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They stayed on the bike for the best part of five years with only the occasional loss of a spoke. The wheels will come standard with  Riding a bike is an excellent cardiovascular workout, targeting large muscle groups with minimal impact on your joints. And I know this doesn't apply to everyone (what one theory does?!) but it seems to fit  I'm selling my 59cm A. Just curious if anyone had any input. Clydesdale Considerations. Race and train on the same wheels. - Big Aluminum Deal Rim. 5 Big Aluminum Half Deal Rim. Subject: RE: Wheel sets for Clydesdales. Anything from easier local XC trails to EWS racing to Downhill runs. Explore our range of US built wheels. B. 36 hole hubs & rims laced 3x front and rear ensure maximum distribution of forces resulting in an extremely tough and resilient build. version of some wheels too. - Big Deal Rim. At ROL Wheels, we think more in terms of “big and powerful,” or “clydesdale riders. The standard 404 rim has identical construction and durability to a Clydesdale rim, so the only differentiator is in spoke count, and therefore stiffness. Explore our range of USA built road wheels. I'm a light clyde, 210 lbs, and I'm looking at buying a race wheelset to shed some weight, so I'm hoping that I can get  Specifically engineered for heavier, more powerful riders, Zipp's 808 Clydesdale wheels take fast to a whole another level. The extra wide flange spacing of the Alchemy hubs allows for unrivaled lateral rigidity even in the clydesdale range. A perfect choice for racing, training or cyclocross. I generally run 2. Our standard wheels use 20 front spokes radially laced and 24 rear spokes with a 2 cross lacing pattern. ” We understand choosing a wheel is a long process, and along the way there are reams of opinions in forum posts about the best road bike wheelsets  5 Oct 2015 But Aren't the Clydesdale Wheels Much Heavier? Most people who are contemplating the Clydesdale build, are worried about the weight penalty by sizing up to the Clydesdale build. Not everyone is built the same way and not every wheelset should be either. The Zipp 88 and 188 hubs used in these wheels have proved to be reliable and  8 May 2014 High consideration should be given to these wheels for gravel riding as well. Compare. It will do great for a bigger guy or a smaller one. My Race Log  Z4 and Z3 wheelsets introduced. 6 May 2016 Clydsdale Wheelsets are for Heavy Riders. The Hurricane wheelset is a high performance clincher wheel for the large and powerful road rider. They set the They are the wheel of choice for Sprinters and Clydesdale riders. Want to upgrade? Got questions? LEARN MORE. Mountain Bike Wheelsets 29. Exceptional aerodynamics in a shallow, lightweight, and durable package. 00. 08 SLT  Some of the most helpful folks. Shimano deore LX hubs. Mountain Bike Wheelset 26 Inch Discmountain Bike Wheels 26 Inch. If you weigh more than 300 pounds, consider a hybrid or mountain bike. Used 26 Inch Mountain Bike Wheelsmountain Bike  carbon 50mm wheels road bicycle 700c tubular,weight 1390g,price USD500/Pair. What was  10 Jun 2012 Page 2- Advice on clydesdale wheelset General Discussion. | eBay! I am currently running two bikes, a Cannondale Super Six with the OEM Shimano RS10's and a Trek 1. Save 30%, Now GBP 336. Vuelta XTR 24h flat bladed spokes. $2,300. Connect. Betrayed yet once again by my Clydesdale body…at least as far as wheels are concerned…after demoing the wheels I returned them for a refund, and will take a gander at the Dura Ace C35 medium profile wheelset that also  DT Swiss M1700 Spline 30 29er Wheelset Surely it is in the the spirit of STW to comment if have only vaguely similar wheelset? . I seek out what I think are decent-strength wheels, and I know that some are certainly not suitable for me. Will consider offer on local pickup (Paso Robles ,CA. At the other end of the coin, very light riders may  Bike ~ Mountain Bike Wheelsets Closeoutsmountain Wheelset Clydesdale Wheels Forale Inch Best 29er Halo 37 Remarkable Mountain Bike Wheels Picture Inspirations. For most enthusiasts, this won't be an issue. The wheels are mostly prototypes that never made it to production for one reason or another. I am currently riding a 63cm Cannondale Multisport 800 with 650 wheels. 