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- Picture-In-Picture. I n comparison to almost any 2015 SUHD  9 Dec 2016 A short guide for those who are looking to get the best possible HDR output on PS4 and 4K output on PS4 Pro while using Samsung KS8000 HDTV. (You only adjusted the hdr settings brightness) I have a Samsung q8 and was playing about with the settings today myself. 0 . ratings. Last edited by jce-wu; Dec 12, 2017 @ 7:  5 Jan 2017 HDR10 is the more open standard for HDR developed by device manufacturers (including Samsung and Sony) to avoid having to submit to Dolby's own standard and fees. Either way, this game still looks amazing on PS4 pro and in a 4k TV. UN55KS8500FXZA, UN65KS8500FXZA, UN55KS8000FXZA, UN65KS8000FXZA. See the full 10-bit panel displays more colors with finer step of gradation for greater color reproduction with HDR sources. html. Don't forget that you can also get more help with setting up your TV by following our PicturePerfect guide. . HDR 1000 mirrors the high contrast and vividness  Samsung KS8000 Review. Never miss a detail in the dark. 16 Sep 2016 - 12 min10 bit settings in Xbox one put Tv in Movie mode for accuracy then activate game mode However, in order to enable Netflix HDR, the Samsung HDMI UHD Color setting must be set to Yes on the HDMI port (HDMI 1 in this case). And as its smart TV  11 Nov 2017 I only recently got my settings right with hdr because I had similar issues, it looked dull on my Samsung. Though not yet well-known in the USA, TCL is the third-largest maker of TVs in the world (behind only Samsung and LG). . To further  5 Jan 2018 This means that if you have a compatible HDR TV, you can also experience enhanced brightness, contrast, and color that gives the viewing UltraFlix (Select Samsung, Vizio, and Sony TVs), Vudu (Roku 4K TVs, select LG and Vizio TVs), Comcast Xfinity TV (only available via select LG and Samsung TVs). ) I've seen many reports of HDMI or handshake problems with this  22 Nov 2017 I bought the 55" QLED at the Samsung Store in Tygervalley on Tuesday for R19999. With its curved screen and ultra-slim bezel, the 55 UN55KS8500 is definitely one of Samsung's most elegant SUHD 4K. On Samsung TVs, the 'Movie'  29 Nov 2016 No resolution, deep colour or limited/full-range RGB settings to contend with - and possibly misconfigure? Well, display complexity is only ramping up still further with the arrival of HDR-enabled screens. com/forum/166-lcd-flat-panel-displays/2387466-official-samsung-ks8000-ks8500-owners-thread. They work for most content, especially for For HDR gaming, once that game is enabled, increase the backlight to max, set the 'Color Space' to 'Auto' and set 'Smart LED' to high. I have the Samsung KS8000, do you know what modes this supports in HDR? Play and Listen on my last video i showed the best settings for movies this time is the best suggested settings for game mode on a samsung ks8000 ks8500 ks9000 and When I switch to HDR mode it makes everything so DULL. com/products/samsung-unks8000-series/ Related products: UN49KS8000 UN55KS8000 UN60KS8000 Calibration report using these settin 7 Nov 2017 Before tweaking any TV settings, check that your Xbox One X is configured to output 4K HDR content. All I did was settle on the the default brightness, and bumped the contrast up +1 to "Higher". But on the ps4 pro I still get input lag in overwatch when my tv is in dynamic mode. Notes below used earlier firmware. Ultra Black enhances contrast and preserves deep blacks and color richness in brighter room light settings. Enabled via the system's settings, this will Samsung offers some of the leading 4K HDR-compatible displays available today, with a range of different models. My TV reach 668nids with dynamic constrast on HIGH. Also look at the KS8500 / KS8000 for a cheaper option. 0 07/22/2015 - Initial Revision 1. be/OGayGWveynY Alien Ruins: https://youtu. 1 Apr 2017 HDR Settings for 4K Blu-Rays (Samsung KS8000) I've read some other forums and watched videos for Samsung KS8000 HDR settings and there seems to be a consensus that the backlight should be set to 20 (max), . 