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David Jay. The Japanese manufacturers provide approximately 35% of all the aircraft parts,  18 May 2010 Boeing 787 Dreamliner test flight latest. This airframe will undergo 3 years of testing nonstop that will simulate over 160,000 flight cycles on the 787. As reported, the Dreamliner passed through 165,000 fatigue testing, without failure. Seattle. BVID. It's mostly been used in high-performance applications which are typically destroyed long before  3 Feb 2010 Unlike static tests, where loads are applied to the airplane structure to simulate both normal operation and extreme flight conditions, fatigue testing is a much longer process that simulates up to three times the number of flight cycles an airplane is likely to experience during a lifetime of service,” said Scott  2 Dec 2015 Boeing has completed a five-year fatigue test of the 787 airframe, validating the basic strength of the predominantly composite primary structure and helping to define maintenance and inspections to cover the aircraft's full projected-service lifetime. Boeing has began fatigue testing of the 787 to see how durable the airframe is. jpg. Test set up is expected to begin immediately, with tests commencing midyear. 18 Jan 2016 These stress tests will stress you out. Accordingly, the fatigue test cycles simulate pressure loads during take-offs and landings. 'Regardless of . September mit den Dauer-Belastungstests an einer 787 begonnen. Damit sollen Ermüdungserscheinungen im Laufe des langjährigen Flugzeugeinsatzes untersucht werden. To achieve this Boeing selected leading aerospace companies around the world including awarding the contract to provide the aircraft's crew seats to Ipeco Group of  The article reports that Boeing 787 Dreamliner, has endured the fatigue test for certification by the EADS in Augsburg, Germany. They're built to withstand the worst of weather, coupled with impromptu bouts of turbulence. 6. S. Each aft fuselage shipset delivered to Boeing consists of two “one-piece composite barrels” (sections 47 and 48). During the stall tests, the pilots reduce power on the aircraft until it is no longer able to generate enough lift and then recover to normal flight speeds. One went through 'fatigue' testing and was subjected to three times the expected cycles in a 787's lifetime whilethe otherwas subjected to'static' bending and twisting tests. Fatigue simulation. Reporter / Aviation Specialist KING-5 TV, NBC Seattle. Currently five different aircraft programs are conducting full-scale fatigue testing in Seattle and St. This number includes those designated for full-scale static and fatigue testing, which will not be delivered to customers. N9998. The airplane maker completed the “ultimate-load wing-up bending test” on Sunday using airframe ZY997, the test aircraft that is basically built to be tortured on the ground and never fly. A series of highly documented Test were conducted over a  17 Jan 2018 Dreamliner seat vibration testing. The very . A350-900. The test rig is located in the northwest corner of the Everett, Wash. ❖ No detrimental damage growth during Design Service. (1001crash. boeingtestflight_full. Final US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) type certification was received in August 2011 and the first 787-8  2 Feb 2010 EVERETT, Wash. Most other planes make it feel as if you're breathing at 8,000 feet, and because less oxygen reaches the bloodstream at higher altitudes, you're more susceptible to headaches and fatigue. 8 Jul 2010 Boeing is about to start the 787's fatigue trials as it sets out to accumulate the required testing buffer ahead of the carbonfibre twinjet's planned service entry at year-end. Open architecture designs The advantages of adopting an open architecture test platform span both hardware and software, providing the engineer with a wide Fatigue testing on an aircraft wing may involve several thousand channels of strain gage transducers that must  7 May 2008 The Dreamliner is the first aircraft to be 80% composite by volume, making it lighter and more efficient than competitors. The bulkhead also  3 Aug 2017 A test flight for a 787-8 Dreamliner took an interesting turn Wednesday. The metal fatigue issues caused from pressurization cycles on aircraft were not clearly understood, so the FAA required engineering test to research the potential safety threat. boeingblogs. The move paves the way for the second flight-test airplane to advance to the next position in the production  787 Structure Minecraft Boeing 787 8 Dreamliner British Airways Youtube Boeing 787 Dreamliner Structure Suppliers Business Insider File Klm Boeing 787 9 Ph 787 structure the narrative fallacy boeing 787 wing box buckles in stress tests 787 structure boeing begins analysis of 787 fatigue tests commercial aviation  29 Aug 2013 Let me repeat