5 with Easton SL90's. Please choose correct size according to fork facing size. Almost forgot, I ride a Litespeed Tuscany Ti and the big guy (brother) rides a Raielgh Cadet road bike. 47 Ib. 1780 grams, but relatively light price tag  9 May 2011 I'm relatively new to the 29er game, but on a XXL Tallboy and loving it. That entails 28 bladed, Sapim CX-ray spokes instead of the standard 24 spokes on the rear wheel. New style rims throughout. Vintage Campagnolo C Record Sheriff Star Wheelset Clydesdale Ultimate train race in Sporting Goods, Cycling, Vintage Cycling | eBay! 31 Dec 2016 A guide to choosing the best cyclocross wheels. Additionally, the 440 gram XR270 rim will allow for unmatched versatility at an affordable price. Rims can be single,  Salsa Delgado rimes, with XTR or XT is a great wheelset. DCR Clydesdale – 28/32h,  Zipp 808 Clydesdale Clincher Wheelset, Used Sports Bikes For Sale in Dublin, Ireland for 950. Carbon is High Modulus Toray T-700 and with the exception of Clydesdale builds spokes are Sapim CX-Ray bladed on all wheels. They're light enough that I can climb to the top of a DH trail or go out for an all day epic without feeling held  I'm fed up of wheels that go wonky too easily with my 95kg on them. Our recommended maximum weight for our standard wheels is 198lbs or 90kg. These have larger tires and thicker wheels that can . I do agree, for any Clydesdale  30 Sep 2016 We strive to develop wheelsets for real world riders and appreciate that not everyone is a fly weight mountain climber. Any comments? Also should I be looking at a clydesdale version of both wheels? Thanks. Explore Singletracks Merch · Best Bike Trails · IMBA Epics · Trail Maps · Best MTB Gear · Mountain Bike Deals · Site Map. (No garage storage. com  5 Mar 2015 However, when you're a larger rider—whether you're super-tall or consider yourself in the Clydesdale/Athena category (commonly defined as weighing more than 220 pounds for men or 160 pounds for women)—finding long-lasting, proper-fitting bike gear, from wheels to jerseys, can be tough. red arrow, Nimble CROSSWIND and FLY track/velodrome wheels. When we  For the current or next year I am looking for a set of black aero wheels that can carry my weight. red arrow, Nimble SPIDER Wheel Benefits & Features. I know  3 Aug 2014 After destroying 1 set of wheels on my "good" road bike and replacing them with fulcrum racing 7's which have been billiant for a set of wheels that only cost me $160. D. I will include Shimano skewers and swissst. H. 2011 Zipp 808 MAX Clydesdale Carbon Aluminum Clincher Road Bike Wheels Wheelset in Sporting Goods, Outdoor Sports, Cycling. CAUTION: These wheels aren't for everybody. 21 Apr 2016 If you are looking for a great wheelset to get out there and ride, I offer a few versatile options with a three week turnaround time. FREE worldwide delivery available on most items! Ive never rode a set of aero wheels and dont know what to expect. I'm ignoring tubulars and disc/tri-spoke wheels for the moment. com Introduced at the 2004 Tour de France under Tyler Hamilton,  Speedtech wheels feature a very strong hub with 3 pawl, 48 tooth internal and 15 mm axles rolling on the finest Japanese stainless steel bearings. co Keith Williams, owner of Williams Cycling, set out to create a carbon wheelset that's easy to use (think clincher), race-fast and ZIPP 808 $2,300 [tubular) 1. So when I did go looking for wheelsets, I had a good idea of the performance  9 Nov 2017 This wheelset combines Mavic CXP33 rims with Shimano Dura Ace Hubs (7700) with the titanium freehub. A. Rim brake: you can . Burly. After ~5500 miles of loaded touring and another 3000ish commuting/riding/gravelling, the wheels are still solid and true. Wheelset for Clydesdale rider. While I  13 May 2010 I currently ride a touring bike with very strong wheels (Mavic A319 with 36 spoke count) and have had little problem other than a loose spoke now and. They are sold as-is and without decals unless otherwise requested. Nitto Tour Waterbottle  Ryde Sputnik rims 622. of Plus bikes and adventure riding, the Æffect+ wheels incorporate a new Race Face Trace hub design with full cartridge bearings for extended life and durability. Latest Episodes. So, the search was on for the perfect clydesdale wheel set. 29 Aug 2016 Indigenous Bicycle Company is located in Tacoma, Washington and Mullan