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- 5. Switch Off. Just like a computer, the After determining the possible causes, we came up with the following methods you can use to fix blue screen problem on your iPhone 6s. Commonly referred to as the "Blinking Light Of Death" or "Blue Light Of Death". ” Set one corner to do this. No response from the remote or front panel buttons. 9 Jul 2017 The iPad's "green screen" problem, which can also be a blue or red screen problem, can often be fixed in an unconventional way. If the screen goes white, there are basically clouds of area that are green or purple. . It is also necessary The image gets darker or deteriorates; The lamp light flashes orange; The message “Replace the Lamp” appears on the screen. . I turn it on and the red light flashes and the screen flashes purple to black. Place bracelet/watch on the charger briefly until the bracelet/watch's LED light flashes white. 15. [New Question] [Screen/ Touch] screen error/flickering zenfone 2 ZE551ML solved. it finally did, but it worked for one day and quit on the second night. If it sticks, you have a third party display and were likely ripped off by a repair shop or whoever sold  This, if done carefully, will not hamper your warranty and might save you a lot of time and worries. After opening her up and making sure everything was snug she finally would power on. Flashing orange light. 00 09/06/15. screen image. At the time of writing there are 611 one-star reviews compared to 1,414 five-star reviews -- not enough to drop the PS4's overall rating below a four-star average, but enough to be noticeable  17 May 2017 Camera video loss is where the cameras are unable to be seen on the recorder's display (and by extension the attached screen). SAMSUNG LE32R74BD: TV dead. the first time, you will be able to compare your tennis with other Players within the community. Fix 1. A short time after I noticed the banding, while watching TV as normal, the screen goes black, the power led light goes into a flashing pattern and the unit will not  12 Apr 2017 Some Samsung Galaxy S7 users have reported on the “Black screen of death,” where the phone appears to still function but will not wake up no matter what buttons are pressed. No more purple led. 0-31-generic (recovery mode). Lets see if it comes up again in another 14 months. Ater 2 months I fix it (Motherboard Power problem). Revision 2. TOROTON Bullet Dummy Fake Security CCTV Solar Powered Camera Simulation Monitor with LED Blinking Light,. Like during the early cut scenes after the start up mission I see the buildings flicker/flash red real quick and other things flash here and there with diferent colors sometimes. Just after a bit of clarification/validation A game console released in North America by the Nintendo Company in 1985, called the Nintendo Entertainment System, model NES-001. once. That is to save the phone files at the first time so as to avoid that these data cannot be accessed when screen keeps flashing or ever  encircling clouds created by that weaponry, the once blue ocean was stained deep purple. the bottom of the screen lights up in various situations, such as when a smartphone or other device is recognized via the home network, when the recording timer or on timer are set,  14 May 2015 And it said that it came with a new pin connector but it keeps blinking even if I cleaned the games for a LONG TIME so I thought maybe they put a bad pin So I purchased ANOTHER pin connector and it worked for a month or so now its having the same blinky power button and black screen and my  heart rate monitor that you can wear on your wrist. It's nice, but moves a . If the status light is  22 Jul 2016 Have you ever tried playing one of your favorite NES games, only to have the infamous “blinking gray screen of death” appear, accompanied by the system's power light flashing on-and-off as it continuously resets itself? Have your NES games suffered weird graphical glitches, sudden game-crashing resets  Screen Test and Fix helps you to find and fix screen problems. Solved: My Go Pro screen keeps flashing purple and it is also recording it so I am unable to use it and I'm upset because I paid a lot of money for. • Approximately 3 hours are  15 Apr 2015 So I just started the game and I am having a lot of texture/graphic flickering & flashing. K041_A1_En on input network input volume will light blue. PS3 with multiple repairs over time. Especially in white and light areas. And then select: Ubuntu, with Linux 4. This means the. A temporary fix is to  25 Jul 2017 Getting Android Files Back When Screen Keeps Flashing. Amendments. And the image is not so bright as it should be (I compare it with other laptop) but it is enough bright to be perfectly  20 Jan 2018 Apps Overload/Multi-tasking – this happens when you open or use multiple applications at the same time. Hi folks. With the latter, users can get 2x  I got home from work around 6pm tonight and noticed that my (fairly new) Cisco HDPVR had a repeating circle pattern on the front LED panel. When it was first reported several months ago, Apple appeared to be  Most of the time, this will appear in the form of a brightly colored pixel that never changes, or a pixel that never displays the right color. A copy of the declaration of conformity can be obtained at: MYLAPS B. ( new screen run . Assuming your  28 Sep 2010 At first it didn't want to power on. For the first time Scott noticed everything that was printed out on the screen to identify the feed: SENSOR SATELLITE FIVE / 310 LONG / 205 LAT / 00:91:24 / KIRK'S The message light kept blinking at him from the blank screen. 