Elm for html pages and Haskell in a web application

- First I go in the front door with the install page, which redirects me to a page which instructs me to use npm. Client-side elm code fetches and updates the database directly through this  10 Jul 2016 This won't be a very in-depth tutorial or anything, but should serve to provide an updated reference for how to make a simple Haskell web app using Scotty that connects to Redis and serves out some static assets (in this case, my Elm app 1 Jul 2016 As the words "Part One" in the title should give away, this is the first in a series of posts about building single-page web apps in Elm. Elm has a syntax reminiscent of Haskell and is different compared to other transpilation languages meant for front-end development in that it compiles to not only JavaScript, but also HTML and CSS. elm project1. Once this was complete, I created Elm and Reason projects that rendered that same static webpage (without any user interactivity). 2016 Découvrons un nouveau langage : Elm. Mostly frontend dev (JS, PHP, HTML, CSS), working on RAYNET CRM. No full rewrites, no huge time investment. 24 Jan 2017 My personl web log. hired Evan to work on it full-time. I duplicated this same interface using vanilla HTML and CSS, in order to render a static version of the website in a browser. University of Jyväskylä combine first second = (first, second) cmb = lift2 combine. html (click here for the full version):. j. At the Haste home page you can find examples of how to use it to produce JavaScript or HTML with JS embedded. We will illustrate how to do it by compiles to JavaScript + HTML. 2 Main. D'autre part, Elm propose avec The Elm Architecture, elm-html et start-app une approche directe pour faire des single page apps. . The lan- guage uses immutable  10 Nov 2014 The client ideally would be a minimal lightweight HTML/CSS/Javascript single page app. albums - Sample application for my blog series on creating a Single Page CRUD app using Elm and Haskell. json elm-stuff project1. Mouse. Both the HTML and the entire behaviour of the page can be defined in the same language and same file. Elm is a statically typed functional language based on the Haskell programming language, but with a simpler specification. grade = (student, period=(if b? then 7 else 6)) -> if student. Elixir Elm Erlang F# Flow Fortran Gherkin Git GLSL Go GraphQL. IDE in Elm for a Distributed PLC Language Compiling to BEAM by @doppioslash. HTML). If you really want a complex Haskell-like language for the web, there's always PureScript, though I think there's a clear reason why Elm continues to be more popular and  15 Dec 2017 A description of two problems I ran into whilst putting a small haskell/elm project running in docker on heroku. If you have ever programmed in other functional languages like Haskell or OCaml then you're probably used to some rather cryptic error messages coming out of the  30 Mar 2012 computers, whether it is through web pages, phone apps, or desktop applications. This last chapter Elm. The majority of it is pure Elm but there are pages that are generated on the server side with Haskell. 09/09/2016 - Erlang User Conference - Stockholm What is Elm? Pure Functional. For example, the programming languages in the ML family such as Haskell and OCaml are well known for making it almost impossible to cause errors in production. Elm makes functional In The Pragmatic Studio's new video tutorial Elm: Building Reactive Web Apps, you'll learn Elm from the ground up by creating a single-page, reactive web app. BEAM files. 0. ApplicationCfg(Launch=OnLaunch) |> Ext. Compiler. Ur/Web hides most of them . I have to say that the virtual-DOM-React approach is ideal for functional reactive frameworks like Elm and others, since them manage the page as a whole. I love FP (Haskell, Elm, Clojure[Script]). Strongly Typed. Celui-ci vise à rendre accessible la programmation fonctionnelle pour les développeurs Web. 28 May 2017 A popular approach to simplify development is the Single-page application (SPA). 16 Feb 2016 Application Architecture Gitlab Server Merge Request Fetcher MR Stats Web Service In Memory Storage MR Stats Web Application data flow; 7. pipe(plumber())  Recently, I have the possibility to develop a website from the ground up with Elm: it was born as an experiment to showcase the Elm (at version 0. fs Given the server-side function to create the entire Sencha Touch application, we can simply wrap it into an empty designer HTML file in a single-page sitelet,  The latest feature of cabal is the addition of Sandboxes, ( in cabal > 1. 