offers mechanic services for your bike too, if you're in proximity. A lot of it has to do with how it's built also. ) No saddle, seatpost  Wheels/Tires for Clydesdales. DT Swiss Spokes · Sapim Spokes · Nipples · DT Swiss Nipples · ENVE Composites Nipples · PWB Nipples · Sapim Nipples · Wheels & Wheel Sets · Sales · Spoke Calculator · Help Advice · Build Advice Form · Contact Us · Custom Wheel FAQ · Services · Video Tutorials · Home; MAVIC TOURING CLYDESDALE WHEEL SET  Wheelsets for Heavy Riders Heavy road bike riders shouldn't be so hard on themselves. http://www. I have now destroyed the wheels that came on my cheap/commuter road bike. 76 Ib (rear), 1. We spent 24 months designing this product working with one of the top ranked Tandem teams in the country. The bike he's riding is a BMC Granfondo GF01 Ultegra Di2, but it comes with Easton EA90 RT wheels which are nice a wide (for the 28mm tires) but not very stiff. The wheels were Shimano WH-R 500 and after a rocky start, the wheels seemed to 'settle down''. If you are overweight, cycling might be recommended to help you lose weight. Brand: Lakeside Bicycles, Product: Clydesdale Wheelset. He's 6'5", 230 lbs, and a very "powerful" rider. They may suggest 25mm tires and tougher ones like the Schwalbe Ultremo DD or certain. Dear Tech Support,. I'm 240-245 pounds. but not a hard limit. NO SECRETS HERE: GO A BfT HEAVIER FOR BETTER STIFFNESS AND LONGER LIFE. I ride on a set of Cosmic Carbones from a carbon wheelset they are reasonably priced and you can find good deals on e-bay all the time. red arrow, handcycle Wheels, performance and strength. 32 DT double butted spokes for strength. For any big guy that rides a lot, and may even do a lot of climbing (gasp!), the rear wheel of the bike is going to be of concern. This'll probably be of little interest to anyone but me, but it'll save me having to look it up repeatedly. Even after pummeling them through the roots and rocks at the Whistler stop of the Enduro  12 Mar 2010 Pedal responsiveness: great – immediate engagement. Perfect for everyday riding or racing. Stored indoors at room temperature. Complete Clydesdale line introduced: Clydesdale 404 in  Rear FLO 30. 17 Mar 2013 I bought the road bike from a local LBS and started popping spokes, mostly on the rear wheel, almost immediately. I've seen Zipp has a Clydesdale model, but don't know where to start with selecting a good, safe, faster  7 Feb 2013 Hi All, I'm looking to build a wheelset for a friend which I plan to give to him on his Birthday. Podcast. When I took the wheels out of the box, one of the sheets included reads: for riders who do not exceed 250lbs. 36h 3x hand built. ) $2500, with professional packing and shipping to the CON US included. 19 Jul 2014 Any suggestion on a particular clincher? My initial search found Tufo Tubular clincher C Elite Ride 23 (up to 220 psi) and C Elite Ride 25 (up to 145 psi). Hurricane wheels create a balance between strength, weight, responsiveness and durability. My stoke for racing has been growing over the years, and raced a lot last year on a 26er Epic, usually enduro events. flo wheels All wheels tested at the A2 Wind Tunnel with a 700c x 23mm Continental GP4000S II tire. This adds up to a wheelset that can handle not just heavier or stronger riders, but can also outlast other wheels  1 Dec 2015 Carbon is becoming more prevalent on road and mountain bike wheels, although it's currently quite cost prohibitive. Bombproof. 3~2. Clincher williamscycling. SUPERIOR STRENGTH. Whether tubular wheels or clincher wheelsets are better for cyclocross racing, and which are the key components of a CX wheelset. 13 Aug 2013 I'm an outlier on both weight and power bell curves and not what wheel companies immediately think of when they use the words “Clydesdale”,”Stallion”,”Bull”, or whatever other equine\bovine descriptors marketing dreams up. (front) Tubular, clincher; both also in Clydesdale zipp. 5 narrow carbon spokes, all within the width of the tire, versus multiple spokes that flare out toward the hub and act like an eggbeater in the wind. Zipp's 404 Clydesdale Wheelset boasts a 58mm-deep, dimpled, full-carbon rim for the holy trinity of wind-cheating aerodynamics, gossamer weight and power-boosting lateral stiffness, while an increased spoke count makes these  This is a very strong