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Return To The Bandit Nest : 0, 10, 35. Sleepy Reef: 0, 8, 28. Mini bosses Type: Ring; Dropped by: First Mate Wavecutter, Blackheart Haven; Enchantments: Reduce Stamina Cost; Traits: Robust  2 May 2012 It drops off of Blue Dragonspawn, Draconic Mageweavers, Blue Scalebanes, and Draconic Magelords found in Azshara. Feb 2. I'll keep trying to get one through leveling. Alz x15. 0 The only moon boss 5% drop that doesn't have a really high price is the pirate flag, because that's the fastest moon dungeon to speed run and the  30 Aug 2017 Bone Pirate's Tatters is a Set in Elder Scrolls Online. [3. . Clearly our opinions aren't important to a certain extent as of Also the drop rates have been significantly reduced and tools are being dropped instead of pearls, jewels and platinum. ) These crystals are so rare that the multi type of either factions(True/Dark Blood)have  2 Feb 2017 Yes they did lower the rate at which you will get event skins. One thing i noticed is that when it comes to getting enemy card drops some enemies are even harder then others, is it because they have harder drop rates? C 23 Jun 2010 (With a ROW) Does the drop rate change in the Abyssal Zone or is it better in the Slayer Tower? Proud Former Pixel Pirates Leader that are not on the rare drop table, because they are specific to certain NPCs or NPC types and it would not make sense for these items to be dropped by, say, a fire giant. So if you want the ultimate Borderlands 2 experience check out the Borderlands 2 UCP. this is not serividor hamachi and also want it to be 24/7 so you have hours of fun. My drop rate overall on every stage gets worse the m. Just sometimes you hit a dry spell of 30+ chests. If you have a higher level pirate and you have someone on your crew that sees the enemy as red, then the loot drop rate will still be high. The Azure Whelpling has a drop rate of approximately 1 in 1,000 kills. Statistics New Zealand said the number of unemployed Maori dropped by 21. jpg/ P. Astronautic - lowers ship armour – 9 different rigs. 1 Test Results. The enemies also drop rare loot. 212 likes. The Cold Pirate. Added two new weapons that are dropped from Greater Palace Cellar and Greater Sharpwind Mines: Thief's Resolution and Fire-Spitting Bow. Fixed an issue where loot would not drop for your character which happened as a result of the map merging bug. 4 and went to the village greens. 5 Oct 2015 Pirate Life: 0, 12, 42. why are they lowering the drop rate on this mount when deathwing does nothing to northrend and 2 weeks before the expansion surley it would make release and pray for luck being on your side. 0] The type of  1 Dec 2017 Since then balance changes have been made, new loot drop locations have been added, and new visual skins for certain weapons have been added. – Slightly increased the You can purchase it from the general goods merchant Pegureronerk in the lower layer of the Steel Rake Ship. View Post. - Qigong Talisman Applied Black Magic [Black Insanity Dragon]. Fixed an issue . Download Haypi Pirates and enjoy it on your Apple TV. Def. However, their descriptions have not been updated yet. and did i  19 Dec 2016 NOTE: Rubies will be put to 0 due to past inhumane drop rates so we can get this thing rolling with a better balance. You will need to use the latest files to enjoy the latest content and avoid  26 Jul 2014 posted in General Inquiry: Im wondering if the event drop item( freshing water) lower the drop rate of the quest item? Im doing the 3rd job change quest for my Rac however,it takes me 2 hours still get 2 of magic powder. 1 day agoLatest news and headlines from Australia and the world. For safety around the Cloth Shoes of Steel Beard Pirates. Quest Alz Rate x5 ***Max Level : 200*** ***Extra : Guild Create Fee lowered to 5million*** What this means ? Skill: Pirates Wrath SP:21 Moonberries: 4 Overview: Pirates wrath is the Skies of Arcadia Legends’ ultimate attack spell(with a single person). have it -. 5x droprate increase, but will now require 100 souls to fill out instead of 40. And I put well over 3000+ hours there and got a bank full of rings. Usopp drank a bit too much cola (took me about 350 cola to max LIST ---- -Battleon Area -Sword Haven Area -Orc Town Area -Pirate Area ~: Bosses :~ Box Guardians Drop: boxes 1- Box Guardian Blade [Sell Price = ??,000 Golds] Grumble drop:sewer . Fire Hat - 2. You can watch the pirate wench be lowered from the top of the ship while listening to live music and enjoying the scene at Schooner Wharf Bar. The Crimson Whelpling  14 Sep 2017 Pirate 101: Fair Melody Poole (52+ Privateer—active pirate), Clever Tara Oswald (40+ Muskateer—active pirate), Quirky Maeve Killerny (26+ The gem rate drop may be fine for higher lvl players in good guilds If the gates are working, but lower lvl players that can't finish a gate don't get very many gems. We don't need those . 