18-21ms of input lag will be just fine for most casual to mid-level  10 May 2017 Samsung MU8000 vs KS8000 Review - Comparison of 2016 Model and 2017 Model Samsung 4K HDR Flat LED TV Series 8. All else in this review should be the same  24 Jul 2017 - 11 minHorizon zero dawn TCL P series vs Samsung KS8500 HDR · Vizio M-Series vs TCL P-Series 7 Apr 2017 Samsung UE49KS8000 review: Samsung ditches the curve for this mostly excellent UHD/HDR performer. the only difference is that the KS8000 isn't curved. If you have This is bugged, you will have to manually up the backlight to 20 for hdr game content in gaming mode and back to 5-10 when you are done. Fires off a billion more colors than HD TVs for a lifelike picture unlike anything else; More than just pitch black, get the best shades of black with Triple Black Technology. 150  16 Nov 2016 HDR I know Sony did not Introduce yet HDR Gaming Mode like the Z9D (and no gurantee that It will or update this TV for Android 6. Also using a GTX 1080. 18 Apr 2016 Ultimate Review of Samsung KS8500 - 2016 SUHD 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. avsforum. This video is running on a Samsung KS8500 series TV, with game mode, the camera is recording on 1080p, for better results switch to 1080p video on you Video. 1 ms (or a decent 37. Q: I'm trying to connect a component that can output 4K, but it's saying I can't get. Real 4K HDR 60fps: Sony Glass Blowing Demo for Bravia A1E OLED in HDR (Chromecast Ultra). I Currently have a PS4 Non Pro so I wanted to utilise the HDR Feature I'm not eager to reconfigure a TV that works with everyone and everything else in an attempt to figure out what unique settings the Apple TV wants. LG calls it HDR Pro. 4K SUHD, HDR. HDR  17 Jan 2018 As HDR is also important for games, all our TV picks have to provide this low input latency while in 4K 60Hz mode with HDR enabled. The built-in app on the tv,It don't no if I have to dig into settings,I tried it on Marco Polo last night and it's definitely working but it doesn't tell you that its HDR for some reason,It just says uhd  First off my tv is the samsung 4k sku6300. Testing the 55P607  11 Dec 2016 KS8000 and KS8500 are basically the same TV. Price, Features of the UN49KS8500, The bottom line for the KS8500 is that this is one excellent HDR 4K LCD TV with some superb brightness, rich contrast and great color settings. It's the default standard for 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray disks, and has been embraced by both Sony and Microsoft for the PlayStation 4 and  28 Feb 2017 - 14 minWelcome back to a second look of Horizon zero dawn, in this video I will show you what Samsung "KS8500 Series" Curved 4K UHD LED SMART TV's at Mentor TV - Northeast Ohio's Audio Video Experts Since 1950! Dynamic Brightness Reveals Hidden Details. dramatic when HDR is on but only when put side by side is when you notice the difference. be/PHAFa5wJWF8 ASMR Horizon zero Dawn: https://youtu. I'm hoping someone might be  Hey joelster I noticed when you were adjusting the settings you never adjusted the games normal brightness settings. I play alot of cs and i was wondering why the Game Mode option on my newer samsung tv is greyed out. 23 Nov 2016 Say what you like about Samsung's recent fortunes, there's no shortage of top choices when it comes to choosing an excellent 4K HDR TV - that's The KS8000 will automatically detect devices you connect to it and attempt to setup the Smart remote control, so you can use one controller for most of your  I have a 4k HDR compatible TV, Samsung KS9000. Motion Rate 240 These settings will give you the most accurate picture image. i have connected my tv to my pc. Update: I enrolled my PC in the Windows Insiders Program and  Full list of supported TV list can be found in this guide as well (4K+HDR input lag added). Out of the Box the picture quality is good, and a big jump from my previous 50" Hisense FHD. Looks better from what HDR does work in game mode (minus the backlight problem I mentioned) on any of the Samsung KS series. Only crank up the Backlight for HDR games,  2 Nov 2017 - 9 minAssassins creed Origins just received the HDR update, these are the settings Im using for the 15 Apr 2017 Recently Purchased the Samsung "55 KS7000 (UK) KS8000 (US) for 4K Gaming on PS4. I have to keep adjusting the picture settings for non HDR  15 Oct 2017 Yes, a question has received different answers from people who apply for the best HDR setting when watching 4K HDR movies. Even if I have the ps4 pro on 1080p not to  The Premium Curved 4K SUHD Picture with Quantum Dot Color Drive . The SDR programming (old content) seems to be "up-converted" to HDR so it looks a bit weird too when you run the apple tv 4k in HDR mode. Eco Sensor. What's your tv's dynamic contrast set to? metallidevils is offline. Samsung itself admits that Dynamic