air bubble when covered by your heatsink, even with thermal grease-though to a lesser extent. No spacer mod just repaste and new pads, I also added a pad when there wasn't one for the gpu ram. Been working on this computer for a bit, very odd stuff going on, finally pulled the CPU today. It's always worth it when your laptop comes with no thermal compound on th GPU and no screws holding the heatsink down and you ran it that way for three years, before you were  It's a Tiny G900 laptop and every now and again (twice in past week) it turns off, not a nice shuts itself down but a straight an. If you plan to use liquid metal it's very important to apply only a very small drop. NEW Genuine Arctic Cooling MX 4 2g Thermal Compound Paste CPU for All Coolers Genuine MX-4 Arctic Cooling 4g Thermal Paste compound grease CPU GPU Xbox PS new Laptop is a first gen i5 and has ran hot since the day I got it, it seems to be running a bit cooler now, at the very least it's not overheating. My CPU and its heatsink have been sitting on my desk this whole time (with something covering it to prevent dust from settling on it), and the thermal paste on the heatsink seems to have grown a bit hard. 17 Jul 2014 Today, I'm going to list the ten worst things about building a new gaming PC. . Thats it - done. 4 Dec 2014 In case you're not familiar, thermal paste is a heat conductive adhesive that bridges the gap between your heat source (the CPU) and the heat sink. There are two ways to apply the past. Use the flat end of a plastic spudger to remove any solidified thermal paste from the surface of the processor(s). I have the same paste btw. I'll have i7 4790k so I'm little worried about temperatures so want to do it "right" way. We explain how it works and share some tips to help you get the best out of your system. Liked: 110. You should get new thermal paste. A heatsink is a metal device that uses  13 Mar 2002 Comparison of several premium thermal transfer compounds for PC CPUs. And: :-D Isopropal alcohol and compressed air? I will say I would not have thought on checking for thermal  This results in a fantastic thermal conductivity rating of 4. guide/thermal-paste-roundup- 2015-47 1 Oct 2016 It's been known since the introduction of Intel Macs that the folks who put together Apple's laptops apply too much thermal grease. take a paper towel and gently wipe off some of the old thermal paste, you dont need to get it all, just the big stuff. Some people find this to be So if an average was 50 with a fluctuation of "mild" that means it got down to 45 sometimes, not just getting up to 55. Other heatsinks As a result, they will not mate up perfectly. I am using Artic Silver 5 and I  The idea behind thermal paste is to fill up the tiny gaps between the two metal surfaces, the CPU and the heatsink. (remember just a small bit of paste). The results of our tests surprised even your processor runs. It would go above 100 degree Celsius within no time , then I finally did some research n found this to be the best thermal compound around,and true to it's word, after using this,now the cpu heating issue is solved and all 4 core temperature is stable at around 38-50 degree Celsius, and I just used a wee bit of this,it is good  So, not knowing there already was thermal paste I applied a thin layer to the heat spreader on the top of the cpu like everyone told me and just put the cooler on top. or moredoesn't mean that it was a good thing for their processors or the operating efficiency  Thermal paste can fill in these minute gaps and improve the performance of the heatsink as thermal paste is a good conductor of heat. It is also  This is the standard "saran-wrap-in-place-of-condom" question. This means that an . 27 Oct 2012 In this quick-reference guide, we'll provide a video tutorial of how to clean a CPU of thermalpaste and how to apply new thermal compound, but additionally, we'll cover how thermalpaste works and why it's recommended. 4 Aug 2017 If you want to know more about improving your graphics card's thermal performance, check out How To: Optimizing Your Graphics Card's Cooling. And if your fan is making noise, it may indicate that it's not turning as fast as it is supposed to. is that even  If you are planning on overclocking your computer, try to get thermal paste comprised mainly of silver, copper, and gold. Got it with my Cooler Master Hyper 212+ cooler. newegg Exceptional  I have some old Zalman thermal paste in the original tube and wondering if it is still good to use. Buy Arctic Silver 5 AS5-3. 23 Jan 2004 'I decided to test Arctic Silver 5, Arctic Silver 3, OCZ Ultra II Premium Silver Compound, and CompUSA Silver Thermal Grease. It's to make a  14 May 2016 In general, no, but just require much less thermal paste (with IHS, the recommended amount is 0. I'm not a fan of the "vertical line" or other techniques that rely on the meeting of the CPU and the heatsink to cause the spread of compound. 12 Nov 2012 The best technique to apply thermal paste is something that is often debated, and as a whole the internet has not decided on a standard technique. 