that, because it's frankly extraordinary compared to the introduction of other airliners over time: both the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A380 testing, and certification requirements in combination seem to be resulting in aircraft that pretty much stand up to the worst that can happen to them, and  Because the advanced composite materials that make up the 787's fuselage do not fatigue, the 787 can be pressurized more, which allows for lower cabin altitude levels. B O E I N G. 2) their windows are largest of any current airliner because they don't have to worry about fatigue cracks at the  Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The flight-test airplane was the fifth Dreamliner to be loaded into the first position of the 787 production system. The test results so far have been in line with the testing Boeing did when it was developing the fix, spokesman Marc Birtel  Boeing's 787: trials, tribulations, and restoring the dream. Sept. Fourth would be the fatigue test airframe, while the following six would include the remaining two  After that, it could be useful or necessary to destroy some pieces to perform destructive inspections to analyze impact, aging, fatigue, thermal stability, and so on. It's also good news for those  15 Dec 2009 Boeing's 787 Dreamliner, which had a successful first flight Tuesday, boasts next-generation aviation technology that's supposed to help it fly faster and farther. While test flights are quite common, what made this unusual was the shape of the flight path. Boeing hat am 13. 12780faf. The ninth plane off the assembly line will be the first one delivered to All Nippon. . " The process is simple: Another fatigue test, but on an F-16 fighter and timelapsed through 25,000 hours of simulated flight. 8 May 2013 This aircraft graveyard at Paine Field, Everett, is stocked with Boeing's former fatigue test airframes including the Boeing 747, and now the 787 Dreamliner rig. 16 Dec 2016 SLS begins fatigue-testing a given landing gear design well before the aircraft makes its first flight so that the landing gear has accumulated 10,000 testing tests to demonstrate its brakes' resistance to corrosion and vibration and (in the case of electrically actuated brakes such as those on the Boeing 787)  the importance of full scale fatigue tests to ensure the structural integrity of the airframe. The tests, which began in September 2010 on ZY998, the  This aircraft graveyard at Paine Field, Everett, is stocked with Boeing's former fatigue test airframes including the Boeing 747, and now the 787 Dreamliner rig. The company is on track for future deliveries. The fatigue test frame might look like a crazy construction rig, but think of it more like a time machine. As you probably assumed, airplanes are put through tons of tests to make sure each element is working perfectly  14 Sep 2010 Boeing announced yesterday that it has started fatigue testing on ZY998 which is the fatigue test dedicated air frame. 003 With static testing complete, Alenia now will proceed to fatigue testing. It's a grueling process that puts an airframe through tens of thousands of simulates flights. Aircraft predating the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350XWB are characterised by a metallic fuselage where impact damages are clearly visible and can easily be detected during the routine walk  Stress & Design of Pax floor (CFRP-Metal) at section 46 including system installation. 4 Feb 2010 Over the past few weeks, the crews piloting the Boeing 787 have performed between 50 and 60 stall tests on this brand new aircraft. is assembling the pressure bulkhead to the 787 aft fuselage sections and delivering them through Global Aeronautica to the Boeing 787 final assembly line at Everett near Seattle. 22 Oct 2013 The increased cabin pressure (which reduces the altitude from about 8000 feet to 6000 feet) means passengers will experience fewer headaches and less dizziness and fatigue, as testing has shown the body absorbs eight per cent more oxygen into the blood at this altitude. The experience with new models of Boeing 787 and Airbus 350XWB will show us the benefit in real  Posts about Boeing 787 electrical pressurization system written by bigpictureone. Introduction. 12 May 2011 - 2 min - Uploaded by BoeingIt's a grueling process that puts an airframe through tens of thousands of simulates flights 5 Apr 2010 - 20 sec - Uploaded by skylinephotopaeTesting a dream: An in-depth look at Boeing 787 flight test - Duration: 11:32. One Long Hop: Managing aircrew fatigue on the new kangaroo route. The difference  EVERETT, Wash. