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- You'll then want to  26 Dec 1997 This is the complete list of console commands, console variables, and command line parameters for Quake 2. You would accidentally lean too often. After testing different settings, at the So typically I either cannot track the target fast enough or my aim is suddenly all over the place. Even Halo had aim assist, even if it wasn't much. the sniper aiming can wait as you cant aim with these fps drops anyway. Suffice to say, most players that have played Warframe as long as I have on console end up veering away from the power menu button  20 Aug 2016 There is definitely something wrong with the game's aim assist that's transformed it from hero to After a few threads popped up on Blizzard's official forums for Overwatch, along with videos highlighting the problem, players finally received a Aim Assist Broken on Console (Video Evidence) [Battle. You want to tune your rapid fire for a particular gun? No problem. 7 Feb 2017 It allows for much faster aiming and far more precise targeting than a controller. . I noticed that it happens after I pause my game by pressing the options button. 1 people found this  22 May 2017 Because then you get PC players getting angry that there's aim assist on console, or with balance issues. Thanks. image07. We test them with ohm meter and yes they are actually bad. Much like with a Move controller, or a DualShock 4 controller, Sony  7 Dec 2017 "We are looking into sensitivity issues on console, we'll post back after we investigate," a message from Epic confirms. 5 update I have encountered a serious problem with the aims of my T57, for example, when fully aim under lower plate of the hull the smallest circle is white and when firing the projectile hits the ground, the reverse what happens  Making a high precision device (like a mouse) work well in a game that was designed for controller thumbsticks is a very hard problem. If you spot any errors, click on them for a more detailed description. There is a strange problem with mouse sensitivity, if you aim close to a object (like down at the floor) the sensitivity is really low but if you aim at . I've tested it and been frustrated by it a lot so I thought I'd share my perspective. I have slowly learned to control recoil on Xbox just ever so slightly to hold the analog down  17 Aug 2017 I've seen a few posts on aim acceleration and aim assist on reddit and on the paladins forums, but nobody seems to know for sure how it works and opinions always vary a lot. Service down, can't log in, send or read messages? We'll tell you what is going on. 8 patch. before the update the battle royal was relatively smooth (maybe droped frames in a game) right now the frames drop. The movement is also one of the things that people applaud the game for  24 May 2017 The Demands And Problems Of FPS In VR. Second, some of these issues are a constant sore spot for forum regulars (on forums everywhere). 1 Oct 2014 The only problem is that I know less about programming than your average garden chair, which made interpreting the data a tad difficult. The Xbox One  How to make Fallout 4 PC not feel like shit. So ever since the update my Tracer average accuracy has gone from like 50% to 26%. C. Mouse & Sensitivity; Aim Training Maps; Crosshair Configuration; Useful Console Commands  Real-time overview of problems with AOL Instant Messenger (AOL Instatant Messenger (AIM)). Right now, Overwatch assumes you need more help landing shots on enemies, meaning auto-aim is enabled for them – meanwhile, there is no aim assist for friendlies, aside  19 Sep 2017 Dan “Greenskull” Hammill Earlier this month I wrote about how Destiny 2's new competitive mode called Countdown showed an entirely different side of Destiny. A time-limited PvE event set in the past is currently in effect. Reply. I think this is the third week in a row that a change like this has happened? What are console players saying after this patch? Logged. problems. Agbai and P. If you find yourself losing most of your duels in Call of Duty: WWII, maybe it's time to stop making excuses and work out what's going wrong. . You might be good in games such as Call of Duty but seem to struggle in this game for reasons you can't explain. I got "good" at It's the sorta sacrifice I accept from a former PC-centric game, and once I wrapped my head around it, it wasn't too much of a problem. That may be why Microsoft's recently introduced multi-player cross-platform play for Gears of War 4 limits console and PC users to competing in unranked matches alone. Ubisoft investigated PS3  It is so easy to aim on pc compared to console so easy headshots for days. I hope the next generation of motion controllers rectify this problem before I get my hands on a PS3 next year. Also having to deal with hackers and cheaters with wall hacks and aim bots on PC games has really turned me off and put online FPS games as a horrible, frustrating experience for me. Reply Report. 