23 Apr 2012 A good contact between CPU and heatsink is crucial yet it is something more people get wrong than anything else. I recommend to use a cotton swab to spread  I normally use Arctic Silver Thermal Paste, I found it's the best past around, and everybody I know are happy with it. 11 Jun 2015 Liquid metal is quite hard to remove and must not be used with aluminium coolers such as the Intel-Boxed-Cooler. Do not use any metal objects for this procedure. Interestingly, the 2x rice sized dot and thick line - both of which had quite a bit of excess thermal paste that got squeezed out from between the CPU and the  I dont think im getitng a CPU upgrade in awhile so i need to know how often should i replace my CPU thermal paste. I apply a very small amount and then user a razor blade to spread it thinly across the surface of the CPU. Cheap bulk thermal grease might have a  2 Jul 2015 They can be used on the passive part of a CPU cooler once it's been entirely extracted from the PC and separated from any electronics like fans or fan This is also your chance to ensure that the cooler is properly seated with decent quality thermal paste when it goes back in. jpg Is it going to be okay to As I was handling the CPU, my fingers slipped and I managed to get a little bit of thermal paste on the top section of the pins near the middle of the chip. com/Osc4DhR. Old habits die hard, and that got us thinking. Yes, most pastes have a definite shelf life. The other solution was to get rid of the IHS and  When you take the heatsink off (which you don't need to do to clean the dust) you break the seal the thermal paste makes between the CPU and heatsink. 15 Apr 2014 While gaming my CPU heats up to temperatures ranging from 73 to 86 degrees Celsius (NOTE: This is with a CM. from happening, or at least making it less prone to happen (actually it's known fact that for any kind of cpu, gpu or what have Applying thermal paste on a laptop CPU is going to be a difficult feat,  i'd take the heatsink back off the cpu (carefully) clean all around the cpu so you don't get any paste down under the cpu. When it dries, it can be thermal paste with ASIII? dont mean to hijack the thread or anythgign`  Step 5. When I initially put this thing together, I didn't know what I was doing and did not put thermal paste on my CPU/heatsink contact. If anybody more experienced with this, could add a little more detail to help me do it just even the tiniest bit better would mean a lot. What I mean by  26 Jun 2017 If you're not familiar with delidding, a quick primer: the "lid" on the CPU is its integrated heat spreader, or IHS. It's that silver Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut - The best conventional thermal paste, according to some exhaustive testing by Der8auer. If its idle you don't want it above 50, which is already a tad warm-- below 40 is a better range (in windows, BIOS is sometimes a bit warmer). Worse, unless you want to make it a fun science project, nobody is going to be testing different  16 Feb 2009 When you're building your own system, it's important to understand what is happening inside. pasteespecially the thermal paste@! Just because one hasn't changed the paste in 6 years. The "trick" for manufacturers is to get rid of as much heat as possible using as small a fan and heat sink as the CPU will allow. Arctic Silver 5 takes time to gain maximum cooling effectiveness, per the manufacturer, but you  14 Sep 2013 I haven't yet booted it, but I read in the motherboard manual that it's important to clean the former thermal paste off, and reapply, before going further. I managed to clean it the best I could but of course its near impossible to get every single drop of thermal paste off the pins. Applying paste to a square cooler is a bit more challenging than a round one, because simply placing a dot and applying pressure will not result in full You're helping people by reading wikiHow. Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound does this with three unique shapes and sizes of pure silver particles to maximize particle-to-particle contact area and thermal transfer. 5G Thermal Paste : Play Sets & Playground Equipment - Amazon. He did examples of applying it both ways and you can clearly see the shortcomings of smearing it around - you get pockets that do not contact the chip to the cooling surface. Posts: 2,333. Probably going on 7 years old now. imgur. This material helps improve heat transfer from the processor to the heatsink (in hopes that heat will then be transfered to the air). This is because the 2 cores on the CPU are  9 Jul 2015 This is a step-by-step guide for how to clean and re-apply thermal paste for Intel CPU with the stock CPU cooler that usually comes with its desktop socket processor. While this isn't as good a product for overclocking as some of the other products on the guide, it's an easy to use, low-cost paste that will help provide a  Hi all I have take off my CPU, then little bit of AS 5 leaked in the motherboard socket, I am now worry to switch on the motherboard because i hear some Keep in mind while thinking about this that manufacturers probably do not usually put the best or most efficient paste in their devices. Not only will it  30 Jan 2018 With 2018 ahead of us, here are the best thermal pastes to get you started. 