1, A blazingly fast HTML combinator library for Haskell. It was also my belief in the  type AppControl() = inherit Web. yaml backend. the same page updates according to the result of an image-search query to a remote server, using the latest text. Department of Mathematical Information Technology. The Elm compiler produces HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Here, for building HTML anchor, I used custom onClick function that is implemented in the Utils module: onClick' : msg  23 Apr 2014 Most of the problems which complicate the coding and debugging of web applications come from the request handlers that manage a global state and generate individual web pages. Debug with IDE. Since both the  6 May 2016 "Let's try Elm!" and the adventure begins. ports. elm just yet. lift a Value constant : a -> Signal a -- signal application (~) : Signal (a -> b) -> Signal a -> Signal b -- sample from the second input every time an event occurs on the first input -- like Haskell's Control. electron files backend/ stack. You can find a lot of information about the language itself on the elm-lang. That's not true. cabal sandbox init cabal install --ghcjs cabal build open dist/build/app/app. 16). Each of these . 6 Oct 2016 With a simpler type system and better error messages than Haskell, it provides a friendly environment for functional programming beginners to dip their toes and get productive Elm's architecture is heavily inspired by Facebook's React , a javascript library and ecosystem for building web applications. 24 Oct 2016 How to use Elm Reactor to compile and run an Elm program; How to create a module; How to create a view; Update the HTML based on user input Running Elm apps. Similar to Haskell but no advanced types. Christian, musician, Math education and as an hobby (Project Euler, anyone?)… Oh, and happily married and with baby on the way :)  20 Jan 2017 In early August, I began writing a game in the Elm programming language. 17 of the languages. Leading, global travel eCommerce group is currently seeking a senior Web Developer to work on an ambitious multi-tenant, multi-channel B2B travel system (supporting the B2C websites that currently  the web application I wanted to build using Sketch. cabal servant files  Elm is a domain-specific programming language for declaratively creating web browser-based graphical user interfaces. Elm is a functional programming language for declaratively creating web browser based graphical user interfaces. Here is an excerpt of the Elm code. 9. 2. Elm ships with a core set of libraries for both key language-level functionality for dealing with data structures as well as basic web application building blocks Elm Home Page has the primary docs. pallari@jyu. The idea is to move as much code as possible to the front end, and keep only a minimal back end. . Routing: Top level component, doesn't have any state other than current page and current model. program:. 24 Jan 2018 Senior Web Developer / Functional Programming (JavaScript TypeScript Elm Web HTML5 CSS3). lounge / Kraków / 16. elm-core-sources-1. In order to run web applications, Elm compiles to Javascript, HTML, and CSS. 6. Functional Reactive Programming ( < 0. You can use elm --make --minify [filename] to generate a working . I'm very grateful to him  3 Sep 2017 You, a web developer, have probably heard of Typescript, may have heard of Elm, and you might even have heard of Bucklescript/ReasonML as well. Control() [<JavaScript>] override this. 0, Source files for the Elm runtime and standard libraries. git clone https://github. Modifying the HTML through the DOM is This type of interactive web page is now known as a single-page application (SPA). Dijkstra's famous . only normal files and directories (no links) are supported: ghcjs- boot/. elm-export-0. App. The design uses servant to 6, Library to authenticate with OAuth for Haskell web applications ghcjs-hplay-0. The documentation only tries to explain concepts that won't already be familiar to Haskell and ML experts. I'm currently in the middle of writing an app that uses Servant for the backend and elm for the front. But what's so good about Elm and why should you  11 May 2014 This feels somewhat ironic given the open nature of the web! There's no choice here. There are other options, this [3] article outlines a number of them as a  21 Mar 2016 Sebastian Porto takes a look at functional reactive programming with Elm, an up-and-coming programming language that compiles to JavaScript. The design is focused on websites which generate the DOM entirely in the client (so called single page applications or SPA); no HTML is generated on the server. 2016@miciek Haskell & Elm Gitlab Server Merge Request Fetcher MR Stats Web Service In Memory Storage MR Stats Web Application  22 Nov 2017 I started at zero with the tutorial on their website and quickly progressed through the more standard parts of the language. Table of Contents. Chapter 0 - Web  18 Mar 2014 I'm curious about this as well so I did some searching. 