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing (NYSE: BA) on Sunday moved the 787 Dreamliner fatigue test airframe to its structural test rig. ❖ Validated by testing. The fatigue rig will put the Boeing 787 through 100,000 simulated flights, which is equivalent to about three times an expect life of the Dreamliner. Although a single round-trip is not likely to pose a significant risk, over time, each layer of the composite structure contributes to fatigue damage buildup. Next would come the static test airframe, followed by ZA002, the second RollsRoyce–powered test aircraft. Gulfstream; (Galaxy  6 Jan 2015 3) During its design, the 787 completed an ultimate wing load test, requiring the wings of a fully assembled aircraft be loaded to 150% of design limit load and held for 3 seconds. – Boeing on Sunday moved the 787 Dreamliner fatigue test airframe to its structural test rig. The 787-8, the first of three 787 models Boeing has committed to making, has an  2 Nov 2011 But there are fears that for the long-term safety of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner's plastic wings and fuselage. 27 Dec 2017 Tomography Observation of Fiber Reinforced Composites after Fatigue Testing. Go to the Boeing site for some facts and data. It simply hasn't been used in enough commercial, long-term applications. Furthermore, problems with composite manufacturing have continued to surface since the 787 entered  Originally Answered: What are some cool facts about the Boeing 787 Dreamliner? 1) It can take 160,000 takeoff/landing cycles without fatigue damage: Dreamliners don't crack: Boeing 787 survives fatigue testing. 4 that the composite aft pressure bulkhead for The Boeing Co. , test site, the company said in a statement. Boeing has completed Fatigue Testing of the 787, article here: http://aviationweek. 6 million for the Boeing 787-9. The test The destructive test was the culmination of seven months of testing conducted by Alenia and Boeing. com is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 3 million screened photos online! 12 Sep 2016 Employees of All Nippon Airways (ANA) queue in front of the company's Boeing 787 Dreamliner plane after its test flight at Haneda airport in Tokyo April 28, 2013. Structural FE calculation. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), clearing the airplane for commercial service. com). static and fatigue testing of the horizontal stabiliser at its laboratories near Naples. “This milestone is a testament to our commitment to technology and  12 Dec 2013 Boeing says, "In addition to using a robust structural design in damage-prone areas, the 787 has been designed with the capability to be repaired in As described by Boeing, "Airline operators are aware of the fatigue cracking and corrosion difficulties experienced with traditional aluminum floor beams. From nose to tail and wingtip to wingtip, Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner passenger aircraft, which flew its first test flight Tuesday, reflects the most  The main objective of the Fatigue test project, was to increase the understanding of composite aerostructures fatigue behaviour. 20 May 2008 Now, they are really motivated. Boeing needs to have 3 months of testing done prior to certification thus the start  Two 787 structures were also produced for stress testing to destruction. Like the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350, Bombardier's in-development CSeries airliner has a composite wing. Boeing says its has  Old December 2nd, 2015, 11:16 PM. , to another production bay at the facility, where assembly work will continue. Loading We are not testing a material, but rather a complex structure.   6 Oct 2010 Despite several setbacks — and some troubling news from the FAA this week — Boeing is plugging along with tests on its super-sized 787 Dreamliner. Boeing B787-9. Psychomotor Vigilance Testing (PVT). Static test complete (http://www. quantity and manner of use of its batteries in September 2007, after the FAA received assurances and extensive test data, much of which was provided by Boeing. Joined May 2009  17 May 2017 From an airplane seat, you really don't get a good look at just how much plane wings can bend. 9 Feb 2015 It's a huge task to undertake even one fatigue test, but Boeing Test & Evaluation, the company's centralized test and evaluation organization, is going much further. Structural material model. Well, it took several interesting turns. Louis: the 787 Dreamliner, the Air Force's  However, if it is public information, does anyone know how Boeing has been handling thermal fatigue on the 787 fatigue test frame? The interaction of two materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion across a wide temperature range, I would imagine, is tested somehow either large scale or  15 Sep 2010 The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has started it's fatigue testing. 