12 Jan 2015 Generally unless you seperate your CPU and heatsink no need to change the thermal paste. There is no minimum wait time. The motherboard  Intel CPUs can't be unlocked, but most Athlons can be unlocked with a bit of finesse, making them quite popular with speed freaks. Need some info on this subject because google came up wit zip —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jp adelaide (talk • contribs) 18:31,  19 Jan 2014 Leave a bit of room for bleed over when you put the heatsink on. A thicker than required layer of thermal paste reduces the efficiency of the paste. Sometime you get a dust curtain there which blocks the wind to flow freely and causes too much heat in laptop. Does anybody know? I appreciate the help! I'll recieve new gaming rig today and after massive google research I'm still undeciced which way should I apply thermal paste on CPU. The fact that it was like glue means it's really old and should be replaced. Too much and it It's because thermal paste is a much better thermal conductor than air. This grease conducts heat but not electricity. (But I think it is pre-applied to the stock cooler). com. Assuming you properly installed the HSF after applying the TIM, the TIM is fully spread out and functional before you even press that power button. I would definitely recommend this product as it is very cheap and does  Basically what I'm asking is: Does AMD pre-apply thermal paste on the heatsink or the processor itself? After I do my homework I might put that portion together, and I don't know if I should wipe off the FX-8350 first. It's also important to use a high-quality thermal compound, which helps to wick heat from the CPU to the heatsink. Even if you put too much on, When you clamp down the cpu its going  I just bought a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R Mobo and a Q6600 G0 cpu with a thermalright Ultra120 Extreme Heatsink and 12cm Antec Fan. Put a small amount just on to the centre of the CPU, the pressure of the heat sink will spread it so it covers the whole of the metal die in a very thin layer. By dabbing just a bit of thermal compound on your gloves, though, your phone's touchscreen will recognize your fingers again. Note that I stored my tube of Arctic Silver on its side, in a box, without being sealed airtight, that  hi. Main question is - Should I use some pattern (dot, line, X) or should I spread it via card  Thermal paste How does everyone here spread their thermal paste? Finger in the bag? Credit card? Pressure from the heat sink? I personally spread it by applying a bit of pressure with the heat sink. Earlier . I've NEVER done this. Then  If using thermal paste, apply it only to the CPU die (the square piece of silicon in the middle of the CPU) and do so sparingly --most modern CPUs take no more than a grain of rice sized dab of thermal paste. The period of time before drying out would be years. Ditto. 17 Dec 2017 Applying thermal paste is pretty easy and even if you screw up a bit, it's easy to fix. If that happens, you could damage the processor if you force it. Although close enough that you would find it's a good  22 Jan 2012 The reason is simple: the thermal paste – as the name suggests – is supposed to facilitate the transfer of the heat from the CPU/GPU to the heatsink. I'm not sure about the efficacy of the paste. Otherwise it will damage the aluminium and eventually your CPU. It's not AS, but very good stuff for just everyday use. Location: New England. I am happy to say that Grizzly is just that little bit better than GC Extreme. While some toothpastes may provide the correct type of thermal conductivity, "toothpaste" is too big a category to answer the question accurately. But even then, you're kinda on your own, at least a little bit. However, performance laptops (also known as gaming laptops) are not without their qualms, especially compared to the quite robust desktop gaming pc's. AS3, like the earlier Arctic Silvers, is only trivially electrically conductive, though it's a bit capacitive. Bought a secondhand heat sink for  Thermal Compound is an important part of keep your MBP running well by helping to draw heat from the CPU to the Heat Pipe. Be careful not to break any components on the processor's surface, or get any thermal compound loose on any components (conductive pastes could cause  19 Apr 2011 Touchscreen devices are great, until you're wearing gloves and have no way to control your phone. The ARCTIC MX-4 is a new thermal compound that guarantees exceptional heat dissipation from components and maintains the needed stability to push your computer system to its maximum. That is a VERY thin (thinner than the factory applications you see on stock coolers) layer of paste that I apply to both the processor and heatsink. Besides the great thermal conductivity, another great advantage of such a thermal paste is that it is not electrically conductive, so it's not as risky to use as  6 Aug 2011 The CPU, and lately the GPU(Graphics Processing Unit), are "connected" to the metal heat sink via a thermal grease or compound. The gray stuff on the metal chip cover is "thermal paste", a material which helps conduct heat from the chip housing to its (not shown) heatsink. Thanks for any help. The layer should be thin and cover where the cpu and heatsink meet. Lose The Goop! Start With A Proper Cleaning Various methods are used to apply thermal paste to graphics On that note, can't find any references to beryllium compound, only washers used to electrically insulate high performance transistors and its use in heatsink copper alloys. (note, do NOT get anything on the pins of the CPU, dont even touch them, grab the edges of  Inside the plastic package is a fingernail sized silicon chip with transistors and other components etched on its surface. However, not so much so that I would feel compelled to take my cooler off and change my thermal paste. If your CPU is a Core2Duo, than you can just put a little bit on the center and press down with the heatsink. - It's in all our cooling tests, on our test benches and even in our own personal systems. This test was not conducted It's a Nigerian exporter who promised OCZ they had MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of unclaimed silver they need help get out of the country Parent Share. I want some  It makes a huge difference, too much paste and the heat will not get transferred to the heatsink to be dissipated. Thermal grease is the gooey stuff that's applied to the CPU and GPU (if one is present) to ensure the best possible bond with the heatsink. As I was putting the parts together, I got knocked just as I was trying to apply my thermal paste. 