4 per cent or 8600 in 2017. Hint, hint. Alright me hearties, I may be a scurvy sea dog pirate wench but even I knows t' read me some forums & tips b4 jumpin' off the poop deck to some  17 Jul 2015 More buffs going around, the next big thing on the list, decoys (Pirate and Fae) have invincibility frames now. What I suspect is that we've got something like the Pirate hats implemented, just without the hats. The only items  I was missing a few of the lower level cards, so I went to loot from lower level bosses. Each boss will drop an Origin Orb with a chance to drop an Essense Orb(give triple exp compared to Origin). __. I'm a premium first life new player. Rogue:. Pirate Gunner. In the last three days i have noticed a significant lower chane for red/blue coral 15 Sep 2017 I'd highly recommend the team nerf sailing drop rates so they are not so easily farmed. Still very few drops. Note that . Sonic Rage, Attacks the target with a devastating burst of wind with 195 Power, lowers P. by 20%, M. Also see: Red Pirate Costume. MP +346. Satanic item spawn rate decreased and these can now only be obtained on wormholes or Pirate Anchor now lands an aoe smash on point of impact and is scaled 5x with synergy - Pirate  [24/12/2017] New Source Update #48 - Posted by Karven Hi Royallers! The holiday season update is here once again! This update requires all players to download new files. 5 Apr 2014 Instance has same rewards as Hidden Dragon Den, although in much higher amount * Requires . I'll use the Dark blood/true Sasha crystals as the main example(because I'm not familiar with other drop rates. So BPCS change lowered and change on escalations lowered ? Did it also say EVERYTHING ELSE that drops also lowered ? Nothing nothing drops  A pirate is a non-player character that can be found in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon (level 26), at 16 Jul 2017 In order to explain the problem with current blueprint droprates, I'm going to use an example from my experience with this game. - Imperial Talisman not being taken away fixed. They seem to  In fact, some here seem to think using thieves/pirates actually LOWERS your chance at a heart drop, since it doesn't seem to be possible to get both a monster's regular item and its heart from the same battle. People . When fighting monsters a certain level higher than your character or a certain level lower than your character, the experience, mesos and item drops  2 Oct 2017 After Awakening Irene gains two more class buffs where Pirates get an attack boost while Thieves have their cost lowered. . Balance Boots - 5 +. Nudge, nudge. 0 at Schooner Wharf and brace for cannon blasts that herald the new year. Male; Female. even im niereid u get gold parts from asteroids. It's a lower amount and again matches  18 Sep 2015 For many items I've been farming for, the drop rate seems so low and sometimes I only get gold. thing which governs this is called Probabilistic Independence - the fact that whether one mob dropped the loot or not, this has no bearing on whether a second mob will drop the loot. You can fine a special Minecraft head and skin for your character by defeating the enemies and smashing the blocks in this area. - New Pimp Item 'Qigong Talisman [Weapon]' added to F1. ·║·│·│║·║││··║ Verified Official Page [(Ahoy!! players or admin's You can maps and more. I decided to When the lower level pirate was there I was getting plenty of loot drops. The Pirate Staff is dropped with a 0. Yes, pirate. Pirates/bandits and stuff might work (but do they even give much more each? No, you're remembering correctly, it's just that none of the lower-level mobs give any more rep than the Venture Company stragglers do (except for a few  15 Dec 2017, 1:31 pm. + Adjusted some of the lower tech drones (Venusian, Mercurian,  I doubt it's the level they intended. Thankyou very much. It constantly does over 3,000 . Craft Exp x5. Ignored. *FIXED*. This put a . Changed Cloak damage lowered to 33% boost. 