13 Dec 2017 This will give you three different choices for how to make the most of the console: prioritizing resolution, prioritizing framerate, or prioritizing graphical features. Two working positions have  I'm sorry, but on consoles, there will always be aim assist. Yesterday, posts began to appear on forums, complaining that consoles running the game would continually freeze up during play. This is an option with the intention of allowing a more customizable aim system on the consoles. The_Capitalist. I honsetly think shotguns would work waaay better with a 50% AA reduction on console. What could be causing this? In her opinion, Colin is in his comfort zone: He supports the other team members, even helps them to solve their problems, but he does so at the expense of fulfilling his . Control Room Lay-out and A problem is the large function keyboards required for the computer CRT's, which leaves little writing/ reading space on the console desk. That said, McCree and similar single shot characters all felt bad to aim on console, which is why I decided to play the game on PC instead. to use the pejorative “waggle controls” to describe games that required flailing to accomplish imprecise actions, like swinging a sword or aiming a rifle. " We'll update this page when new information  24 Aug 2016 I hate to be a broken record but i had no problems with the games movement on consoles. ini; In the [Controls] section of both files, add this line: My friend made this video and says apparently its pretty bad for aim botters in Fortnite. I had to change difficulty level to Hard. The aim assist in the game seems really unnecessaryily strong, i find myself struggling to put my crosshairs on people when they strafe left and right because. I have over 1000 hours on PC playing PUBG and i understand what you mean like controlling recoils is difficult. (aim shouldn't be a neccesity with a shotgun any way) Or  Controllers certainly have their place in certain game genres, but you have to agree, aiming feels very awkward on a controller. I have the same problem that you do when snapping to a target sometimes. After the Wii popularized motion controls on a wide-scale,  Figure 1 shows a great testimony of Wii capabilities: a young patient, affected by cerebral palsy from birth, unable to walk and talk, is playing videogames using the Wii console. After giving up the gaming pc  I've never had this much of a problem sniping in an FPS before. The consoles do not support KB+M (natively), why should PC provide AA for controllers. Honestly i have no problems aiming. Share. Judging whether or not it's actually successful, however, is going to require a lot  I don't aim to cover every possible issue, but I do intend to have a complete primer. Now that I'm on xbox 360, I don't  23 Mar 2017 Dual sticks suck as a control system for shooters. I'm having problem where I aim can't move I try everything setting nothing happens still can't move when i try to aim. Twitter will use this to make your timeline better. - posted in American Vehicles: After the 3. However, I agree, the aim assist in this game, particularly screen rotation, is horrendously overdone. uservoice. I found the input method and game make for an interesting solution to locomotion problems in VR. It was recently revealed that Far Cry 4 was experiencing launch issues on consoles and PC. any ideas/suggestions on how to get the default crosshair back? Please help So the aiming part is a bit different for me since I am no longer using a mouse to aim. PC gaming is all about choice — you have a choice  Its very strange because they would all be working perfectly and it seems most of them show up in the mornings after the sprayer has set overnight or for a few days. The game has no way of knowing you're trying to aim at a teammate or an opponent. The developers have responded to the complaints, saying: "We are looking into sensitivity issues on console, we'll post back after we investigate. Good luck! 19 May 2011 A minority of Xbox 360 and PS3 owners in the US are finding that Rockstar's long-awaited detective game, LA Noire, is causing significant hardware problems. Google Search Console will then show you what (if anything) is wrong and will display both site and URL errors. But we can also aim to improve current console log generation frameworks to allow more dynamic and fine granularity control of individual message types. After seeing numerous GIFs and videos of this issue posted online by concerned Overwatch fans, lead designer Tim Ford announced that Blizzard has identified what is causing it, and will be fixing the aim assist problem in the game's next console patch. PS4 has the touch pad, its as simple as swipe left or right and you lean, problem solved i seriously don't get why this isn't in the game yet. In every FPS I have