1 million ($400 million) against $US264. After testing at various  18 Jan 2013 The charred metal box housed a lithium-ion battery that once powered the auxiliary power unit on a Japan Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner. . ” Monday, the four 787s lined up in the assembly bay were: Dreamliner No. Studies at Oklahoma State University explored the effect of altitude on passengers to determine optimum levels. U. The EADS facility in Augsburg, Germany, reported on Feb. The Dreamliner test airframe (ZY998) was moved from the Everett factory to the outdoor test fixture on 31 January and has subsequently  14 Sep 2010 Boeing has begun fatigue testing on a structural airframe of its 787 Dreamliner. 1; then the fatigue test plane, which will never fly — instead being subjected to loads simulating multiple takeoffs and landings equivalent  27 Aug 2009 The company will repeat the static test procedure that uncovered the side-of-body integrity issue and analyze the results fully conducting the first flight of the 787. David Jay's Avatar. Studying DCFC is  787. It has yet to announce the results. The fatigue test airframe and the second flight-test airplane have advanced  8 Nov 2017 In early October, Boeing rolled out the first 787-10 built for launch customer Singapore Airlines—dubbed ZC003—as it began series production. This photo shows Airplane #1 in the third position, where final structure and systems installations are  VTI provides solutions for the most complex structural test applications worldwide with Industry leading strain gauge measurement accuracy. Questioned regarding progress  18 Nov 2008 Static testing involves a one-time loading of areas of the plane to determine their ability to carry load, typically the maximum load expected in the lifetime of the airframe. Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. 14 Sep 2010 September 14: Boeing has begun fatigue testing on a structural airframe of its 787 Dreamliner at the company's facility in Everett, Washington State. During the tests, the plane will be subjected to extreme heat and cold. These are fabricated at Vought's new  19 Feb 2017 Have you ever wondered how the Dreamliner fatigue test is being done?. , Feb. (Bloomberg Basic material information and fatigue test data. Article · October Discontinuous carbon fibre composite (DCFC) is a new low-cost material that has already been applied for commercial components, such as window frames of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. , site. - Validated by testing. United Airlines: See flight test. Author(s):: Citation: (2008) "Boeing 787 Dreamliner structure test a success", Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology , Vol. 14. Posts: 54. ) 787 Dreamliner had successfully endured 165,000 fatigue test cycles without failure (see photo), a significant milestone in the component's certification process. Due to the On that time the fatigue testing of an aircraft was not usual, industry pulsators were used for fatigue testing on aircraft . Authors - Ian Sheppard, Guy Norris, Ian Goold, Mark Wagner . JetPhotos. 11 Jun 2015 At Boeing, innovation comes in the form of modern aircraft such as the 787 Dreamliner, whose body is made up of over 50% carbon fiber composite. - One missed inspection is assumed (two interval requirement). com/randy/archives/2009/11/static_test_complete. Boeing has begun fatigue testing on the structural airframe of the 787 Dreamliner at their Everett, Wash. Has he never heard of metal fatigue? That's one of  3 Apr 2013 SEATTLE Boeing (BA) said it has finished more than half of the testing on its proposed battery fix for the 787, with the rest of the ground and flight tests coming in the next several days. com  After Boeing completed tests on a revised battery design, the FAA approved the revised design and lifted the grounding in April 2013; the 787 returned to passenger Carbon fiber, unlike metal, does not visibly show cracks and fatigue, prompting concerns about the safety risks of widespread use of the material; the rival  21 Jun 2008 Boeing recently moved the 787 Dreamliner designated for fatigue testing from the final assembly factory in Everett, Wash. The airframe will be subject to three years of continuous testing, replicating  That is/was a huge challenge for boeing, because there really isn't much empirical data about the fatigue characteristics of carbon fiber. 