9 Oct 2013 - 6 min - Uploaded by GullofDoomI go over the most significant changes/additions to the game in this current hotfix. They increase critical hit rate, skill damage and defenses. Always up to date. TLOPO drops them EVERY Hernandez Honorable Pirate. Added in Classic World of Warcraft. Messages:  Is this true? If it is then I guess it'll be a complete waste of time grinding boring low level places like the rookery, skittering tunnels, BSC and BSH if the drop rate is like 0. The drop rate on the weapon is pretty terrible, though, so don't expect to get it unless you fightfightfight. But it is not just  31 Aug 2017 Lowered max charges to 25; Added them to angel/archangel inv artifact list; Changed angel/archangel artifact drop rates to 1/50 (up from 1/250); Added them to the generic random artifact list so they'll show up in other spots that generate artifacts. If rare loot drops, one of the top  29 Dec 2017 Like other minions, the summoned pirate is invincible and follows the player for an unlimited amount of time, unless the player dies, summons a replacement minion, or cancels the buff. If your counter argument is 'but it would be pirated,' then maybe ya shouldn't run with pirates. The Box Office Totals in the graph above are not adjusted for inflation. It takes about a year to knock out lvl 50-55 bps. Fire Pendament - 2. I have killed 611 pirate captains, and I have never seen the blueprint for wrenching whip dropped. Three: Conch shell drop. If you are looking for the ultimate Borderlands the Pre-Sequel  The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard trope as used in popular culture. =/ Now I lowered it to 2. 1 Level Difference Penalty. 14. 26 Jun 2016 Monster drop rates based on the difference in level have been reorganized. I haven't seen not 1 exclusive item dropped. Now if drop rates are lowered so it takes longer to fill a trader ship at 2k unit, you'll soon start losing interest in mining a lot for people. And the weapon fairy is only good for legacy weapons? Teleway. Random Pirates 1-2* are around 70% to drop. The drop rate seemed fine before, to me. 1. TRs, VIPs  For 1 minute, increases Debuff Resistance by 20%, P. Spd. Punishing everyone because a few people cheese is almost like justifying DRM because a small minority pirate the game. Basically you are suggesting to make it There's a lot of mini/single adventures that seems worth playing with relative high drop rate for example. We're monitoring the drop rates and people's progresses, and will make tweaks as needed - for example, with the most recent update, the amount of BP available from  11 Jun 2017 Pirate BS drop rate are getting nerfed on tuesday and the build cost increased at a later time. Now you have to kill the ghosts. The Pirate Invasion has a new mini boss. Most of the drop came from lower unemployment in the 20-29 age  You need level 3 in salvaging to salvage T2 pod pilot and pirate faction ships. The conch shell is an enduring symbol of Key West,  17 Feb 2014 For a couple of days I have played for 6 hours + just killing pirates, and have had only 1 or 2 of these gold CPU's drop. Death ray change that was reverted. 25 May 2015 It seems like the drop rate on items such as Companion crusts has been increased by an extreme amount even though it was announced to be Or explain why it got lowered! Explaining Archeage: Generic MMO + The Sims + Pirates of the Caribbean + Monopoly + Yahtzee + Battleship + Farmville  Location: Hidden Depths Price: N/A (Dropped by Aquamancer) Sellback: 275 Gold Rarity: Awesome Rarity Description: Avast! This loot be inspired by Adventure Quests's pirate. The computer player is a cheating bastard whenever the "rules" differ between you and AI … There are Minecraft style enemies in this area. Part of our series of price reductions, this week we've lowered the prices on all Ninja skins, 30-Day Wings, and Berdin's Amulets. The salvaging module fits in a high slot and asteroid belt NPC pirate ships have a better drop rate. For the Giant Mole, it decides if there is going to be a rare item dropped, and what that rare item is, before attributing it to a player (if it wasn't killed in solo). 0] Players will now be instructed to visit the Hall of the Novice while progressing through the main scenario quest "It's Probably Pirates. It was probably higher when the worlds just came out which were marleybone and aquila then later they lower the drop rates so the items are harder to get and it's the early bird gets the worm first. Server Rates: items 40 x Solo-Exp - 60 x Party-Exp - 90 x Fairy-Growth- 1000 x Drop-Rate. , and absorbs Momentum. Ive counted how many times I have gotten each item from the Snowcrusher of the Drake Hatchery. These mobs are all 50-54 elites, so farming this pet at lower levels is all but impossible. 1 Regular Skills SP The bonus EXP received is based on the combo orb and the lower levelled regular monster's EXP (based on an unknown generic formula), which  Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about Haypi Pirates. And no, you generally, gold parts are dropped on all sectors. but people could really use an increase drop rate on the 5% droprate boss material in wakfu and an increase steel equipment dropped in moon dungeons. Xenton 3018 posts · Xenton. This means that clones will last more Instead, Souls drop at the Uncommon level; a 2. by 20%, P. Aside from lowering the rate of black powder, I was happy with the drop rates as they were and the much higher demand for jewels and platinum now means this drop change will irritate a lot of players  13 Sep 2016 + Lowered the drop rate of Dementium, increased the drop rate of Dementium Fragments. 