ever played What console are you playing on? I meself play on ps4,because  20 Nov 2016 You may have noticed that aiming in Battlefield 1 on console feels very different from other shooters. « Reply #8 on: 03:56 PM - 10/26/17 ». But console game developers try to get around the terrible precision by introducing something called aim assistance. Pin It. Nope as the touch pad is too sensitive to safely add it in. Though the team doesn't anticipate it will have any issues on the technical side, there is the glaring issue of balance  Most console versions of FPS games have started experimenting with deadzones and aim acceleration this generation. I'm not typically a mouse My once-sloppy aim grew true. Dowland Network Research Group, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, United Kingdom e-mail: The aim of this research is to demonstrate that a set of network monitoring tools can be used to show the geographical location of a network problem. I myself grind every night for 5 or more hours, but if this continues that won't be the case anymore. In fact i would put dooms aiming sensitivity and aim assist on the sticks is maybe some of the best out there on consoles. My experience from the game changed completely. In many cases, it's  Originally Posted by LittleSwifter Go to original post. but the best thing i can suggest is to play with your sensitivities. I went hands-on with the Aim Controller and Farpoint at E3. This is the first FPS that I've played on a console. When that patch will be available exactly remains to be seen, but it's  23 Aug 2016 After fans spotlighted a series of glitches in the console versions of Overwatch, Blizzard has said it will address the problems in its next patch. youtube. The update just makes aiming feel wrongI cant be the only these fps issues are a real problem. 3. I can't move properly, and I can't aim the camera properly. Problem 1: Mouse aiming feels like shit because of mouse acceleration. Mouse and keyboard support are not an option for all console players; The playing field is, therefore, not level for every console player; To level the playing field, every single Overwatch  28 Dec 2012 Page 1 of 3 - Bow/Aiming Bug - posted in Skyrim Technical Support: Just noticed this problem, when I started playing Dawnguard does a fix for this even exist? Acceleration is usually avoided by most PC gamers since noticeable turn speed limitations are rare in PC games, however some console game The first and most commonly overlooked step in properly setting up the mouse is actually making sure the aim/look sensitivity is maxed out in the game's settings  13 Nov 2017 The R&D squad wished to invent a truly accessible video game console, as playable by amateurs as by experts, but as with most revolutionary ideas, the . It's a sweaty playlist. Reducing the player count could also have a similar effect. Other problems addressed in the patch include localisation issues, aiming problems and missing sound in radio calls. Furthermore, this update seems to be adjustable, so that players can adjust the aim  It works perfect while quickly turning left, but from my right side I have to almost look down then readjust my aim moving upwards and to the left for a make . Play DOTA 2, League of Legends, or a real-time-strategy game and you'll appreciate the precision and quick input afforded by a mouse and keyboard. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. Using guns bows crossbows etc in this game is absolutely one of the most annoying things ever. My aim is sub-par at best so I mostly stay away from the snipers/mcree/76 and focus on the tanks or supports. Replying to @FortniteGame. 2. Moreover, group gaming could help socialization of individuals with relationship problems, such as autistic people or who have mood disorders,  6 Feb 2017 FPS games play better (accuracy, aim, response time and such) with a mouse and keyboard than with a controller. Even though we have already talked a bit about aiming in the How to train CS:GO article, we want to dive much deeper into this topic now. When I returned to the game both right and left analog stick controllers were a mess. ALthough actually I'm sure if you did that you would still go out of your way to think the opposite of the  17 Jan 2017 I really wish y'all would fix the aim mechanics or give us an aim sensitivity bar so we can modify it and hopefully fix it ourselves. While they want the fixes to be released as soon as possible, at the very latest they're aiming for it to  11 Jun 2017 After spending some time with both the single-player campaign and the multiplayer mode in Battlefront II, I can confidently say that the game does indeed try to tackle the biggest problems that upset players the first time around. com/forums/251650-console-hardware-accessories/suggestions/12850833-restore-the-old-elite-controller-thumbstick-sensit. It remembers how to use a mouse still, so you won't have much trouble switching back over. It's supposed to help you nudge the reticle on screen towards the alien you want to explode,  7 Dec 2017 A cursory look at the game's Twitter account shows many fans complaining about the aim assist and how it works. https://www. This can be helpful as for a player, who do not use auto  Akin to the aim assist of consoles, it is difficult to detect and often based on overlay rather than any sort of code insertion. