ETH DAG epoch 3gb

- Your hardware does not have enough ram to run this software. -benchmark benchmark mode, specify 기부는 감사히 받습니다^^. [–]StrogeTA 1 point 1 day ago. 4GB cards, probably Nov I try to dualmine ETH and SC but everytime my cards find a share i get an received error on SC saying: GPU0 t=74C  20 Oct 2017 A new DAG is generated for each epoch around every 30, blocks and right now it is estimated that this will happen every 4 days mining hashrate comparison performance remains much the same while all GeForce 10 cards remain exactly the same, with the exception of the 3GB which runs out of memory. com/questions/13001/where-do-i-see-the-current-dag-size. GPU - MSI Radeon HD7950 3GB VRAM RAM - 4GB DDR3 HDD - SATA2 250GB x1 2017年9月14日 GTX 1060(3GB)はあと半年ほどでマイニングするのが難しくなるでしょう。 記事中でもDAG epoch 180でハッシュレートが0M/sになっています。 なので、現時点で買うメリットはあまり無いのでこの先の比較 マイニングできる量は常に変化しています。 Cryptcompare. 0 MH/s currently and that will drop down to 25. DAG-файл имеет размер на данный момент около 1,3 ГБ. 04gb,每个epoch的时间大概是5. 6, EWBF's CUDA Zcash miner, Nvidia Optimised Ethminer and Nicehash. https://www. 5GB and growing, so the 1060-3 will soon be useless, however as we all know its now a waste of time to mine ETH, as zen pays 4X. 5  29 Jun 2017 For example, at the start of the month Ethereum was at DAG epoch #126 and now we're already over #130 and next month we should hit #140, but you can see the R9 390 series performance remains much the same while all GeForce 10 cards remain exactly the same, with the exception of the 3GB 1060  Every 30,000 blocks, a new epoch emerges, more costly in memory footprint than the previous one. 1 ETH: Authorized Setting DAG epoch #146 Setting DAG epoch #146 for GPU3 Setting DAG epoch #146 for GPU4 Create GPU buffer for GPU4 今天是2017. Its fairly safe as we see that the dag I had mine mining ZEC but decided to try ETH and all of them don't work except for a Radeon 6990 2GB (Pre-GCN) and a 7850 on one rig running Windows 10 with a . . So, at what DAG there's gonna be another cyrpto more profitable than ETH for RX cards? permalinkembed. 2天=3个月不到。 建议:这里以eth挖矿的收益为基准来判断,在没有其他收益超过ETH的币或者ethash的新币,且claymore(基本上全部挖矿软件的内核)的作者不能解决因为架构问题而导致的A  31 Oct 2017 I'm aware of the 'problems' of using low memory cards like 3GB to mine etheruem. On-GPU DAG generation. This guarantees your disk will be free from DAG files. 650 MB ÷ 8 MB (DAG's increase per epoch)  The hashrate of ethereum mining may drop very fast because of the expanding DAG filesize (every 30000 blocks the epoch increase by 1, for an increase of 10 it RX series cards will be reduced considerably, the 970 after only 45 days it will become unusable, but the nvidia 10xx series (except for the 3gb ram limit of this  Серия RX 500 [UPD] Ethash DAG epoch FIX (beta)/Polaris DAG Epoch Issue: AMD Fixing With New Driver · Dimen, 22 июл 2017 8 9 10 11. 0 ? 훤袴袴 GPU #1: GeForce GTX 1060 3GB, 3072 MB available, 9 compute units, capability: 6. Серия RX 400 Даунвольт RX 4xx с Nvidia на одной ферме [Гайд] · MinerZ, 18 апр 2017 2. Скачать ETH 1 Dec 2017 how to make eth pockets urdu ethereum pockets in hindi simple ethereum pockets in telgue simple ethereum pockets in hindi simple method gtx 1060 3gb mining gtx 1060 3gb mining in india gtx 1060 3gb mining 18 to 22 ghz gtx 1060 3gb mining 22 mhz ethereum home windows 10 mining in hindi 14 Jul 2017 - 10 minФорум про майнинг http://miningclub. In pratica, diventa un po' più grande ogni volta che supera una soglia chiamata DAG Epoch, secondo cui 30. 每张显卡至少需要3GB以上RAM显存,否则将无法用于以太坊/以太币挖矿(但可以用于其他币例如ZCASH的挖矿)。 Coś innego kopie ETH z HD5xxx czy tylko ethminer (ten pierwszy jak powstał)? Odnośnie pytań: zmienne są ok, virtual memory Setting DAG epoch #80 for GPU #0 23:30:25:154 740 Create GPU buffer for GPU #0 . 5months – until ~12-13th November 2018. If miner cannot generate DAG file, check environment variables (see  10 Jul 2017 As you probably know, 3GB GPUs cannot longer store the DAG file, which keeps growing in size with every new DAG epoch. Are you Yeah but each dag epoch happens every 30,000 blocks or about 4-5 days. You require a different graphics card. are using Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 6GB on Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v9. These Are The Features Of This ETH Miner: OpenCL mining. Nvidia CUDA mining. 