11 Drop Rate Stacking; 12 Total SP. 30 Jun 2013 Pirates or any enemies(killing trading guild for fun) are far and few inbetween once you venture like 10 sectors away from your spawn, And if you do find them Now I have my own server that my friends and I play on, is there any way i can edit how much things sell for or reduce the drop rate of things in the  LOGS___________________________________. All level 5 Critical sites have been tweaked and rebalanced; All pirate cruisers will now target miners more often; Added some new reward crates to the LP stores; Added some new sound  29 Dec 2017 And Kizarus forest is done. Notes: This item is themed from Black Pirate Costume from AdventureQuest. HP +145. " [3. DON'T 4GET TO DESTROY THE BOX IT GIVES CHOCOLATE AND CANDY DROP RATE CANDY 100% CHOCOLATE 90%. Hi i have been grinding alot of pirates the last two weeks. If you do not get the desired head and  Petula Bloodwave has offered to reward you if you bring her the scarves of some of the pirates that have been hiding out in the north. The game, as is, is quite alright, but if people find the economy a problem, an increased drop-rate, or outright direct cash-shop sale of ships would ease their troubles. Storm Hat - 3. You will now gain more experience from monsters close to your character's level. Joined: Jul 29, 2017. - Changed Allow turrets to fire on autofire if cloak disrupted (and probably player has fired recently) - Changed Changes move to position AI to make it less orbity - Changed Increased specialist storage by 1 per mothership level - Changed Specialist drop rate increased 26 Dec 2017 10 Meso Drop. If there's any Changed the drop rate of class Skill Books in the Aetherogenetics Lab and Alquimia Research Center. 2 Party Meso Splitting. It has come to the point now that the success and drop rate of a hurricane instance run is measured by how many CO you have at the end. CO can drop  1 Jul 2015 Bosses will drop Treasure Bags containing powerful expert exclusive items to reward those up to the challenge. The training q kept things at the old price 5. The drop rate for items from timeworn leather, goatskin, toadskin, wyvernskin, and unhidden leather maps has been adjusted. by 10% when a sword/blunt . 10. The higher up you get, the lower the drop rate. - Qigong Talisman is appliable for G130+ Weapons. Storm Wrap - 5 +. 9 Feb 2017 Anyone been noticing that the past few days the proxium drop rate has lowered? BP are losing too much money because of the PermaFrost Gate and its ability to provide so much wealth in such an easy way, how can they change this, by lowering chances. 13 Mar 2016 [ATTACH] Hello all! PhoenixBlade here, and I'd like to present to you the Spirit Mod! The Spirit Mod is my take on adding new items, new enemies, and 15 Dec 2016 Showdown Challenge – Enhance: bonus experience and item drop rate has been decreased from 10% to 5%; Spread Throw: each skill will now have . We do not encourage Ninjas to crash the Talk Like A Pirate Day event. Probably a lot more I am missing too! What is this? I haven't  Tales Of Pirates Private Server. And if it takes longer as well to fill a 5k ship as a miner, that leaves you a lot more open to pirate attacks and being taxed more often. [UPDATE PATCH 68]. Back in those days, PKs (or pirates as they like to be called in UWO) could take not only cargo and ducats, but items as well. I really enjoy earning something when playing and I do play quite frequently but I feel as if the rate must have been lowered because I cannot seem to earn key fragments no matter how many people I play with, what game type I play, or how well I play. All I know is that the drop rate seems a lot lower than last year and I am not sure about some of the fairiesI thought villagers didn't get sick anymore so that fairy to cure illnesses is just going to sit there looking pretty. 0] New Chronicles of . STR + 1. Copy URL. Changed Increased specialist storage by 1 per mothership level. 20 Jan 2017 Pirates across Weyard know of the isle's existence and hope to retrieve treasure from it while escaping with their lives; judging from the seemingly . I'm not sure which item necessarily  Hi. Windstorm Pet Armor can now be acquired from Greater Hadir Farm and Greater  20 Aug 2012 Changed Allow turrets to fire on autofire if cloak disrupted (and probably player has fired recently); Changed Changes move to position AI to make it less orbity; Changed Increased specialist storage by 1 per mothership level; Changed Specialist drop rate increased; Changed Specialist bonuses decreased  Well not only our admins not powerhungry, trolling, nazi pirates riding giant eagles. :) All global content so far cleared and all ships maxed. us/photo/my-images/545/maple0020r. Life boots - 0. 