6. TiVo Repair help solutions to fix your TiVo problem. Amazon. 3. I think I was so frustrated that the second time I kind of slammed it flat down-and voila! I, too, could not believe it, but YES, this worked. 19 Jan 2016 Or worse, your screen is normal most of the time, but seems to randomly change its tint in certain parts of the day. 17 Nov 2009 User picture adjustment; Internal adjustments; Focus adjustment; Adjustment of the internal SCREEN and color controls; Optimal procedure for setting TV requires warmup period; TV shuts down with bright picture or when brightness is turned up; Relays in the Power Circuitry of TVs; What is a posistor? 4 May 2013 Your phone slows down over time. Last night I pressed the power button to check the time and the cell would'nt respond. have noticed that this option needs to be repeated every time the game is relaunched- regardless of the resolution,  IF YOU HAVE AN EXPANDER HARD DISK WITH A FLASHING YELLOW LIGHT: The number one cause of external hard disk failure is after a power outage at your home, and when the TiVo is turned on again it is stuck on the "Welcome Powering Up" screen and the expander has a flashing/blinking/pulsating yellow light on  25 Jan 2006 If your projector is flickering, the picture is jumping up down left and right, then it shuts down and the lamp light comes on, it is not the lamp! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Well, at least try this first. - AMOLED Ready. This guide does not . AUSZLUR) started having some issues in the middle to top part of the screen where the colors are shifting to different colors. 17. The Hub is working fine, If you can't get online there Flashing purple light. No msgs or pictures or anything. Try sticking a sticky note to the front of your phone. 18 Nov 2016 Apple is finally offering to fix the dreaded 'touch disease' issue blighting many users' iPhone 6 Plus handsets. Software is the first step to take when you want to fix a stuck pixel, because it is the least likely to dig your screen into a further hole of ugliness (it is still possible to damage it further this  19 Feb 2014 The Amazon Kindle Fire HD Screen Replacement (Digitizer and LCD) (7 Inch) controls both your touch function and your main image display. I turned on my TV and just saw a blueish purple screen. 10 Jul 2014 Cure/Solutions: Reflow LVDS socket on screen driver PCB and mainboard PCB. It allows me to select a cycle and the screen adjusts as normal. Like the clock, date, time, battery and other things. Before using the headphones for the first time, charge the headphones for a complete charging cycle without interruption. There is a green dim flashing light on the power pack but when I disconnect the power from the DVR the green light on the power pack becomes solid. mode the first time around. Music will still play and the notification light will still blink, but users are unable to wake their phone up. It was ok, but today i tried to turned on, screen was green. First of all, you have to locate the volume up button located on the left side of your S6, the power button of your S6,  I just left it incase it was taking a long time but after an hour I figured it froze so I unplugged (later I read that for the P4 you have to turn the controller on for . As in–all the way dead, to where it can never charge again. a) Router status light. It'll run a lot of code until you reach a link screen. So I was in school, and pulled my phone out to check the time, and I see this pulsing blue light on the first sensor in the left side of the phone. The Hub is working but isn't connected to the internet, Check the broadband cable (black with grey ends) is plugged in correctly and  29 Jul 2014 My 3 year old LG 60" plasma tv (60PV250-UB. 2. My normal ubuntu login screen never showed up and after  I have a samsung galaxy s6, I have dropped it lots of times, the screen is very cracked. Pairing mode will start once the power is turned on for the first time after purchase. I had just finished successfully scanning some receipts and closed the scanner and program, opened it to scan one more and got the dreaded blinking light again. 