12 Jun 2017 As a work-around, I converted the Bootstrap menu from Bell Template to Elm using a very useful VSCode plugin: HTML to Elm. Please, see another post for . I view it, so I'm generating some HTML here, a div, it's got a button, I say what the number is, and then another button, and I have a way to update it, so I  20 May 2017 All the screencasts listed on this page are well made and cover everything you need to know as a professional programmer: from command line tools Building Web Apps with Elm (2016-2017) by Mike and Nicole Clark ☆ 22 episodes of Elm. Functional Reactive . The server will hold the It is the cleanest implementation I've seen, and I didn't feel I could really improve on it, so I decided to port his Elm version to Haskell (a good learning process in itself). Elm is a programming language targeted at the front end (runs in a browser, not on Node) that offers a different take on building dynamic web applications. In terms of Elm I think I've achieved more using Elm than I ever have in Javascript. task('elm-init', elm. fi>. We respect your time and you'll learn in just five  4 Jan 2018 Elm. Any Haskell-embedded FRP language can have  28 Jan 2018 web applications. Tutorials for beginners or advanced learners. I split the site into . Handles top level shared events (more on this coming up); Pages: isolated components following the init/update/view/subscriptions pattern  6 Sep 2017 You, a web developer, have probably heard of Typescript, may have heard of Elm, and you might even have heard of Bucklescript/ReasonML as well. blaze-markup-0. Cowboy Web Technologies because cross-platform Haskell-like syntax. Pick the tutorial as per your learning style: video tutorials or a book. ;). How the exciting world of web frameworks helped us create a complex demonstration of an inbox simulation in days. For the uniniatated, Elm is a functional programming langauge that uses Haskell-like syntax and a javascript based runtime that enables you to build web components and SPA's. Functional programming is called so because its fundamental operation is an application of a function to arguments. Cloud Haskell  Every week day, you'll get a bite-sized piece of Elm education delivered to your inbox. There is an enormous collection of JS  Learning Elm? Check out these best online Elm courses and tutorials recommended by the programming community. With libraries such  21 Feb 2017 Matt will be exploring error handling and debugging in various JavaScript and web technologies with us. The basic structure is a navigation driven single page application, which also uses The Elm Architecture. It supports authentication via API tokens or browser  We have Fay, GHCJS, UHCJS, Haskell-like languages such as Elm, and more! In this post I want to demonstrate In this post we will be using: happstack-server - a modern Haskell based web application server; acid-state - a native Haskell database system; fay - a compiler which compiles a subset of Haskell to Javascript  3 Oct 2016 Building a single page application with Elm. Your option is JavaScript. 11 May 2016 Being initially a bit clueless on how Electron would launch the Haskell web server, I was watching the Electron meetup talk by Mike Craig from Wagon HG (they use Electron with Haskell) Haskell-Electron-app/ haskell-app/ resources/ . Ur/Web provides If you don't like Haskell or ML, then you probably won't like Ur. I'm a complete Haskell and Elm newb & I'm finding Haskell very difficult to learn but overall it seems to be working very well. Plus it has elm-html which looks like it'll  18 Jul 2016 For my next pet project I decided to learn Elm. Awesome Build Status. The HTML generator is capable of emitting messages back to the application based on various user interactions and events. stack-templates. 1  26 Jul 2015 TypeScript seemed like a good rescue - but coming from Haskell I have high standards for type systems and the TypeScript one still has loop holes. The following files implement a very basic Elm example, and we'll use this as a starting point for the app. speaking you don't have to use it, the Elm Architecture is a fundamental part of Elm. You'll always be able to go back or skip ahead via our web and mobile applications. Jaakko Pallari <jaakko. js replacement. Then I met Elm. If you don't like it, you can limit the client-side code you write,  [hide]. Body = Ext. It will compile each Elm file when it is run. 0 . And the path from that to a proper minified, production app is smooth enough. It is typed, recursive, and quite easy to test. 10 Oct 2017 Firstly, we will have a look at development languages such as Elm and ECMAScript, before focusing on web application thinking. awesome-elm - A curated list of useful Elm tutorials, libraries and software. 18) The static page. Traditionally, web applications are written in multiple different languages: HTML and JavaScript on the client side;  Thinking of WebSocket channels as binary telecom streams and web pages as user binary sessions helps to get an understanding reasons behind choosing Erlang You can use N2O REST framework for desktop applications based on Cowboy REST API along with DTL templates for initial HTML rendering for mobile  15 Jan 2015 2. heroku container:push web --app myApp  10 May 2017 JavaScript is the core of modern web pages and it is the only programming language that is supported without plugins by all modern web browsers. 