99 GB №383 # 11,519,999  22 Jun 2017 - 3 min - Uploaded by BuriedONE CryptominingToday i show you what the dag file size of Ethereum is. Важно. GTX 1050 2GB R9 GTX 1060 3GB HD 7950 3GB HD 7970 3GB R9 280X 3GB HD 7950 3GB 3. If you look way Oct 15, 2017 But because a GPU has an 80Mb overhead, all 3GB GPUs will be useless for Ethereum mining even sooner. 8 Lip 2017 Na chwilę obecną karty Radeon radzą sobie dobrze w ETH, aleeeeeeeeeee Niestety z upływem czasu wzrośnie DAG epoch (czyli trudność kopania) która dodatkowo dołoży pare GB do obciążenia RAMu. Date. info/posts ОнлайнТрейд. As DAG epochs move Baseline, don't buy under 4GB VRAM cards, so no 1060 3GB or gtx 970 or older AMD cards. Ethereum's proof of work mining algorithm (previously known as Dagger-Hashimoto) uses KECCAK-256 (basically SHA-3). 12,目前已经达到133epoch,DAG体积已经达到2. 07. Con il tempo e le transazioni, il numero di blocchi ETH cresce e di conseguenza anche il file. The DAG file will exceed the 3GB mark on block 6,900,000, but due to 3GB GPUs requiring about 80Mb overhead, they will become obsolete on block  Here you can see how long will your card support ETH and other coins based on same algo . ETHEREUM-ONLY MINING MODE ENABLED (-mode 1) ETH: eth-proxy stratum mode Setting DAG epoch #127 for GPU0 Create GPU buffer for only 2Gb of memory. However, it's If you need DAG size tracker you can visit investoon. Dag Size Epoch Block Day End of GPUs 1. 6 Apr 2017 The stock ethminer is much slower than Claymore's miner (by a margin of over 5% on my test rig). ETH - 0xd7A9FA6448a9c7a3192A8D762e6bC04858E1dc7d. za. [–]FcoEnriquePerez 1 point 1 day ago. com/tools/dag_size there you can see current DAG size and important epochs. Getting around 28Mh/s according to nanopool and it's calculator says I'll get about 0. Still haven't  14 фев 2016 Алгоритм предполагает каждые 30000 блоков генерацию нового блока данных — это так называемые DAG-файлы. 6 MH/s by DAG epoch #140 and then 22. 000  Ethminer By Genoil. 7 Aug 2017 - 3 minМайнинг на ASUS AMD R9 280x 3gb. info Блог http://miningcamp. Ethash. Graphics card memory cannot be upgraded by the user. 2gb dag size. BTC -  2017년 10월 21일 Claymore's Dual ETH + DCR/SC/LBC/PASC GPU Miner v10. @wirelessnet2 ETC and Eth have the same genesis block and DAG rules, so their epoch's won't be far apart. The 2GB limit will be hit around mid-December 2016; The 3GB limit will be hit around mid-April 2018; The 4GB limit will be hit around mid-September 2019. 8. As DAG . com:8008) ETH: Authorized Setting DAG epoch  20 Dec 2017 Supposing that soon the ETH block time will be 14 sec and will remain stable, 3GB graphics cards will begin slowly dying away in about 400 days, that is, at the end of 2018. 18 Jun 2017 The Ethash DAG changes every 30000 blocks which is roughly every 4-5 days and with Ethereum this is called a DAG epoch, so every few days we move to the next DAG epoch. 01 ETH/day. It's ok, I  20 hours ago As time goes on and transactions take place, the number of ETH blocks grows, and the file grows as well. The math is pretty simple, check it out yourself: The 3GB card has around 650 MB left. Mining Life. Claymore 9. You will have to repurpose thos cards to mine something else or sell them off. This sounds great and I was about to hit the buy button on 8x 1060 3gb cards for 189 but I read that the DAG file for ethereum is going to reach over 3GB next year. 195. f2pool. ddmmtt7: 3 янв 2018. Stratum mining without the need of a proxy. 3-6 months I guess? permalinkembedparent. In addition, ethminer creates the Ethereum DAG file on disk instead of in GPU memory, which is slow and uses a lot of space (and if you're running off a USB stick, all those writes may eventually wear it out). Просмотров: 43. Ive been searching around and havent found much of a prediction for this, but does anyone have an idea of how much longer you could mine on a 3GB GPU? Here is how to check the current ethhash size: https://ethereum. Also I did not see a drop with the new Epoch on my 1060 3GB cards. In practice, it gets a little With a DAG Epoch of 140, cards equipped with 3GB of memory are still usable, but with the size of the DAG continuing to grow, they're next to be eliminated. Cons of GTX 1060. Хранится на винте, вычитывается при старте майнера, всасывается в видеопамять каждой карты (отсюда и  2016年9月13日 Setting DAG epoch #142 for GPU0 Create GPU buffer for GPU0 GPU0 DAG creation time - 5366 ms Setting DAG epoch #142 for GPU0 done GPU0 t=83C fan=24% GPU #0: Ellesmere, 8192 . Ответов: 215. I think we're a couple . Www. cryptocompare. 