road bike wheelset aimed at heavier riders and arduous trekking use. IMG_6041 Build 1 with Sapim CX-Ray Build 6: Clydesdale Tubeless Ready Build | Disc | Butted Spokes | Brass Nipples | ~1,700g | $525. $225. Post: 3 ; Page: 1 of 11. SHOP NOW. These have seen maybe 150 miles so still fairly new. First about my ride. Due to the weight savings shaving Specialized has done my Clydesdale friends need to look  Buy Zipp 404 Clydesdale Wheelset 2008 Wheels for agricultural machinery in Medan Indonesia — from Minerva Jaya Sports, Company in catalog Allbiz! Velocity A23 wheelset with Chris King Hubs - BOMB PROOF CLYDESDALE WHEELS! | Sporting Goods, Cycling, Bicycle Components & Parts | eBay! Find great deals on Road Bike Wheels & Wheelsets from Planet X. Our Clydesdale wheels will be the same in the front (20 radially laced spokes) but they will have 28 spokes in the rear  3 May 2016 While not flexy, these aren't the stiffest wheels out there, so if you plan to race or ride them hard up hills, in and out of corners etc. How much of a performance increase am I going to see, and where at in my riding? I also want to ride whatever wheelset I get daily. Deep V Clydesdale Wheelset  The premier source for Velocity product purchases. I needed a wheel that could do everything well and these are it. Think more "aging, over the hill linebacker" (no, I wasn't one, just big and bulky like one), rather than "couch potato/beer gut". 28mm Wide, 23mm Internal, 22. gl/sKB2vE The box turned 16 Jul 2015 In the course of that decade I've noticed a trend, or pattern if you will: Heavier riders (aka "Clydesdales") need dependable wheels, but rarely seem to have the $ to spend on them. It came with a set of Mavic Ellipse track wheelset. The hubs spin very 16 Mar 2017 Stiff – I opted for the Clydesdale build on these wheels. The Arlo 30 Clydesdale is built with our tubeless ready aluminum rims with 24 spokes in the front and 28 spokes in the rear, ceramic bearings, and our incredibly quick 6-pawl freehub. Justin. 27. 11 SPEED INFORMATION. It looks, rides, and feels very much like Hed Belgium C2 rims, as I have cooked thru two sets of those rims. Extreme Veteran 695 500 100 25. 00 euros on Adverts. All regular wheels feature Bright Silver Model 84 (84g) front hubs and Model 202 (202g) rear hubs. 7. Wheels/Tires for Clydesdales. Oh sure, you have your diminutive riders, and “XC whippets”, general weight trail riders, and the like: all enjoying big wheels, but the 29?er accommodates big folks so well, that many have gravitated over to the  Fellow Clydes: I've looked through the forums, ran the searches, prowled through the pile of posts about wheels and haven't found anything that really answers this: When you're 240 lbs or so, ride XC, stay on the ground most of the time and are tired of breaking spokes and wearing out (admittedly low-end) rear hubs, what  User image. Company Support · The Team · Contact Us · Advertise · Write for us · Mobile · Trail API · Widgets. With carbon technology improving so rapidly I wouldn't be suprised if carbon rims became common place on disc brake touring bikes within a decade! Double Wall Rims. From Jonas Johnson – Warranty Technician: I'm with Brian. Posted by SuperClydesdale on August 3, 2009 under Wheels | Be the First to Comment. carbon wheels 50mm. I recently picked up a Cannondale track bike. 2010 51 cm Storck Fascenario . Currently at 298lbs  19 Jan 2018 Great wheels. My typical riding pace is in the 13-15 mph range measured by  Como Clydesdale/Tandem, 30mm Full Alloy wheelset. They may have some specific ideas, and I recall they had a Clydesdale. Will Johnson is a So please make a clydesdale carbon disc wheelset! 22 Nov 2010 Typically 29?er riders range into the “Clydesdale Class”: Riders weighing more than 200lbs. gravel bike wheels. So now it is time to buy a new set of wheels, but wheat wheels will work for a heavy rider like myself? What wheels can withstand the heft of this mighty Clydesdale (230lbs)?. This rim is a lot stronger than the 517 and is only 19 grams heavier. red arrow, Nimble FLY Wheel Benefits & Features. $1,200. d*9pfl AZONIC OUTLAW A longtime favorite $£OU of Clydesdales, the Outlaw includes a thru-axle conversion kit and comes in 135 or 150mm hub spacing ($299), depending on your bike's dimensions, azonicusa. It's in excellent condition. 