21 avr. I think this will be a four Unless you are familiar with Standard ML, Haskell, OCaml, or some other language in that tree of programming languages, the syntax is going to be  8 Feb 2017 Elm is a relatively new programming language to build web applications created by Evan Czaplicki in 2012 as part of his thesis about Concurrent Because it's targeted to the web—and browsers only understand a limited set of languages—the code that you write in Elm is compiled to HTML, CSS, and JS. The Elm reactor will run a web server and host the Elm files in your directory. org. Below is a list of known to be active Haskell web frameworks. Application upcast Div [] 3. There were some Deploying the application ended up being pretty easy — I just had to run elm-make and push the build subdirectory to the gh-pages branch of my remote repository. All being well, you can now fire up Phoenix and see the standard initial landing page (http://localhost:4000): $ mix phx. Groovy Haml Handlebars Haskell Haxe HTTP HTTP Public-Key-Pins HTTP Strict-Transport-Security DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <title>I can haz embedded CSS and JS</title> <style> @media print { p { color: red  Syntax highlighting for the Web. In the following  19 Aug 2015 Elm embraces the good parts of functional programming, but lets you ignore the theoretical underpinnings. JavaScript a ses qualités et . Page 1 of Elm programming language. Building a Graphical. Fay[1], a subset of Haskell that compiles to JavaScript, seems to be the primary choice. It's the high-level pattern for application architecture when writing Single-Page Applications in Elm,  16 Mar 2016 We've got this massive chunk of front-end programmers, people who's day-to-day is making web applications, making games, and you've got this tiny . In the Haskell language, it is not possible, to date, to serialize a dynamic closure. Awesome Elm. Hrm, I've had painful experiences with npm in the past, and anyways, isn't the Elm compiler implemented in Haskell? Why are they using a package  10 May 2017 The syntax, type system, immutability, and functional nature of OCaml is also quite similar to Haskell and languages inspired from it like PureScript and Elm. Eagerly evaluated. Haskell guys had been calling it for years, -and don't get me started with the Elm guys- but luckily in the web now we have libraries like Ramda that allow us to use  Inspired by the awesome list thing. C'est un  Page 1. It advertises "no runtime exceptions in practice," made possible by the Elm compiler's static type  22 Sep 2016 Wouldn't it be nice to have the nice properties of Haskell (the compiler checks that your code makes sense before you run it, Quickcheck-style testing, pure functions) but produce production-quality The Elm architecture ties together the following four functions which you must supply to Html. 18 ) which are self contained environments of Haskell packages separate from the global package index stored in For an executable, the main-is field indicates the module that exports the main function running the executable logic of the application. In this tutorial, we will use the Haste compiler plus some libraries that bring a high-level EDSL for the creation of client-side web applications. Haskell-like syntax. 02. 3 Feb 2015 compile it in seconds, get a single page you can upload straight to S3, and your website's running. It means that in my case it was looking at this index. As you see, the build  20 Nov 2014 Haskell and Web That problem disappears when there is a way to write directly the HTML-DOM in a composable way, using a monoid or a monad. Elm package manager enforces  9 Jul 2016 Haskell puzzled me and has fallen far short of “mainstream” - you might use Pandoc, a document converter written in Haskell, but for the most part it's used by research laboratories or the rare cutting-edge usecase. Elm is Made of Haskell language takes most of its syntax and concepts from Haskell and ML, and it aims to marry the best of functional programming with HTML, CSS and JavaScript interoperability  For example, modulo any compiler bugs, any Ur/Web application that the compiler accepts is free of code injection vulnerabilities. Along the way  26 Dec 2016 I decided to learn Elm as I have a one-page web app I wanted to create which seems perfect for the language's functional, reactive style. help from Prezi). a clearer picture of the Elm language and how applications are built with it, let's develop a tiny application that shows an HTML element moving across a page. html you@localhost:~/project1$ ls elm-package. authenticate-oauth-1. There will be: A single page web application with crud features. I've heard people say Elm is great for game-like things, but little attention has been given to regular HTML apps. org's source code. 18 Oct 2017 But this is less about tooling, and more about methods, thoughts, problems solving ideas that we use in languages like Elm and Haskell, languages that Web applications that include lodash can be big, best to import only what you need. html  6 Jul 2017 Content from Web should be merged here. Elm is purely functional, and is developed with emphasis on usability, performance, and robustness. Elm reactor. If I'm writing a huge app with millions of lines of code and I want something that can be safely type-checked and refactored, it's tough. 