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has quite a few technical problems at launch, from disappearing shadows to lag that makes characters suddenly  26 Aug 2014 The problem is simply this. Things like image processing systems, panel technologies, chipsets and the amount  5 Aug 2016 See, controller joysticks lack precision which is why so many top gamers prefer using a mouse. Have a problem with  Figure 1 shows a great testimony of Wii capabilities: a young patient, affected by cerebral palsy from birth, unable to walk and talk, is playing videogames using the Wii console. please make this a TOP priority as its the biggest issue on console right now. Undo. So basically, the vonemx can be a solution for aiming problem on PS4 version of WT. More. 26/10/2017 at 05:40 trashmyego says: I don't understand why that's a problem if you consider the mechanics that surround Destiny's aim assist for controllers? It's not an advantage compared  14 Apr 2017 Console versions of Overwatch are getting an update to fix the problems with the control scheme and to add the option to turn aim smoothing off. Here's what was supposed to be changed in the new Fortnite Battle Royale update, according to the development team: Reduced aim assist on controllers. 30 Jun 2017 Speaking to VG247 earlier this week, executive producer Chang Han Kim revealed cross-platform play between PC and console is "definitely" something Battlegrounds wants to do. Such a flawed system only exists due to the limitations of early console controllers. I decided to use it on the cable for two reasons. Overwatch had the same issues and they eventually patched in a huge  Hi guys Have you noticed how hard is it to aim with turrets and machine guns inside vehicles and emplacement? The PC guys have no problem with this. net]  19 Jan 2012 I got the xbox and halo reach, was watching some videos of expert kills and stuff like that in halo multiplayer, was impressed by how accurate these. Real-time overview of problems with AOL Instant Messenger (AOL Instatant Messenger (AIM)). Implementing a Visual Network Management Console O. 24 Sep 2015 Overkill has now released a video and a post on reddit to acknowledge the problems, and to confirm they will be fixed. Titan One scripts can programmatically adjust the values that your right analog stick (typically your aiming control) is giving to the console. The counter It's not one console community or another that is bad, just the community in general. Xbone specifically. It seems like they are tweaking how aiming feels each week. Programmers in the forums have suggested this is a result of a vector mathematics problem called Gimbal Locking which can cause problems with rotational objects in 3D space  Unfortunately these discussions and information exchanges sometimes interacted with our aim of "objective observations". I also tried it on COD11,  26 Jan 2016 Auto aim, how to use it properly - posted in Game Guides and Tutorials: This post will be dedicated to one particular scenario of how to use the auto aim in combat. All console shooters have different levels of “aim-assist” that makes them playable using a controller. S. "The thing about the controller is it's going to be tricky,"  12 Dec 2017 This is honestly the opposite of how I expected to feel playing PUBG on console. 29 Aug 2017 Introduction So as many have already complained about the new option for console players "ease-aim". Surprisingly, console logs rarely help operators detect problems in large-scale datacenter services, for they of- ten consist of the voluminous intermixing of messages from many software components written by independent developers. Abstract. We propose a general methodology to mine this rich source of information to  25 Oct 2017 Because nothing says you understand how to make a PC port of a console game like keeping Aim Assist on. Winston's Barrier Projector or Mei's Ice Wall)  17 May 2014 I had to see if others have had the same problem. We use a combination of program analysis and information retrieval techniques to transform free-text console logs into nu- merical features, which . 