27 Mar 2012 Riders over 200 pounds may feel some flex and may need to go with the Max (former Clydesdale) wheels, which use additional spokes for added strength, but these wheels are actually rated for riders up to 225 pounds. Ballistic. Granturismonut2017-07-04 18:14. It took me a few years to understand why. and you weigh north of 185lbs/80kg you might consider going with the stiffer Clydesdale version with its added spokes. These wind-cheaters boast 81mm-deep, dimpled, carbon/aluminum rims for world-class aerodynamics at a weight that still lets you attack the hills with voracity, while Zipp's Multi-Material Co-Molding  Every day wheelset with race day performance The Vigor RS is our most robust version in the Vigor family using an increased spoke count for rougher roads and he. Hi, Is it possible to build road wheels with a higher spoke count for the Clydesdale type rider. I'm aiming to start Cat 4  LaceMine29 - High-end handbuilt wheelsets for 29-inch bikes, fat bikes, and 650b bikes. We looked over the countless number of broken rims,  Need advice for a new set of climbing wheels. HAND MADE IN THE USA. $2,100. tl:dr - Not too expensive rim brake wheelset that can handle lots of weight/abuse and ~35c tires? Hey all - Just ordered my first cross 6 Jan 2017 Here's the situation: Me: 6'2", usually between about 255-265 lbs, but sometimes a little less, pretty evenly distributed. F. com/product/wheels/clydesdale/aileron-disc-clydesdale-wheelset ZIPP 404 "Clydesdale" Clincher Wheelset Shimano /SRAM 9-10 speed Pair of Zipp 404 - 700c "Clydsdale" clincher wheels built for the heavier rider Front - 24 spoke Rear - 28 spoke Infrom. I will be changing the fulcrums over to the my commuter  Wheels for Clydesdales. Adjust Your Altitude. Get Outdoors Camping 24 Apr 2017 LEARN ABOUT QUEST HUBS. New for 2015 exclusively for the Australian market, this could be the stongest wheelset you'll ever buy. The DT TK540 rims are capable of taking a high (1200N) spoke tension, adding to the strength  Tubeless ready, stout, disc specific wheel set, with heavier riders and touring loads in mind; US made Aileron disc specific, lightweight, aerodynamic rim laced to proprietary 6-bolt disc hubs with DT-Swiss DB spokes and brass nipples, 3x; Cost effective/sturdy replacement wheels for CX, gravel, and touring bikes  The Siddartha is hands down the stiffest all around non-carbon wheelset that we offer. If anyone out there can recommend a good wheel or brand for a heavier rider such as myself I'd be grateful. Lightweight carbon options would be as low as 1250g and start at £675. THE BOYD CYCLING. (120kg/264lbs) (120kg/264lbs) Did some research online and out of the box most wheels come with 24 spokes max. The brake track on these rims  This section of our site deals with all the many wheels we have lying around our shop. Last year. The latest bladed carbon aero lighter than air wheelset is incredibly alluring. They are new unless otherwise stated. He digs my Chris King/DT Swiss setup on my Ritchey, but not so much a fan One of the world's fastest wheelsets is now available for more powerful, heavier riders. Choose from our unbeatable value range of Road Bike Wheels and Wheelsets. Homer Hilsen. -27. riders. 3 years old, 3000 miles. According  Rims at a no-nonsense price from On-One with Worldwide Shipping and Cycle 2 Work schemes available. I am 6′ 5″ (inseam 34″) and weigh 205lbs. Here's a list of wheel sets that bit the dust: Shimano ultegra 32h Wheels Alex DA22's 32h wheels. Tubus Tara Front Bicycle  You are viewing a Zipp 404 Clydesdale wheelset from around 2002. Under load during climbs and  Road Wheel Weight Limits. Find great deals and get free shipping. 5 dual ply tyres and a pro core in the rear so there's a fair bit of protection, and at 69kg I'm not exactly a clydesdale, but I move at a reasonable pace on a good day. Bike has now Zipp's Storck 69'er wheels weighing in sans the tires and tubes at  6 Feb 2015 I was having a discussion with a fellow Clydesdale about wheels yesterday. 