18 Oct 2014 How would you clean up thermal paste if someone put it on the motherboard, where the CPU pins go. OS- Windows 7 64-bit Professional thermal paste and replaced it with new Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra thermal compound (did whole procedure correctly), didn't do much (at least not yet). There are free  18 Nov 2017 In this (Updated) guide, we're going to show you 10 of the Best CPU thermal paste options on the market today so that you can experience top-notch . I've heard that after replacing or installing a CPU with thermal compound, either the stock it comes with, or something like Arctic Silver, that you need to run Prime95 or some other stress testing application to "cure" the thermal compound. Many times it's not enough (rarely there is none at all due to manufacturing error) so a lot of people prefer to get that off and put on their own. Read on for a While you want to eliminate air gaps your thermal paste isn't supposed to get in the way of this direct metal heat transfer. For many people, they would rather keep the Intel stock CPU cooler aside and get an aftermarket one which will give a significant boost in  Test Results We used the Noctua 27 Jun 2017 First and probably foremost is that Intel thinks they can still get away with cheaping out on their customers by using a rubbish thermal interface material rather than soldering their chips like AMD does -- I'll touch on this a bit more later. 27 Jun 2015 - 2 min - Uploaded by der8auerThermal Paste Round-Up 2015: http://overclocking. I generally do know what I am was wondering if it mattered too much. make sure no paste in on the board and repaste it and reinstall the heatsink. But I won't setup another Pi3 without a heatsink, and I will probably used thermal paste again since I have not had a problem with it. i don't get what he means but he said it's because thermal paste is stuck on the cpu pin socket. 31 Jul 2010 I've read at the back that its supposed to be "safe' as confirmed by the OSH standard and shouldn't be worried if ingested, had skin contact or inhaled. 13 Feb 2012 Be sure to have stored it securely capped (I'd also recommend in a sealed plastic bag or container to help), hopefully in a location that does not get too hot or too cold. Mind you, it's easy to not screw up too badly if you're at all careful. i just swap a processor with someone today. This means that you can usually upgrade the thermal paste to help your game console run cooler. When you say you were repeatedly lifting the heatsink you mean that it was rocking around a bit while you screwed it in, right? It won't kill you but you could be  7 Aug 2009 I take it you are English eh? ;) :p. take your time do it right and you should be ok. 24 Jun 2012 Hi all, I just started taking my Asus M51Sn apart today, in order to re-paste Thermal grease on the CPU. They likely just put in the kind that will keep their machines "cool enough". For those who haven't tried it (as food, not as thermal compound), it's not as weird as you might have heard. You want to apply just enough that you can get a very thin layer across the entire CPU  28 Apr 2017 The healthy temperature range for a CPU varies quite a bit by processor type, so it's best to look up the safe range for your particular processor. Remounted Would I be wise to get remove all the cpu components again and thoroughly clean the cpu pins, or should I just leave it alone seeing as it's all currently working. Delidding - glue. 17 Jul 2012 Sony develops thermal sheet as good as paste for CPU cooling. As far as Iam concerned there is no "correct" way of doing it. For PC on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How bad is it to have air bubbles in your thermal compound after installing". But if its not going to help a ton then ill just leave it be. then clean the cpu . take a cotton wipe, dab it in a little bit of rubbing alcohol and clean off the remainder of the CPU. I am currently How much better are 'custom' heatsinks like the Arctic I've read about, and how much more bang for your buck do you get by adding thermal paste. Your CPU needs the great care so you should buy a high-quality thermal paste at any cost. If it starts to slide, well, now you know and you can pull it off, clean it and use a harder thermal CPU compound. 13 Sep 2017 So I left it with a few bits of dry thermal paste still on there. Its just what works for you. The second is that you don't want to get any thermal paste on the motherboard. 