Picture mode is basically a shop demonstration  After all, these jaggies tend to be far more noticeable than an extra bit of texture on a 11 Nov 2016 I just picked up my PS4 Pro for my Samsung KS8500 tv and decided to buy Rise of the Tomb Raider with it to test out its 4k settings. Real 4K HDR: Cosmos Laundromat in HDR. Once the OLED tvs come down in price, I will get one of those for the living  HDR vs SDR Uncharted 4 Samsung KS8500 vs TCL P series samsung ks8000,samsung ks8500,samsung 4k hdr,4k hdr gaming,uncharted 4 hdr,hdr vs sdr,best settings for hdr gaming,best settings for uncharted 4,p. Very happy with my purchase, still need to fine tune the basic settings. What is "Refurbished Stock"? “Refurbished Stock” refers to stock which has a cosmetic blemish or imperfection such as a scratch, dent or rub mark, has had a fault  30 May 2016 Samsung's KS8000 is the entry level series of their latest SUHD premium 4K UHD lineup. The superior Micro Dimming technology delivers outstanding contrast ratios, with purer whites and deeper blacks for your viewing  Using the latest color combination breakthroughs, the Samsung KS8500 Curved 4K SUHD TV and its Quantum Dot Color creates our best picture yet, allowing you to escape into whatever youre watching. twitch. Vi hjälper dig att hitta rätt Samsung - HDR10 TV och göra ett  We review Samsung's flatscreen KS8000 Ultra HD 4K TV with HDR Just a heads up to anyone who owns a Samsung TV. We placed three TVs next to . Already one of the World's best-selling TV brands, TCL (The 27 Sep 2017 I know that input lag will be too high. Most things have now been moved to the bottom menu, including advanced settings options that can now be found in leftmost position. be/rgpEUoCJRBw Playing in a 4K Samsung TV: https://youtu. Currently, this setting is only worth using if you're 29 Nov 2016 A good case in point is Samsung's range of HDR-compatible products - we reckon that they're some of the best on  Products 1 - 30 of 42 0 ports, 5Ghz Wi-Fi, as well as full 4:4:4 chroma subsampling once you set your input to PC mode. If you need a bigger TV on a budget, consider Samsung's MU6300. Like the predecessor, the input lag of MU8000 is very low under game mode. I hit the info button and it showed it was running  24 Mar 2016 The UE-55KS9000 ushers in the biggest makeover of user menu on Samsung TVs in years. 1 07/23/2015 - Corrected several embarrassing typos 2. Samsung-MU6300. 11 Sep 2016 Who has the best flagship 4K TV? To find out, we directly compare two top (non-OLED) 4K TVs, Sony's X930D and Samsung's KS9500. 10 Sep 2017 - 8 min - Uploaded by Joelster G4KHow to Set-Up HDR For Samsung 2016 4K TVs [PS4 Pro/Xbox One S/PS4/PC] - Duration: 8 2 Nov 2017 - 9 min - Uploaded by Joelster G4KAssassins creed Origins just received the HDR update, these are the settings Im using for the 17 May 2017 - 9 min - Uploaded by Joelster G4KThis video is running on a Samsung KS8500 series TV, with game mode, the camera is Hi everyone! I've read a lot of posts about setting up HDR for gaming on this tv properly but there are different opinions on these two things - 14 Nov 2017 I have tried changing my viewing settings from Gaming to Movie but again no banner and the TV settings do not adjust the picture settings to the HDR settings of max backlight and max contrast as it doe's when i play a 4K Bluray on my Bluray player. 59, Samsung KS8500. com/tv/reviews/samsung/ks8000/settings Edit. com ). 29 Dec 2016 The Best Picture Settings For The Samsung UN49KS8500 ✅, UN55KS8500 ✅, UN60KS8500 ✅ And The Samsung UN65KS8500 ✅ ᐅ The Most Detailed Guide Online! 23 Jan 2018 With HDR, we used the maximum light output of the TV in HDR mode, since higher peak output is a feature you want here. I've played with the in game video cal settings and changing HDR brightness does little to fix  Items 1 - 6 of 6 24 Jul 2017 - 11 minHorizon zero dawn TCL P series vs Samsung KS8500 HDR · Vizio M-Series vs TCL P-Series 23 Sep 2017 - 6 minDid you copy all of rtings. Fortunately, while the fact that there are now four standards — HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG, and Advanced HDR — for companies and consumers I have a question about calibrating my Samsung KS8000 serie (KS7000 EU) How to calibrate HDR colours? When calibration HDR mode the display brightness must be boosted  LG OLED HDR Game Mode Problem: LG Responds Again - And www. Like other member of Samsung SUHD TV, for processing HDR signals, KS8500 series is powered by HDR 1000 technology. My dad noticed it as well on his KS8500. Enabling HDMI UHD Color does enable Netflix HDR (and the TV detects an HDR signal when Netflix HDR is played), but the color output for the entire Shield TV is dull  29 Nov 2016 Dave Bierton returns with a full breakdown of the settings on the 2016 Samsung range. com/forum/166-l0-ks8500-owners-thread-1018. You don't need to read through 27,000 posts in the KS8000/KS8500 Owners Thread. Don't even need to enable HDR in Windows first, like many other games. 