1108/aeat. The awarding of ATC caps a successful flight test program that began in March 2017 and involved three  3 Aug 2017 On Wednesday, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner test plane took off from Seattle for an 18-hour endurance test flight across the US. The N3N Guy. testing, such as flight control laws to give better ride quality, while the interior sound environment will be a real advance over current . The airframe will be subject to three years of continuous testing, replicating over 100,000 take-off and landing cycles to test how it responds over time. Impact. Ian Hosegood San Francisco-Singapore (7,339nm) – operated by United with Boeing 787-9 and Singapore Airlines with Airbus. "Rather than fly in random patterns, the test team got creative, flying a route that outlined  2 Nov 2011 Boeing's 787 is a technological marvel – but do ground engineers know how to check and maintain these part-plastic planes? “We test, we analyse and we demonstrate that even in extreme conditions – which may never be experienced in a full life of service – the airplane is safe and durable,” the firm  Ultimate design strength required. Stress & Design of Electrical installation for sections 44 & 46; Design of strain gage installation for Horizontal Stabilizer for static and fatigue test. September 14: Boeing has begun fatigue testing on a structural airframe of its 787 Dreamliner at the company's facility in Everett, Washington State. The wings flexed nearly 25 feet up during the test. Boeings Dreamliner begann mit den  12 Sep 2016 Since being awarded with the contract in 2006, Safran Landing Systems has been responsible for the design, development, qualification, testing, manufacture and support of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner main and nose landing gear. The Augsburg. Alenia engineers at Pomigliano will subject a complete  The airliner's maiden flight took place on December 15, 2009, and completed flight testing in mid-2011. for example. “These guys are pumped. Fatigue testing helps engineers determine the plane's durability and involves cyclic loading of the structure  14 Dec 2009 December 10th 2009, Boeing reported that “the program has validated the airplane structure for the 787 Dreamliner”, and announced that, subject to I CAN'T UNDERSTAND HOW YOU CAN BYPASS LOAD AND FATIGUE TESTING AND STILL DESCRIBE THE PARTS AS “CONFORMING TO TYPE  10 Jul 2008 Alenia Aeronautica successfully completed destructive testing on the horizontal stabilizer of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. They can see light,” Shanahan said. George Marsh reviews the history of this ZA004, the fourth flight-test 787, being moved from the final assembly bay to a temporary facility at term fatigue behaviour, crash behaviour etc –. 2 Feb 2010 EVERETT, Wash. The other is a fatigue test - wings, body pressurized, etc to simulate a typiical takeoff and cruise and landing cycle. html) Boeing Moves 787 Dreamliner  See also China Airlines Flight 61 1; Pan Am Flight 103; TWA Flight 800 Boeing 767, 79, 231, 321 Boeing 777: bank angle protection, 175; cabin volume, 127; design service life, 235-236; engine reliability, 209-210; engine tests, 214; fatigue testing, 230-231, 236; hoop stress, 108; wing test, 78, 229 Boeing 787, 83, 229, 273  While assembly of ZA001 still appeared to be progressing well, Boeing revealed its plans for the rest of the test fleet. Join Date: Jul 2014. Here you'll see the wings of a Boeing 777 undergoing a test that goes by several names including "wing-up bending test" and "static testing. (Photo: Boeing). The Boeing 787 dreamliner promises to deliver unparalleled performance, efficiency, safety and comfort. With static testing complete, Alenia now will proceed to fatigue testing. As we anticipate the long-awaited first flight of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner,. • Calibration of material  3 Apr 2017 On the video: Boeing's 787-10 Dreamliner long-haul jet has successfully completed its maiden test flight, kicking off a test programme ahead of first deliveries next year. Atlanta-Johannesburg . - Objective sleep measurement (e. The aerospace giant added a sixth and final plane to its test fleet this week and recently performed a particularly strange takeoff maneuver that involves  25 Feb 2010 Designing, building, flying and watching airplanes have been central features of the American culture since the Wright Brothers. 80 Issue: 6, https://doi. org/10. Call today! In 2010, Boeing began a three-year process of fatigue testing the 787, putting a prototype in a cage and applying frequent pressures to simulate the process of aging (Norris, 2010d). D R E A M L I N E R. (Photo supplied). Boeing 1,089,318 1 Dec 2015 Boeing has completed a five-year fatigue test of the 787 airframe, validating the basic strength of the predominantly composite primary structure and helping to define maintenance and inspections to cover the aircraft's full projected-service lifetime. Objective with LEF. 2 Dec 2012 But I had just boarded the Dreamliner — Boeing 's new 787 that is outshining its ancestors with roomier overhead bins, larger windows, power for . com/commercial-afatigue-tests? “Flying with the Japanese spirit and technology”After about 10 years of repeated developments and tests, the Boeing 787 – the next-generation aircraft – finally crosses the Pacific, carrying the hopes and expectations of the world with it. Boeing, arguably the world's greatest commercial aircraft producer, has been having some fun coming up with a new aircraft, dubbed the 7E7, now known as the 787, named by a  12 Apr 2011 Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc. inspectors A spokesman for Boeing said they had very robust procedures to test planes before they carry passengers. 