23 Jul 2010 Ok lets take a look. It was added with Blackheart Haven; Dungeon bosses and mini bosses will now drop a set piece 100% of the time. 05% chance by Pirates or with a 1% chance from the Flying Dutchman during a Pirate  I'm having a very hard time trying to farm certain characters (Laboon, Vivi, Arlong, pirate penguins, etc). Did this happen to anyone else? Visit the tall ship America 2. Gonna repost my point of view regarding Linza's drop rate reveal (taken from the Reddit post) Can we change certain . I thought I had read that the drop rate of pirate BPCS was goanna b nerfed and that the change of getting a high end 10/10 escalation was lowered . Sometimes you get 3 out of 10. Price Drop Items. Fireball - damage reduced, cast speed increased, mana cost reduced; Lightning Strike - mana cost increased; Magic Shockwave - AoE range decreased, cooldown time reduced. It's better if done during  26 Jul 2012 Last weak i heard many people saying zakum helmets and zakum skill books drop rate is lower now. The more So, either my account is rigged or the chest drop rate has been significantly lowered for this week :evil: Top  Pirate Bandana - A bandana that is the mark of the lawless pirates of the oceans. Just alone I hear my friend who consistently . I dont find it lower, only the drop rate of books got lower I solo zakum twice a day and i always get 3-2 helmets. Raiding The Raiders: 0, 6, 21. In POTCO sailing dropped loot (Any form of it pouch chests or skull) 1/5 ships. for cpu try  After talking to him, all pirates die & respawn as ghosts. Just wanted to know if the companion drop rate is lowered during these events to  So let's say you grind crescent shrine, your XP per hour will be better than Pirates Gray Mobs at level 61 and your money will be about 5-6 mill an hour from Scrolls alone if you don't get a ring. Since we are reworking the Boss Guides of Special Isles, we try to set a percentage(%) of a possible droprate we think of. Plenty of guides for those maps for just  11 hours ago Unemployment among Maori also fell to a nine-year low, but at 9 per cent is twice the rate of unemployment in the overall population. My question is when The drop rate for CPUs are at least 1000:1. Skill Exp x10. Accuracy by 4 when a sword/blunt weapon is equipped, Speed by 6, Atk. Party members near the pirate flag will have all of their stats increased by 10% (only affects stats from directly invested AP), and decreases defense of  Choose according as each amulet has different percentages. They have a small chance of dropping a "Booty Chest". [​IMG] Total Pirate Count - 201006 ☠ 4 Mar 2010 The rarest pet of all is the Hyacinth Macaw which drops from Bloodsail Pirates off the south coast of Stranglethorn Vale. what they hell. To fit rigs into ships you need the jury rigging which Armour - reduce speed – 9 different rigs. Ice Boots - 1. -'') naryu stuff (only got horns from merchant event lol) pirate princess (1 time i saw it and it was on alt </3 rng u kill me)  Since the start of the Pack-A-Palooza event I have opened roughly 200 packs and not received a companion. They are fair, helping and kind just like Bill Murray. to help people make some extra isk before the nerf, we have lowered the tax to 5% until tuesday - that should let people at least get one last weekend of strong farm in  Omega Game Time and Multiple Pilot Training Certificates now show correctly discounted prices when applicable in the PLEX vault. Once opened, the "Booty Chest" drops a lot of currency, and "Fairgraves" (as ghost) appears a few  20 Sep 2016 Do what you want 'cause a pirate be free, You aren't a pirate! :( I've run into the same issue several times. This is pathetic considering that before the event on another pirate, I opened 50 packs and got a companion. It is looted from Bloodscalp Shaman. 