2 Dec 2015 This paste has been on the market for a long time, helping enthusiasts overclock their CPU's since the 90s. Tiny wires Transistors get 2x smaller about every 2 years . Use everything you got!. This means you may not know if there was any damage until later on. so as a total newb to cpu upgrades - going with a non-capacative paste like the Arctic MX-4 over the Arctic Silver 5 effectively means that if I put too much on and it overflows  19 Jul 2011 Thermal grease and clothes - posted in Tech Talk: I install and replace cpu's a fair bit in my job and occasionally get thermal grease on my clothes. You also end up wasting quite a bit of it, and it's not exactly cheap. Hey guys! In the process of a build and I've gotten thermal paste on the CPU as such: http://i. This thermal paste is also non-electrically conductive, which means you won't have to worry about it running off your CPU onto your motherboard or other components. take out CPU 3. This means most Intel-branded motherboards are not your friends. 4. Keep in Absolutely not. If at all possible, store the tube nose down. Aside from the obvious "try not to make such a mess", which I already do, does anyone have any good methods of getting thermal grease out of clothes? I used Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut and Fujipoly Extreme pads for both the gpu's and CPU. I read a long time ago that the paste was quite a poor conductor as suspected; it's supposed to be used in the *very* thin film over between the CPU and  17 Jan 2017 If your PC's so marginal that a CPU running three or four degrees Celsius warmer will crash it [or, for modern CPUs, cause the processor to auto-throttle itself and substantially reduce system performance], the solution is not to try to edge away from the precipice with better thermal compound. In that case run the processor for a few minutes to soften the grease. We've always  Some thermal greases may dry out over a period of time. Arctic Silver may give a problem, but if its a white paste its not as bad. They can set hard and make it hard to take off the heat sink. It's still riding a bit high, and favors the right side of the socket. 16 Oct 2012 The force generated by the cooler's retention bracket is supposed to spread the compound evenly between the heatsink and the CPU, and the method seems to work pretty well—as long as you're not trying to set overclocking records. It serves a dual purpose: it eliminates any air gaps between the two components—which is good, because air is a thermal insulator— and gives a bit of  If you buy a third party cooling solution for your CPU make sure you get one that is compatible with the CPU you have. This thermal paste does exactly what it's supposed to do. Love the cooler, too, btw. PLEASE NOTE: By law we are not allowed to sell butane or solvent based products to  Guide To Lapping your CPU - FrostyTech. As it's not going into a high-performance system, however, I would be tempted to use it anyway and only change it if issues arise. Assembling a PC is relatively easy and straightforward, but it's probably going to take a while unless you do it a lot. Some people do like to wipe some onto the heatsink's surface and then wipe it smoothly off so that bits of it may get  There's a bit of leeway here, but you also don't want to go squeezing a whole tube in - once you have enough, adding more won't help. 25 Jan 2018 These small air gaps will slightly slow the transfer of heat (as air is not as conducive to transferring heat) making the pads a slightly lesser-performing product. The paste transfers heat much better than air does, but it's still not nearly as good as metal. 8W/mK. however, the person that swapped just inform me that his computer can only run in 8/16 bit. A number of things could be responsible for a spike in temperature, but if the obvious reasons are not the culprit, thermal paste could be the cause. Had to use the rubber band trick to get some stuck screws out of the ultrabay. looking for info on whether the throttle info indicates overheating and any tips and guides on removing the heat sink - plus a bit of cpu info would be handy. Mine worked quite fine actually, except I used a kitchen knife to get the cpu unstuck, when I put the new cpu cooler on, it had the thermal pre applied so I shouldn't have any problem about it  Once I got to the processors and tried to take off the old goo I was shocked to find out it was INCREDIBLY hard to take off. Do not forget that when you set a higher FSB, not only does the CPU needs cooling for its increased operating speed, but your motherboard chipset needs it as well. Its not too runny and it's not too viscous unlike other thermal compounds and is very easy to apply on a CPU. I'm a little suspicious that it only helps a little bit and isn't as important as some people would make it out to be. What to you use to apply  Thermal compound is necessary to create a reliable transfer of heat from your computer's processor to its heatsink to keep your CPU from overheating. 17 Jul 2004 Edit: Its funny how on the isoplypl w/e alcohol they say: Not meant to be used or to replacr grain or ethyl alcohol, who would be dumb enough to try to and has some crappy pre applyed thermal ****, get a aftermanth cooler, and get some proper thermal paste like Arctic Cooling MX-1/MX-2, Artic Silver 5 etc  I always apply thermal compound to a CPU just before I install the heat sink. Thermal paste should be just enough to fill any gaps. If you look at (literally) any thread about CPU cooling, you will see someone telling someone else that they've probably applied their thermal paste wrong