2 Feb 2016 Prior to sending the Unit, Complete an Equipment Transfer Form listing that the equipment was sent to the vendor for repair work and send the form to MDC. 30 Nov 2014 Yeah, well, after 14 month of operation my LG 32LW570 ceased operation again with a purple screen for a moment and then displayed nothing but the flashing red power light. She went above and beyond and GoPro has agreed to a one-time replacement of my camera, even though it's past warranty. Press and hold this button for. It wasn't too bad 60/70% of the time, but brown hued screens, sometimes grey, you couldn't see much in the upper center of the TV. 9 Jan 2015 The phone just died at 42%, first screen frozedisplayed a purple glitchy screen, wont turn on, tried all the troubleshooting methods, so i sent it in for . If the phone makes you wait five seconds to open the browser again, you may test out the Gorilla glass display  Date. You will receive a celebration screen the very first time you upload a picture, then every week after the 3rd and 7th pictures are uploaded. red light blinks twice 3 to 4 times. 3 months after purchase in April '08, 15 inch MBP) the screen would suddenly turn to this light gray and light purple small checkerboard-like pattern and we could not log in. I figured this was an  26 Oct 2017 We're currently testing a software update that further enhances protections against this issue by adding a new fade-out of the navigation bar buttons at the bottom of the Pixel screen after a short period of inactivity. Turn the Bluetooth. 13. young living home diffuser repair kit repair young living home diffuser home diffuser repair kit young living rosebud diffuser repair kit rosebud diffuser young living home diffuser Young Living Diffuser not working at all - light flashes once quickly, then shuts off. here did you fix your priv. 13 Nov 2012 At this point I restarted my computer, chose Ubuntu (instead of windows vista, like usual) and my computer went to a purple screen and after about 2 seconds my caps lock and scroll lock lights on my laptop began flashing and continued doing so. I've done some reading on here and video watching online. 17 Dec 2015 The first method, which should be used 99. At times it flickers when nothing is going on is much brighter than it should be. Lamp Replacement. The first is when you can log in to your computer and don't get any display. — dbeugel (@Daniel_Beugel) The iPhone 7 Plus is the first iPhone with dual rear cameras; one regular wide-angle lens and a second telephoto lens. Sometimes I get a whole screen flicker/flash. If you wait too long, Depending on the make and model of the projector, a blinking status light may mean it's time to replace the lamp, the projector is over-heating, or needs to be cleaned. you tube has a fix for some of the older TVs. The LED color at this point is an indicator for the HR the first time, you will be asked to register and connect your LINK, as well as set up a. TOROTON Bullet Dummy Fake Security CCTV Solar  14) Replacement ear tips can be purchased from Phiaton Customer Service. If your plasma TV displays an image that's not moving (static image) for a long time, it will develop burn-in spots. Blue light. 2 - iPhone 7 Plus - Camera black screen in all modes, sometimes flashes green/purple/white. First time repair job here. What is causing these horizontal lines on my TV screen? Why is my lcd screen pink? Why is my plasma tv going pink green the light blinks 4 times green and goes off? I have a warm pink bed sheet and white plain Why would new tv screen go pink? How do you fix a TV  Router for the first time, this port may be connected to your computer by A progress screen will appear while additional software is installed. 1. • Be sure to replace the lamp when the message appears. Model/s: Samsung LE32R74BD LCD TV Symptom: TV dead. 18 Feb 2012 The Samsung LN46C630 TV has a known issue with screen flickering after the warranty has expired. - Unlimited blinking time. Voice Guidance. This time I got Choose a target OS. - Find and fix stuck pixels. Operation. Do the fsck option, and it should clean and fix your OS, and do  22 Dec 2016 @AppleSupport iOS 10. My black, blank screen came on and all is good! Thanks everyone  That issue is usually caused by either a severe drop that damaged or loosened and internal connections, or the screen was replaced by a third party display of low quality. e. When using the built-in battery (XW-SMA3 only). 7. Blue light turns off. Anyone might know what's wrong and if there is a fix? When this happens, I restart by I have had my phone now for a little over two months and this is the first time is has done this. ❖ Before using the remote control for the first time, remove the transparent insulation tape. Repeated the baking procedure and its back into life. audio / video becomes out of sync for a short period (stutters); TiVo restarts at random times while watching live TV or recorded programs; TiVo has Green "A Severe Error has occurred…" screen (GSOD) . Have no fear, the answer (hopefully) to your long-awaited solution is here… 1. Press the center  For instance, if the laptop is opened and the switch is stuck in the closed position, the computer is usually on, but the back light remains off. At the time of this writing, a solution was not known or made available. I think that's what's  16 Aug 2017 When your Samsung Galaxy S8+ becomes unresponsive, has a black screen but with a light blinking at the top of the display, it's what we call the After the first step and your phone still doesn't start normally, then it's time to try booting your phone in safe mode to temporarily disable all third-party apps. Charging is indicated by a flashing PURPLE light. Connection success. this happened to my 4 year old presario v2000. the first time it broke I opened up the cable and soldered the teensie tiny wires back together. ) Make sure your battery isn't completely dead. First, find the back light switch. 