6 ms at 4:4:4,  Revision 2. Ports are all supposedly HDMI 2. LCD TVs typically also It's Game Mode is also quite versatile; it can be enabled across all of the P607's picture modes, allowing for extremely low input lag, even across HDR modes. To enable HDR output from SHIELD, refer to your TV owner's manual. There's no visible reason as to why this problem is occuring, but it absolutely is. The Samsung 7 and 8 Series LED TVs are leaders in both design and specification and gamers can enjoy unprecedented picture quality with Samsung's super-advanced imaging technology. Looking forward to Xbox One X as well! I have the same in game settings. Posted on Oct 5,  23 Sep 2017 Anyone else notice how much less vibrant and bright the screen gets when you turn HDR on? Am I missing another setting somewhere? Almost prefer 4K 13 Nov 2016 To make matters worse, every TV manufacturer calls the HDR mode on their HDMIs by a different name. It just turns itself on at the title screen. TCL previously made LCD  28 Nov 2016 - 42 minTải video How to properly adjust and tweak HDR settings on 2016 Samsung 4K TV's KS8000 27 Aug 2016 However, the LG 27 inch Class Ultra HD IPS 4K 27UD88-W Monitor does support one of the key components of HDR which is support for HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color which you can then enable in the monitor's settings. The 1209 firmware is available on the Samsung homepage but it does not save HDR settings in game mode. 0) but in a knotshall may I am in the thread of the KS 8500 / 9500 - Also there is a problem in the back panel separation in Samsung (KS 8500 / 9500 ) are glued not screwed  Samsung KS8500 55" Curved 4K SUHD HDR Smart LED LCD TV (Refurbished) HDR (High Dynamic Range) Game Mode. Your support is very important, please like and subscribe to the channel, you can also donate via Paypal and follow me on  Joelster G4K: https://youtu. I am seeing the same thing on my Samsung KS8500. The KS8000 models are flat, while the KS8500 is a curved screen. The Samsung UBD-K8500 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player supports HDR 10 which uses  30 Sep 2016 The UE49KS8000 continues Samsung's dedicated pursuit of the ultimate HDR experience with its high brightness and powerful colour technologies. This video is running on a Samsung KS8500 series TV, with game mode, the camera is recording on 1080p, for better results switch to 1080p video on youtube. See the sunlight in its full radiant glory and find the small detail in the dark shadows with Samsung's best HDR innovation, HDR 1000. And unlike some other displays, the KS8000 supports 4K and HDR with game mode enabled, with a display latency of 21. We're  27 Sep 2016 We go through the reviewer's recommended Day, Night and HDR picture settings for the Samsung UE55KS8000 Ultra HD 4K TV which we had in for review recently. When this happened, in some instances the glare from the screen actually became uncomfortable to look at. Review: http://www. This is very close to real KS8500 brightness(max is 1500 nit in concordance with rtings. 74. html#post55180078. it didn't stand up to the LG OLED That means when playing a game or watching a movie in HDR, the  Curved-screen elegance plus cutting-edge color and clarity Samsung's KS8500 series is Ultra HD Premium certified, ensuring top-level performance and compatibility with 4K and HDR content. While all of Samsung's new sets offer the same underlying technology -- 4K resolutions, quantum dots and full HDR support -- you'll get a better overall picture as you step up  Samsung UBD-K8500 4K/UHD Player Settings Tips/Troubleshooting (Added tips on player picture options and hidden Sony 4K UHD Disc HDR Test Patterns) (Latest UBD-K8500 firmware as of November 2016 is v1009. Add Samsung MU6220 65 Inch Curved 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR to Trolley. A 65" 4K HDR set. And when hdr is turned on you need to adjust the base game brightness almost all  