27 Aug 2017 Is there any way to enable some sort of aim assist when using a controller? I've poked around some and found some interesting console commands, but none of them seem to do anything. INIs are located in C:\Users\{YOUR NAME}\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\. sk_allow_autoaim sk_autoaim_mode joy_autoaimdampen joy_autoaimdampenrange. Basically, if you have a problem with something then solve the problem on your own and do the necessary work to answer your own questions do not send me any emails because I will not read  28 Nov 2014 Our Far Cry 4 review: Taking mad open-world antics to new heights. I'm a PC player myself on Gears 4 It's unfortunate that the attitude of people with keyboards is giving you so much trouble. I have currently been experiencing problems with my aim as well as my fellow console players. " The announcement follows on a Eurogamer interview Bleszinski gave a year ago, in which he commented on a then-theoretical console version. It won't even aim while I am driving or being a passenger. According to  If you're using an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller and the problem is with a removable part, follow these steps to determine if you need to replace the controller: Make sure you're using only the original removable part or an authorized third-party part. Since this game has the most basic options for controller settings, you can't really go in there and customize them. Or, you can dig deeper  26 Aug 2017 - 36 sec - Uploaded by JuGoSfRjBattlefield 1 AIM Problem on console! BF4 vs BF1 PS4 Gameplay compared BF1 inaccurate 15 Sep 2017 Ana, meanwhile, has a fundamental problem. https://xbox. I massacred helghan soldiers with ease. ZabuGaming @ZabuGaming 18 Oct 2017. Even the ones that do get aim assist have problems. The accessory felt like a rigid (albeit light) two-handed gun in my hands and one of the analog sticks controlled movement both . They suck so bad that the game has to do half the aiming for the player through various aim assist techniques. If you need a full magazine of bullets to kill your enemies, routinely lose duels after shooting first or struggle finding kills at a distance, this post might be for you. com/watch?v=3Z1_sl9awuE&feature=youtu. Does Respawn actively engage these forums, or do they just silently take note of issues? Would be If you want to play with a controller and aim-assist enabled with players who can't properly aim, buy a console. May 30, 2015 8:41AM. When your TV receives picture data at its input sockets – including the HDMIs most of us use to connect games consoles these days – this data isn't instantly translated into pictures on its screen. Once they're up, you just need to tap the left trigger  In counter- strike condition zero, when i right click on a sniper (either scout or magnum) to bring up the scope, the red dot is not there anymore, just 4 lines. Before you know it, you will have wired your brain to use a thumb-stick as smoothly as using a mouse! And don't worry, your brain is smart. Ever since the  It will be awesome to play WT with different console combinations, like mouse and keyboard, wand and mouse, keypad and mouse, joystick and keyboard, etc, won't it? Evenmore, it allow us to . Open both Fallout4. This just in: PC gamer admits console gaming requires more skill. be. I've been playing PC shooters since the original Doom and thought I would never get into console shooters, but after playing a bit of CoD4, I started getting into it and after a year or so of playing, I felt as in control playing with a controller as I did  I have kontrol freeks and they did help me with my precise aiming but snap aiming is horrible. On PS4 the game has noticeably bad input lag (or deadzone issue?) which makes it very difficult to accurately aim and shoot. For troubleshooting assistance Options > Controls > Hero. @Pekmez-Pita It's an old bug from the console versions that they didn't bother to address. 12 Dec 2017 ADS in PUBG has the exact opposite problem that the reloading controls do. Every year a handful of recurring first-person shooter franchises drop new installments, and you can count on a handful of completely new titles practically every year. Most, if not all, No problem. Stumble. I was on with my platoon last night and the other 5 guys in my squad were all saying  18 Oct 2017 1. For Xbox One, the entire matchmaking system is going to be simplified and reworked. If done incorrectly, adapting a mouse to these games will result in aiming that feels  Being good at aiming is pretty much half of what makes you a better CS:GO Player. In PUBG on XBox, you just need to tap the left trigger to bring up your sights. Any non-licensed or homemade parts are not designed to operate to  I suspect hipfire feeling too fast to many players is because I believe they're higher than a lot of (usually console, like me) players' soldier hipfire, which is In addition to Uniform Vehicle Aim, ADS slowdown should be removed entirely from pilot seats. These questions get asked so often that people tire of answering them, and start giving simple answers just to shut the  Play a first-person shooter game with a mouse and you'll be able to aim much better than with joysticks on a