25 Aug 2015 I did some homework and found a few articles saying that riders over certain weights should seek out certain wheels. They are for 8/9/10 speed cassettes. Included Bontrager skewers and Campy wheel bags (pair-only one shown in picture). - Big Deal. Indigenous Wheel Co. Results 1 - 12 of 16 Deep V Clydesdale Wheelset, Chukker 26" Clydesdale Wheelset, Chukker 700c Clydesdale Wheelset, CliffHanger 26" Disc Clydesdale Wheelset. - Big Fat Deal. 5- Big Aluminium Deal. 28 spokes rear, 24 spokes front make this a super stiff and super strong wheelset-ideal for 200lb. Comparatively the wider Plus version makes hard cornering even more surefooted for a Clydesdale on 25mm. I'm right at the border on the recommended weight (<198 lbs), and I do not regret going for the heavier duty version. * Tunnel wind speed set to Spoke Pattern, Radial, 2 Cross Standard / 3 Cross Clydesdale. There is much to be debated such as spoke count, rim width, how the wheel is laced, but Joe Young knows what will work for you! Build quality is the most important of all factors but  I've also seen some disturbing max weight ratings of 190, 220, etc lbs on various deep section carbon wheels and would rather not have a massive wreck flying downhill as a result of total wheel failure. Never dropped or rained on. 22 Apr 2017 - 8 min - Uploaded by Clydesdale CyclistUnboxing my carbon fiber aero bicycle wheels from TUFF https://goo. Mobile Apps. Raleigh, North Carolina. 7 Dec 2011 I'm confident that it could handle much more weight. A version of this article was originally published in Triathlete Magazine. Cycle with confidence in all situations- Clydesdales and Athenas, too! road bike wheels. 11 Nov 2013 In the previous edition of the Clydesdale Chronicles, I told you about the miles ridden and the damage done (to my wheels). I myself ride this wheelset because I tend to put a bit more stress on my wheelset by my riding style, I am not of clydesdale weight (165) but I can still  WHEELS. All still with a 2 year warranty. I wanted to know if you give any “weight” to this argument. This wheelset is quirky, but well worth the buy --especially while on sale. Bike is currently right at 14lbs with my trusty Look Keo Pedals, Full Campy Record 11sp groupo, EC90 Bar, stem and seatpost. Are there any others you would recommend? And what about a wheel set? Do I have to worry about the rims bending with tire pressures of 150 or greater  The Siddartha is hands down the stiffest all around non-carbon wheelset that we offer. $700. ' s gravel / clydesdale tubeless disc brake wheelset are built to last under heavy riders and heavy use. THe Zipp 101's have a recommended rider limit of 250#,. I weigh in at 105kg and have another set of  Buy your Fulcrum Racing 3 Clincher Road Wheelset at Merlin. 5mm  Shop huge inventory of Zipp 808 Firecrest, Zipp 404 808, Zipp 808 Firecrest Clincher and more in Wheels & Wheelsets on eBay. ZIPP 404 and 303 wheelsets have Red background with White ZIPP and Yellow Speed Weaponry decals. Get Outdoors Camping 14 Dec 2017 For example, a Ryde Pulse Sprint build with these in a 24:28 drilling would produce a wheelset weight of 1290g with CX-Ray spokes and prices would start at a humble £465. Since only the rear wheel changes with a clydesdale build, we only see a increase of 30-40 grams for the Clydesdale build. I am looking for some advice on what my next bike purchase should be. These hubs are tough, think a clydesdale with a motor kind of tough. The Hunt Open Development team exists to help us test wheelsets in real world conditions with real-world riders. 2º of engagement using a durable the 3 pawl design. Warranty: Two years on materials and  24 Oct 2017 Granted, I'm no Clydesdale, but these wheels have seen some serious use, including multiple days of lift served riding, where they took hits that I'm sure would have put a sizable dent in a set of aluminum wheels. LIGHT WEIGHT. Mountain bike wheels made by a clydesdale for clydesdales. red arrow, Technology Details. ie. Heavier riders are recommended to move up to the Clydesdale wheels which utilize higher spoke counts for greater stiffness. The hub also boasts a competitive 9. - Big Half Deal. The only problem I see is the rear wheel at higher cadences it doesn't very stiff. red arrow, Nimble Clydesdale Wheel Benefits & Features. I do a huge variety of riding, all on my Trek Slash 29. Heavy duty trail wheels handbuilt for heavy riders. I emailed Rol wheels, since they advertised wheels for Clydesdale riders and found that their upper limit was 240 pounds. Conti's. velocityusa

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