11. 5 seconds. Now, it takes a long time just to return to the home screen from your email inbox. For some reason dust on the main board causes this, sounds ridiculous but it's true. Green is keep going when i trying to shut down on the turn off mode. • Be sure to charge XW-SMA3 before using for the first time. To fix a Should you discover a stuck pixel, click the Fix My Screen button and let the color flashing graphic run for a minute or two. Hold your arm still until the LED blinks in a distinctively slower pattern. Pulsating noise from PSU and LED light flashes. At times the TV screen is flashing red, green, and white over & over again. 00 09/12/14. At this time though, we won't be doing a factory reset, since the phone appears fully functional despite the flashing lights. From tracking issues to display issues to audio issues, here's how to fix pretty much any problem you experience with your PlayStation VR. 10. 4. 16. I click on the power button and the phone does  7 Mar 2016 Galaxy S6 Black Screen Issue : Sometimes, it might happen with your Galaxy S6 that it won't turn on, or maybe the blue light will be flashing but the Galaxy S6 Black Screen Solutions. Important. LINK has found your heart rate. update were appeared and i installed the updates of priv when restart the phone was blinking blue light again and again not  5 Jan 2018 PlayStation VR is a great system that's introduced many people to VR, but even the best systems experience problems from time to time. When fully charged, the LED light on the. Let's take a look at the Problem: Purple glare on photos It turns up as flickering lines across the bottom of the screen over the keyboard, but it's relatively minor. They will stay  7 Jun 2017 From leaks to electrical problems to stained laundry, learn some DIY troubleshooting solutions for Samsung washer problems and repairs. The white things, like txt file, are vanilla yellow. These switches are usually very tiny and located near the laptop hinges. you can also buy reconditioned cards / mother boards. 18 Oct 2013 Purple light turns on and starts flashing slowly. This is meant to ease the stress that staring at blue light causes to your circadian rhythm, making it more difficult for your brain to shut down. If your screen looks like the one of Night Shift mode. 2 -3k bars, all public places. New transponder model (rechargeable). I let my phone heat up whenever i used it, hoping to let the water evaporate and it did after a couple of months! :) Then i submerged my phone into the water again a few days ago and now i can't fix it ugh my screen is  When you first plug in the CHiP SmartBed™, CHiP™ will return to it to demonstrate his ability to dock autonomously. • To replace the lamp, follow all instructions provided on page 33 to 34. tv turns on and got bright green flashing screen was found - Y  12 Oct 2010 In the following concise guide I will walk you through how you can repair probably the most common hardware problem with LCD monitors – power supply's . The next time your screen starts flickering, activate this hot corner and put your display to  Open a web browser and follow the on-screen help wizard to get connected. 9. Screen is black with a blue light flashing every 5 seconds? I plugged it in but no difference. In reality, about 90% of it is off, and Samsung's only lighting up the pixels it needs to display the always-on information. Note: The charger's light will turn red when charging and blue when fully charged. Try to open and close the laptop a few times, if this does not work, a gentle tap or  It needs a new plasma screen replacement, which may cost you more then the plasma TV itself. Now I seem to have several other symptoms. These are potential solutions to  updated game to 1. learning about building rbas for vaping and it happened very hideous and the weird thing is I saw this post yesterday for the first time then it happened been watching YouTube loads last  14 May 2014 Yesterday I suddenly discovered a vertical line on my Macbook Air screen towards the left side of the display. LED Indicator. You can also find other Play Players  restaurant or use in a car or ship) and which requires repair will be charged for even during the warranty period. The racket switches off automatically if no motion is . Know the replacement was very tedious; I was preparing to buy one. This is the first version of this manual. 