5 Jan 2018 9901 xxx 787 [FUSELAGE TEST BARREL]?? 9997 xxx 787 [STATIC TEST AIRFRAME/WING BREAK TEST] 9998 xxx 787 [FATIGUE TEST FRAME] 1 40690 787-8 (BOEING) 2 40691 787-8 (BOEING) 3 40692 787-8 (BOEING) 4 40693 787-8 (BOEING) 5 40694 787-8 (BOEING) 6 40695 787-8 (BOEING) to  It's a grueling process that puts an airframe through tens of thousands of simulates flights. @GlennFarleyK5. 2 Dec 2015 After the equivalent of flying three times longer than a normal jet would, a 787 Dreamliner resisted fatigue cracking. Boeing 787 Chief Pilot  16 Sep 2010 Video courtesy of Boeing. Fatigue testing involves placing the 787 test airframe into a test rig that simulates multiple lifecycles to test how the airplane responds  29 Mar 2010 Boeing has completed one of the more spectacular tests of the 787 Dreamliner program. The certification test for the aft pressure bulkhead includes static, fatigue, damage tolerance and  Expert testing of aerospace sturctures and components for fixed wing and rotocraft applications in our certified lab. During the test, the wings on the  4 Feb 2010 Boeing has moved the 787 Dreamliner fatigue test airframe to the structural test rig at its Everett, Washington, USA, site. <br />. Stress & Design of  8 Jul 2007 The 787 that debuted Sunday will serve as the first of six flight-test airplanes, while two other planes will be used for static and fatigue tests. Covering Boeing, Airlines, Sea-Tac Airport, Air Safety, Transportation. 29 Jan 2018 Last week, Boeing announced that its 787-10 Dreamliner received an amended type certificate (ATC) from the U. There is also a fatigue test 787. Moreover, during its working life an aeronautical part is periodically checked, as described in the maintenance manual. Fatigue testing also will be performed on stringer components to validate the long-term durability of the modification. 2008. Static and fatigue test strain gages prediction/correlation. Bombardier has around 20 test machines at its Belfast plant to test them both statically and in fatigue, Elliott says, “You're putting them through literally hundreds of thousands of fatigue cycles to make sure that they  8 Sep 2016 The Airbus A350-900, the most popular of the three A350 variants, carries 325 passengers in a typical three-class configuration while Boeing's 787-9, the List price for the Airbus A350-900 is $US308. The wingtipsof the test 787werebent upwards by26ftequatingto 150per cent of  7 Mar 2014 However, Boeing said the cracks, which also occurred on the larger 787-9 model currently undergoing flight tests, could delay by a few weeks the date more frequent inspections of the wings of the world's largest passenger jet after discovering unexpected levels of metal fatigue, this time during testing on  Ideal forBoeing 787 Structural Test. Airframes: Structural, Fatigue, Limit Loads Business Jet. , Dec 11, 2007 — The Boeing [NYSE: BA] production line is full for the all-new 787 Dreamliner, as work continues on the first flight-test airplane and two airplanes to be used for static and fatigue testing. Basic material information and physical test data. Boeing 787; Airbus A380; Boeing: 747, 777, 767; Boeing: 757, 737; Airbus A319, A320; Bombardier; Embraer; Sukhoi Superjet. For a manufacturer with a high public profile, Boeing Commercial Airplanes can on occasion be surprisingly coy. Likes (Received): 34. high-stiffness structures that have fatigue durability and corrosion resistance, the Boeing 787. Boeing's third 787 Dreamliner to be built is ready for testing in the McKinley Climatic Chamber at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. Location during fatigue cycling representative of the structure's inspection interval. The fatigue tests play a special role; it is not  1 Dec 2015 Glenn FarleyVerified account. g. 3 Boeing. “Unlike static tests, where loads are applied to  29 Jan 2016 United Airlines new flight will be the longest on a Boeing 787—and possibly the most comfortable. Dreamliner is designed with more than 50 percent composite structure, marking a striking. 's (Seattle, Wash. "We know the 777 fuselage, its structural qualities, and its fatigue margins really well," a Boeing spokesperson told us in an email. Passengers may also have fewer headaches and less fatigue because the cabin is pressurized to a maximum level of 6,000 feet (2,000 feet lower than most  a load-enhancement factor (LEF) that shortened the fatigue testing time while maintaining equivalent reliability to that of metals. Boeing has reportedly spent $32 billion on the 787 program. 1 of 13. 2010 787 Fatigue TestBoeing beginnt Dauer-Belastungstest der 787 Rated by MyTOP