17 ). It has been my first experience using Elm and my first experience developing a game. Feel free to contribute. 2. Developing the game was a justification for learning Elm, and Elm seemed like a good language for experimenting with game development. 11 Apr 2016 PLC Language. elm) . 2, Client-side  Intro The rise of single page application in the recent trend brings up many new frameworks in JavaScript land, and it comes with their own characteristic. com/dmjio/miso && cd miso/sample-app && stack setup && stack build . {html,css}' }; // Init Elm gulp. Developing With Elixir/OTP (2017) by Mike and Nicole Clark ☆ 1 Dec 2016 I've had a fascination with functional programming for a few years now, but despite taking a quick look at Haskell I've not invested much time actua. excellentWork . A. More awesome; Contribution Guidelines  6 Jun 2017 haskellelm · servant-auth-and-elm-example is a simple project that shows you how to make an Elm application that can log in, log out and make authenticated requests to a servant back-end. This allows for an entire web-app to be built only using Elm. In contrast, someone who has experience in HTML and CSS can learn how to add JavaScript functionality to their web page in a matter of hours. org website, it is very well documented and you  The HTML view can be adjusted by modifying the DOM in the JS runtime, and these DOM updates are then transmitted to the actual HTML component tree. Inspired by awesome list. More about that here. This post seeks to evaluate both PureScript and Elm for the purpose of building a single page application from the perspective of a relative newbie. It is heavily Haskell-inspired language/framework hybrid that is purpose-built for single-page Javascript applications. Also, Elm had some really neat Canvas-based drawing libs, and was pretty easy to install and use, but seems very isolated. JavaScript  18 Oct 2016 Elm is a programming language for developping browser-based applications and graphical user interfaces that strictly adheres to the functional paradigm. blaze-html-0. Note that we won't need Rest. jsexe/index. app. Feel free to improve this list. Introduction. Victor Zhou improved rules for comments and strings in PowerShell files. servant-auth adds JSON Web Token authentication to servant. Martin Janiczek. postgrest is a REST API server (written in Haskell) for postgresql database. The idea is to compile Haskell Elm to Javascript to create web site. You will want to install the Haskell compiler and Cabal, the Common Architecture for Building Applications and Libraries: you@localhost:~$ sudo apt-get install . I recommend studying elm-lang. This means that Elm does not rely on mutability or destructive updates. Elm is like PureScript but comes with a special runtime, more difficult FFI, and is geared mostly towards being a React. Janis Voigtländer updated the definition of Elm to version 0. 30 Jul 2017 Built as a single-page application (SPA) making very heavy use of Ajax calls to a JSON-based RESTful API as its back end, its 5,000 lines of front end of writing small Haskell programs and reading about the language would have left me with knowledge transferable to Elm. The design uses servant to implement the backend routes and uses GHCJS (the Haskell to JavaScript compiler) to implement the client. 10 May 2017 Elm is also extremely fast: like React it uses a shadow DOM to render page changes, which makes it perfect for building complex interactive web Elm doesn't just output Javascript: it can output HTML and CSS too, which means it's possible to develop web applications entirely within Elm, taking  Get the elevator pitch for five of the most promising languages (some of them you probably haven't heard of before) that have the potential to grow 13 Feb 2015 Elm. 6, Library to authenticate with OAuth for Haskell web applications . 13 May 2016 You may have heard about Elm already, that pure functional programming language with a strict static type system that looks a bit like a combination of Haskell and React+Redux. Optimised for learning curve (>0. Learn daily just by checking your email, or work through our exclusive content at your own pace. This has two major benefits: (1) Elm programs already run on any device . PureScript also has a really good router, which Elm and GHCJS didn't really have at the time I started. Elm's syntax is much different than JavaScript's, but programming a web application in Elm  But to contrast, the pages I have constructed in Elm and compiled to HTML/JS tend to be under 50kb if I'm designing with mobile/phone use in mind. Free course or paid. It is also an  18 Jan 2016 Although Haskell can be hard to learn, Elm is very pragmatic and approachable and can be used to replace both standalone JavaScript libraries and rich UI You can think of an Elm application as a stream of events which are converted into actions, which then calculate the new state and render HTML. It is a heavily Haskell-inspired language/framework hybrid that is purpose-built for single-page JavaScript applications. Elm compiles to JavaScript, so trying out Elm is easy. BEAM running on bare metal. Web applications are ubiquitous. Examples; Learn; Articles; Videos; Podcasts; Languages; Libraries; Tools; Editor plugins; Package managers; Boilerplates; Misc; Support; Who to follow. Compiles to Javascript. Check Elm community's reviews & comments. Elm is a functional language similar to Haskell, that compiles to JavaScript. Rather than one framework to rule them all, Haskell provides several options. 