BEST GAME SETTINGS FOR SAMSUNG KS8000 / KS8500 HDR AND SDR MODES - Games Lords , Gameplay PC Games or Mobile Games, Andoid and Iphone games. Also the difference between REC 261. com for their tv and hdr settings adjustments. Revision History: 1. win10 extended colors disabled (the game will set it for Picture too dark in HDR Game Mode (webOS 3. With LG TVs, the mode is  27 Jan 2017 Most HDR TVs do not have HDR output enabled by default for HDMI. com/forum/166-lcd-flat-panel-displays/2387466-official-samsung-ks8000-ks8500-own. 0a or whatever the new thing is -game mode with the dynamic stuff. In my game room I'm currently using a 70" 1080p Sharp. would be grateful for an answer thanks in advance  1 Jul 2016 The settings listed on this page are the results of our Samsung KS8500 UHD LED TV calibration. 4K HDR Settings for Xbox One X Solved (LG Samsung Sony 4K HDR TVs). What I was going to end up with is a Samsung KS8000 cause many sites promoted it but in person. 0 07/27/2015 - Changed color mode recommendation from YCBrCr mode to RGB Full, Added Cyph's window resizing issue fix, Added 4:4:4 Chroma test image,clarified One Connect  14 Sep 2016 Samsung UN65KS8500 is part of KS8500 series, a curved type of Samsung's 2016 Series 8 while Samsung UN65KU7500 is part of KU7500 series, the curved type of Series 7. So in this video you will know how to set up your Samsung MU-6000 series 4k HDR tv to play on your xbox one x, xbox one s, ps4, ps4 pro, That includes MU6290, MU6070, MU6300 Samsung Line up. 1. by Robert Wiley, Senior Editor. Allow YCC 4:2:2  Read the full in-depth More Samsung Ue65ks9000 Settings videos We go through the reviewer's recommended picture settings for the Samsung UE65KS9000 Ultra HD 4K LED LCD TV. Here are the settings for some of the common TVs: Samsung HDR TVs: Menu->Picture->Picture Options->HDMI UHD Color->On->Restart; LG HDR TVs:  My old samsung js7000 was just 4k with limited HDR but my new samsung KS8500 has HDR10 and it doesn't. When playing GOW4, the tv will pop up a message that HDR video is playing, but then the Xbox video colors change to dull/washed out colors. Old  22 Nov 2016 Below, I'll explain 1) why most 4K/HDR TVs aren't worth your money, 2) why the Samsung KS8000 and Vizio P-Series probably are, and 3) some . 20 juil. While the Sony X800E offers better picture quality, it maxes out at 49 inches. Download the PDF file in the first post and set to these settings. 7). it just doesn't have quite as high a caliber of formalized HDR (by HDR10/UHD Alliance standards) as the KS8000. All UHD TVs that are HDR compliant can display HDR content, Best movie settings for samsung ks8000 ks8500 ks9000 stream video  thnx for the reply Chispy :D Have you done any changes to the nvidia settings on the PC? I will look over the calibration from the link you posted :D. How to Setup HDR & Game Mode on PS4 Slim & Samsung HDR 4K TV. be/r-NfOBOxzT4 Follow me: Twitter: https://twitter. It has HDR but in the video oitput information it reads as "not supported" Additionally, the reason I bought this tv was for its low input lag. Provided by DrDon, King Richard, The_Donster, mrtickleuk, jconjason and Game mode? A: Yes, HDTVTest confirmed that HDR works in Game mode. I also have the NVidia control panel set to Default Color Settings. First, a note on the differences of the 8-series models. Makro Cape Gate has the 55KS8500 for R16999 if  28 Feb 2017 - 14 minWelcome back to a second look of Horizon zero dawn, in this video I will show you what Not at all. For this review I hooked the Xbox One S up to my Samsung KS8000 which supports HDR10 (if you didn't know there are a  7 Nov 2017 I don't mind adjusting the settings, but I hope my Samsung KS8500 will better adapt automatically There are digital foundry videos for the perfect hdr settings for the samsung ks models on YouTube I️ would recommend everyone to go to www. rtings. Hopefully . it's set to high. Le relevé en mode DCI-P3, sans être parfaitement évidemment s'avère plutôt intéressant au niveau des saturations, c'est en revanche moins le  16 Mar 2017 While colours were always good, the TV needed to be in Dynamic Picture mode in order for them to really pop. Is there a way to adjust the Apple TV HDR to work with a Samsung 2017 SmartTV Series 6? Thank you. This course makes play games on MU8000 feel comfort and responsive. com/tv/reviews/samsung/ks8000/settings Edit. Samsung KS7000/KS8000 Best Settings Guide [PS4 Pro/PS4/Xbox One S/PC] . Official Samsung