12. common so they benefit the most from Irene's such buff, while the Thief's cost reduction is mostly negligible as they are mostly used as buff units themselves anyway (drop rate buff). Wink, wink. I'm not restricted (that I'm aware of) so what gives? @ahmed habib73 said: brascoliosis said: @ahmed habib73 said: FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, i cant get no bps at all, after attacking cargo 45s for 3 days i got only one bps . Welcome to Arborea's Fear Factory! New Contents - Isle of Dawn for level 65 players - Hard mode for the Forsaken Island - More terrifying bosses for the Dreadspire Find an overview of all of these in our earlier preview! Dreadspire - Entry to the 16th… PS: even if you would have "tons" of them, lower level players wouldn't, I think my calculation makes that pretty obvious. Pots now drop more stuff when broken. Quest Exp Rate x5. Drop x2. According to one experienced player, the node level does not affect the drop rate of Ogre Rings as much, so you do not need to worry much about the node level. Actually, I did some testing on this after the last event. Space Gun now only requires  Note: Figures for 2018 are at an annualized rate (both in the graph above and the table below). As a sum up approximately this rule could be possible for Story Mode: Turtles are about 15%. Fusion Materials drop about 10% and important Characters  Has the drop rate been lowered for this go around of iron banner on the PlayStation Exclusive items. ( i may need 8 more hour to get other 3 quest itemsx3) The same thing happened on  Changed Cloak damage lowered to 33% boost. The Blood Moon has a new graphical effect Lowered the cost for Meteor Gear. 13 Sep 2017 All this chatter, and seems like the restart is still bound to happen with the changes. The download link is available on the website's download page now. Stealing From The Rich: 0, 8, 28 . So it had to be lowered even further. Not worth the hassle and why I think  Munils Costume Random Box IV - posted in Ragnarok 2 Community Chat: Hi can anyone please kindly post what costumes this box currently on kafra shop has except for ocean commander and marine look. This respawn also applies to the previously killed pirates. As long as  Hello, Currently their are rare(which is an understatement) ammo variations that next to never actually drop. Logged onto my hunter at the beginning of IB, and without playing a single game, was given a 313 helmet. (1 in 4) 6 Feb 2008 It appears that the Troll is most like the Spooky Pirate Skeleton in terms of strengths - or at least, it is NOT like the Hare, and using RetroFrog's variant of Xylpher's familiar tool while pretending I'm posting the item drop data on the page under the assumption that item drop boosters do affect the drop rate. Loot 5 Pirate's Sash 0/5 (Barren Coast) Deliver 5 Pirate's Sash to Petula Bloodwave 0/5 (Barren Coast) Drop rate seems to be also the same as the ticket drop rate. Skull Pirate - 2. Looking forward to next week, the  These pirates are equal to about a lvl 11 or lvl 12 normal pirate, if you get too close to them they will take the initiative and board you once you click the . 001%? . imageshack. Changed Allow turrets to fire on autofire if cloak disrupted (and probably player has fired recently) Changed Changes move to position AI to make it less orbity. This weapon, the Storm Wing, has  No, that's the fastest method, even with a 20% drop rate on the key. A barbarian 2nd lifer friend of mine reported getting about 3-4x the number of drops that I did (we were both soloing). In other words, any battle you steal from is guaranteed not to get you a heart. There is a different head and skin dropped in this area for each character. + Changed many of the commonly unused Class Super Items acquired from The Crucible. [UPDATE PATCH 67]  GR Download : Ok guys , i will post here the most asked questions by our future Cabal players , lets start, Server Rates : Exp x10. Now this isn't a problem most people face, infact 91% of people will get the  This green cloth armor of item level 40 goes in the "Head" slot. We have starter kits, Doorshare, instacraft, pm yada yada but our main [U]SQUEEZE[/U] is that [B]we have lowered the drop rate on all guns and Kevlar[/B] to prevent griefing. Changed Specialist drop rate  31 Aug 2015 Either the amount of materials needed to upgrade an LP needs to be lowered, or the amount of rewards given needs to increase. See that thread for  Now, their whole cheese plan has been fucked and to the victims of this change, I repeat, drops aren't bad, you just suck at the game. S the fact that i censored the time  8 Jun 2017 Also, you can obtain Serap's Necklace, which has a chance to be dropped from the Crescent Chief Gatekeeper in Crescent Shrine. Also I hope you don't mind me pointing out but whilst I cannot remember last years drop rates I can actually see (assuming we are using coffee powered's  Went out to Mabar with my cleric last night. If you choose to spend money on cosmetic items that is your choice. The central slide drops you near a chest containing one coin, and the left slide leads to the closed-off area where a bush blocks the entrance into the interior  Reduced the drop rate of Arcadian Seafoam from Dahuta in the weekend Sea of Drowned Love. 22 Feb 2016 [2
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