10 Aug 2016 The DAG started at 1 GB at the time of the Frontier launch, and increases by approximately 0. MinerZ. 14 Oct 2017 In fact, Ethereum devs speculate that 3GB GPUs will remain fully functional for ETH mining for another 13. This makes it ASIC A new DAG is produced every epoch. This is around a 16% performance drop in the hashrate in the next 90 days assuming the Ethash DAG changes every 4. 15 Sep 2017 As time goes on and transactions take place, the number of ETH blocks grows, and the file grows as well. Szacuje się, że na karty 3GB zostało już niewiele czasu i wygląda na to że niedługo potem kopanie  21 Jun 2017 Almost at DAG 130 now, so 50ish more epochs to go before 3gb cards start failing. eth, ethereum, 1070, gtx, mining, zcash, майнинг, тепереатура, · Mini  I get 22MH/s on all epoch with a 1060 6GB. The DAG is currently over 3GB. com/mining/calculator/eth? 2017年9月13日 Ethereum-only mining mode is enabled ETHEREUM-ONLY MINING MODE ENABLED (-mode 1) ETH: eth-proxy stratum mode Watchdog enabled Remote management (READ-ONLY MODE) is enabled on port 3333 ETH: Stratum - Connected (eth. In practice, it gets With a DAG Epoch of 140, cards equipped with 3GB of memory are still usable, but with the size of the DAG continuing to grow, they're the next ones to be eliminated. I believe you need at least 3Gb for the DAG file. ETH: Authorized No pool specified for Decred! Ethereum-only mining mode is enabled. ру http://www. 99 GB №127 # 3,839,999 16/MAY/2017. ETH: Authorized Setting DAG epoch #129 Setting DAG epoch #129 for GPU2 Create GPU buffer for GPU2 Setting DAG epoch #129 for GPU0 Create GPU buffer for  3gb card are kinda useless for mining soon too, next epoach gonna kill the 4gb cards. Nvidia gpu's are better . So by my calculation, my cards will be useless for mining ETH by early 2018, that is if new Dag is every 4 days, longer if it's every 5 days. This means Based on current estimates for DAG size and memory requirements, mining with an RX 470 4 GB should yield: Dag 130 . Ответов:  24 янв 2017 Я конечно понимаю что тема изъезженная, но стандартные методы не помогают! Суть: Имеется Ферма 5 GPU 3- msi r9-380 2Gb и 2 - Saphire r9-380 4Gb и ETH 2017년 9월 2일 DAG 증가에 따른 1060 3gb의 종료 시점에 대한 이야기가 많은데, 실제로 클레이모어의 -benchmark 옵션을 통해 더 이상 채굴이 불가능한 Epoch number를 알 수 있습니다. 5mh/s when oced. Program requires 3GB video RAM, your graphics card has 2GB video RAM. onlinetrade. This will render those cards useless and unable to mine Eth. This is for  28 Sep 2016 Tweak with the DAG expansion parameters to slow or stop its growth (#4 (comment)); Extend the epoch (DAG regeneration interval) length from current 30000 blocks to The limiting factor in the mining cards seems to be the bus speed and cards with 3gb or less become useless around 2. See More. 4 Jan 2018 Generally AMD gpu performs better on mining Ethhash algo – Etherum,Ubiq,Expanse, and cryptonight algo – monero. OpenCL device picking. Find this Pin and more on ValeraTV by YuriyYosyfovych. 2天,也就是到达150epcoh还有17*5. So, a graphics  20 set 2017 Il mining di Ethereum si affida alla creazione di un file chiamato DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph). 眾所皆知現在ETH 的DAG 已經來到了epoch 132 (2. stackexchange. HIS HD7950 3GB 1125 Core (950 Stock) 1250 memory (stock speed) For example: RX 480 8G Samsung: 32+Mh ETH, RX 470 4G Hynix: 31+Mh ETH . ru 10 Oct 2017 09:42:48:314 4f4 Setting DAG epoch #3 for GPU0 09:42:48:321 4f4 . Подписаться1, 8 тыс. 22 Jun 2017 The hashrate on the AMD Radeon RX 580 that we are testing is 27. Ethash is 'memory hard', which means it requires a lot of memory and memory bandwidth to mine. What is WRT your question, the 3G issue on Ethereum is because the DAG right now is 2. 16 more months for 3gb. Correction - 3gb cards will be useless by November 2018, not April as per this reddit post. Realistic benchmarking against arbitrary epoch, DAG or blocknumber. Don't buy 3GB variant for mining due to Etherum dag epoch; This card may not be much profitable in future when newer cards get released. It is possible to  eth, ethereum, 1060, gtx, mining, zcash. 7 MH/s at DAG epoch #150. For once I am glad that I bought shit cards lol, these 1060 3gb hash 15mh/s out of the box and 18