KS8000/KS8500 Owners Thread. With Samsung TVs, for instance, you have to go into the Picture menu and find the feature called HDMI UHD Color, and make sure it's set to On for the PS4 Pro's HDMI input. the KS8000 is the cheapest SUHD/HDR TV Samsung offers and also sports the same picture quality as it's top of the line 9000-series brothers. I have verified all of my drivers are installed correctly and ensured that I'm using HDR compatible HDMI cables and an HDR compatible TV (Samsung KS8500). The TV settings themselves aren't changing because the TV menu and apps through the TV interface the  18 Jul 2016 The KS models are the successors to last year's JS models and in 2016 Samsung has made improvements to HDR (high dynamic range) and expanded coverage of the . 13). MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10. 65) plus the Creators Update (15063. 12 Dec 2017 Thanks for adding this option on the PC! GTX 1080, driver 388. Taking cues from consumer research of the most commonly-used menu options, all the advanced picture-affecting controls have been shunted under the [Expert Settings] submenu, leaving only five listings in the  12 Apr 2016 If, for some reason, you actually like curved TVs, the KS8500 might be a better option, starting at $1,699 for the 49-inch model. The Samsung KS8000 is a 4k HDR10 screen, connected by an  If you have a recent Samsung smartphone or the new iPhone X, you've already seen the great benefits of OLED tech. Find out which one is right for you in our head to head. There are one or I did notice while setting the TV up that its build quality isn't as imposing as that of Samsung's more expensive 2016 TVs. A good case in point is Samsung's range of HDR-compatible products - we reckon that they're some of  5 Nov 2016 Here is Rtings settings. On my last video I showed the best settings for movies, this time is the best suggested settings for game mode on a samsung KS8000 KS8500 KS9000 and KS9500. GAF claims that All HDR capable 2016 and 2017 Samsung TVs should get it as far as I understand. Keeping things simple, KS and KU models  23 Nov 2017 http://www. tv/joelsterg Facebook:  -4K HDR and Dolby Vision -HDMI 2. Display specialist Dave Bierton goes in-depth on getting the best picture for HDR gaming from the 2016 Panasonic 4K screens. http://ca. com/joelster79 Twitch: https://www. 2016 En HDR, comme indiqué plus haut, le KS8000 est en mesure de générer un pic lumineux de 1203 cd/m², une valeur qui grimpe à 1350 cd/m² sur une mire à 2%. http://www. rtings. 5 Oct 2016 Before we get too far let me breakdown my HDR gaming setup and settings to give you a better idea of how I tested FH3 and so that you can get setup yourself if you have a similar TV. There's a rather  21 Aug 2016 Before we discuss about its HDR performance, this would be better if we first discuss about technologies behind it. Sony does have their branding and calls it 4K HDR. 26 Feb 2017 Initial Setup. cnet. But of course, for producing great HDR picture quality, it is not only  However, when the image finally comes back from being black, the TV no longer reports an HDR image (press OK on the remote and note the image mode at the top-right). That being said a lot of TVs that claim to have HDR10 Once you turn on the HDR + 4K mode lag gets even higher. / jim. Any suggestions on how to get it on? model is ue28f4000aw sorry ab I've reset my HDR settings on the tv and tweaked a couple of the settings. Assasins Creed Origins PS4  2 Nov 2017 - 9 minAssassins creed Origins just received the HDR update, these are the settings Im using for the . BEST GAME SETTINGS FOR SAMSUNG KS8000 / KS8500 HDR AND SDR MODES. Latest drivers (381. Game looks incredible on Xbox One S & Samsung KS8500. Basically Game Mode and then leaving most of the default settings. I bought a curved Samsung 8500 4K HDR on Black Friday from Best Buy and hooked my PS4 Pro up to it and the PS4 Pro sends me a message saying the TV's capabilities COULD be greater than what's being displayed and setting may have to be adjusted. So I just bought me a Samsung KS8500 4K TV, preparing for the Pro when that's released and I have to say that it's a gorgeous TV to look at. Both are in my living room. And Samsung adopted SUHD branding. 3. Under color setting, what are you going to have there are Auto or Nativ? Because when playing HDR games they are Auto. Although they have the same screen size and comes with curved panel, in the market they are sold with significant different price