controller. Unfortunately there isn't a magic setting than you can toggle on/off that will suddenly turn  26 Oct 2017 Re: Fortnite BR - Sensitivity changed with 1. If anyone doesn't know what aim acceleration/aim  Also, to clarify I do not I have a problem with nerfing the aim Assist a little but this was too drastic for a game that has been out for over a year. We consider the situation when a duel with the enemy behind the cover is taking place. Also  If you find that you are running into trouble, increase your shooting range again. Aim-Assist is meant to act as a “smoothing factor” allowing console gamers to overcome the inherent difficulties associated with using analog sticks for aiming. Moreover, group gaming could help socialization of individuals with relationship problems, such as autistic people or who have mood disorders,  Because the power menu button cancels you out of whatever you are doing whether it be aiming down sights, charging a weapon, or even wall latching / aim gliding. 14 Jun 2016 aim-controller-psvr. g. Of course, before you can go exploring the world of Farpoint with it, you'll need to connect this controller to your console. with Overwatch too. 13 Dec 2017 Aim assist can alleviate some of these problems, but something else also could: making a smaller map for consoles, small enough to prevent stutters and other problems but big enough to maintain the Battle Royale pacing. This should make it easier to  1 Sep 2016 The Dual Shock sticks are awful for aiming weapons in any game, its impossible to be precise with them and thats just a fact, and anyone who thinks otherwise hasnt tried any shooter on both consoles. Fix an otherwise amazing game. My complaint is that the aiming is . I think maybe i might have downloaded it when joining a random server. Want to do that in-game with button combinations that you select? 8 Jun 2016 Overwatch's dodgy aiming is becoming a bit of a theme as hitboxes and now trajectory becomes a target for player criticism. Get into a car and pull your phone then go into I have this problem as well. But I am having problems in aiming with the controller. Hop onto any older PC shooter and it will be rampant. First person shooters are among the most popular games on PC and console. It's a plague. If people have the option they should go for one of the console versions which is a shame as the grapics on the PC version is more crisp and the PC has the  1 May 2017 Indeed this has been a problem for the PS4 version of Overwatch, as many players have noted that this particular console version has had odd lag and input problems, which makes the game rather difficult to play. Does anybody know how to  2 Feb 2017 T57 Heavy problems with the aim. Tweet. SMH. I'm sure that a lot of players have had this problem on console, if you get a sniper you will find the sensitivity when you aim down the scope is insanely high. ini and Fallout4Prefs. I mean I knew it was bad when people would slowly peek and my reticle would zip over to the  16 Dec 2016 But you can identify any such problems by clicking on “Crawl Error” under the “Crawl” section. When I first see someone my first . 13 Oct 2017 I was playing on easy level due to problems with aiming using the controller. Now that everyone has had a chance to try it out on both PC and console, it seems that most players agree with my opinion. Looks like I'm not alone. While one aim of such questions is to find unknown and potentially fruitful areas of agreement, they are also meant to bring differences into the open. Not everyone supports Kaplan's call that could lead to  25 Jul 2014 In order to identify the problem, look for waiting events such as these, shown in an extract of the installation output: ==> only eth0 exists, we must be running on an AIM ==> only eth0 exists, we must be running on an AIM Router communications servers initializing The CUE awaits commands from the  16 May 2017 The Aim controller is finally here, delivering a controller for VR games meant to feel like a rifle while you are playing. In most FPS games you hold the left trigger to bring your weapon's sights up for accurate aiming. But one thing's for sure. I own X360 too and on Linux, sound is not coming  12 Oct 2016 Bad input lag on PS4. This will make it easier to aim at allies; Weapon accuracy is no longer increased or decreased when shooting at Genji's Deflect or abilities that block projectiles (e. They show up on the aim command pro console. There's really nothing more to it than practice unfortunately. This is very frustrating online and in story mode. Apparently that plague is a bigger problem in Overwatch than we'd thought. Blizzard's strategy with console has been to give the silent treatment regarding all issues, and that's a more high profile game than this. I figured hell it'd probably get fixed over time but I have yet to really see anyone  For a list of known issues, visit our Bug Report forum