8 Sep 2015 reactive variables may be used to allow reactive web abstractions such as Flowlets and Piglets to interact with external data sources. src(paths. html. NOTE: i'm not an Rather than having to teach my project advisor to replicate my development setup (stack & elm), I want the app to run on heroku. :rocket: Miso is a small "isomorphic" Haskell front-end framework for quickly building highly interactive single-page web applications. No one codes HTML directly anymore. 8. 28 Dec 2015 This blog series is an attempt to document some of my experiences along the way through a practical example. So by learning OCaml, we're actually getting our foot wet in the varied and wonderful world of statically typed functional programming. Convert a small part of your app to Elm and embed it in JS. A Haskell-like web front-end language with a heavy focus on FRP. It was designed by Evan Compiles to JavaScript - Elm code compiles down to JavaScript (which generates HTML and CSS), allowing our code to run in the browser. 3 Functional programming. Kindly note that I used Elm 17 for writing code. 3 Oct 2015 I'm building a web application with Haskell, and I'd like the front end to be functional as well. This blog post briefly describes building of SPA (Single Page Application) with Elm. 1. Lots of types, refactoring and hopefully some testing. Very small. When a web crawler hits our website, it fetches only the static content. html file[3] that you can serve up along with the elm-runtime from whatever application server  5 Jul 2016 We are currently rolling with the following concepts for our Elm apps. task('elm', ['elm-init'], function(){ return gulp. 16 May 2015 The backend is a combination of PostgreSQL and postgrest; all the 'logic' happens on the Elm side, and there is no 'web application server' in the middle. init); // Compile Elm to HTML gulp. HTML): r1 = lift render cmb send position. cat > Main. On the fist two lines you can see where Elm is embedded into the the html main element, the important part is where app. An evolving web-app github repo for your amusement or amazement  Make Your Web Front-end Reliable with Elm. code splitting; Now I have typically avoided util libs like lodash,  21 Oct 2015 Elm code compiles down to JavaScript/HTML so our dream of writing JavaScript without actually writing any JavaScript may finally be here! All values in Elm are immutable and it is a statically typed modular language, syntactically quite similar to Haskell. Compiled 33 files Successfully generated project1. The platform is now used in production by a few companies: NoRedInk or Pivotal Tracker. You can view the Web/Deploy page to get an idea of how you might deploy an application written in some of these  JavaScript Interop. The other problem header : Html header = div' { class = "header clearfix "} [ nav_ [] , h3' { class = "text-muted" } [ text "Elm Calculator" ] ] view : Signal. elm module Main where import Html exposing (. There are DOM and jquery bindings for it and this blog post[2] looks like a great introduction. position clickCount render result to something (eg. Redux and Vue is heavily influenced by Elm, you ever try to learn a purely functional programming such as Haskell, Idris, Miranda but overwhelm by their complexity,  3 Oct 2016 I just came back from JsConf and ReactConf, so I know the latest technologies to create web apps. Elm is now featured on the front page of https://highlightjs. 4 Aug 2016 Enter Elm: a functional front-end programming language that compiles to JavaScript, making it great for web applications that run in the browser. 1 HTML and SQL. Mainstream modern Web applications manipulate code in many different languages and protocols. Address  17 Jun 2013 For the past little while, I've been poking around a new language named Elm. Elm is a purely functional and immutable language that compiles to JavaScript, written in Haskell. This worked fine, but This being an Elm app where it is effectively a single page application loading different content per route, it meant that this would not work out of the box  1 Mar 2017 The core library includes an Html module with a composable, functional API for representing a DOM tree. I wanted to give it a try because:. 13 Feb 2017 Source: Wikipedia · Elm is a functional programming language created in 2012 by Evan Czaplicki for his thesis. Our Project. piles for the web