97 that cause problems like error or flickering screen, i've been trying to wipe cache and reset factory data and guess what? 21 Sep 2011 Perhaps you notice a blinking, amber-colored light every time you press that infuriating power button. - Repair the AMOLED burn-in effect. - Find and fix dead pixels. It's finally being taken care of. Unfortunately, it was found, after a period of One (1) to Three (3) years, that the Straight Gun, produced a burn in the visible screen, which RESEMBLED the  A complete charging cycle takes about 2 hours. CHiP SmartBand™ will remain PURPLE (no longer flashing). Sometimes the game doesn't seem to register at all and the  Now that you've gotten your Ooma Telo set up, it's time to see what your new system can do! This article is here to help answer some of the first questions many customers have about their new Telo. Thank you to It mostly happens intermittently at first, then gets progressively worse. com : Outdoor Fake/Dummy Security Camera with Blinking Light (Color: Dark Grey with hues of Purple) : Fake Video Camera : Camera & Photo. The issue causes the phone screens to gradually become unresponsive and a flickering grey bar to appear across the top. 12. The red, one pixel line simply showed up whe. POWERING THE CHIP 2. PlayStation 4 Pro HDMI Port Broken, showing green and purple screen with linesWe did a reflow of the HDMI Port . 20. 2 Oct 2013 The first time, I just vacuumed my phone since i found that the water leaked into my phone. Revision 1. solid blue:  18 Apr 2016 Glowing blueish-white light that flashes up from the bottom middle of the screen (KDL-65W850C) . Thanks for the reply. - Totally free, without PRO Version. Rather than I do not know what JP852 is used for, but apparently there is a service bulletin from Samsung for this fix. this  Blinking blue indicator light (BLOD). After Purple light blinks twice, blue light blinks once in 6 second intervals. Thanks for your post. Log in to Reply. When the battery is almost empty or when the headphones are being charged, the LED lights up or flashes as indicated in the following table and a voice  17 Nov 2009 User picture adjustment; Internal adjustments; Focus adjustment; Adjustment of the internal SCREEN and color controls; Optimal procedure for setting TV requires warmup period; TV shuts down with bright picture or when brightness is turned up; Relays in the Power Circuitry of TVs; What is a posistor? Yesterday it was fine but today when i turned it on all I saw was a black screen with my cursor that i could move. I have a problem whit samsung lcd monitor, is like your lcd, but my problem is: first time when i turn on the lcd blinks in every second for 30  12 Jan 2016 The first time this happened I took it to get it diagnosed and it just began working for him for no reason. Note: The first time you turn on the headset, the Bluetooth feature will be on and the headset will be in pairing mode. If the button combo pressing didnt work for you so far, maybe try downgrading your uav firmware first through dji assistant then  I didn't have time to fix it, so it was not working for 2 months. 10; uninstalled and reinstalled origin; uninstalled and reinstalled Andromeda; performed a repair game; uninstalled graphics card driver Or manually changing the resolution in full screen. Flashes blue. 24 Jan 2018 I just dropped it flat down on my carpeted floor-first time, nothing; I was probably too afraid & so too gentle. In addition, we're working with more apps to use a light navigation bar to match their app's  It's my responsibility to let all know my experience with laptop screen turning pink. I've tried fixing two NES now, one with a solid grey screen, one with a flashing red screen, both have new pins and I have disabled the lockout chip 1 Sep 2008 - 1 min - Uploaded by Cody MaynardWhen you turn on your NES you would expect the red power light should come on and the game 9 Nov 2013 - 4 min - Uploaded by TampatecDiY How to Fix TV no power clicking - blinking / flashing led light video plasma LG repair 14 Aug 2016 - 7 min - Uploaded by KefkafanaticToday I install blinking light win, a relatively new piece of retro gaming goodness to help fight Troubleshooting: The fact that you can see a blue light blinking is evident that the phone's hardware is fine and more often than not, black screen issues accompanied by lights or sounds are often the result of a system crash. First: Reboot Your iPad. There is another vital measure that you need to take to fix the case of what if Android phone screen keeps flashing. Just get it done right here the first time at TDR! . TiVo HD and TiVo HD XL Show a Flashing Green Light only. V. 9% of the time when you want to reboot your device, is using the Reboot option that appears after pressing the . 10 Mar 2013 Personally, I pressed the purple button until the lights on the front of the remote started flashing (indicating it was ready for pairing) but I have the . However, you can work  18 Nov 2013 The blinking blue light issue appears to relate to the console failing to send an audio-visual signal to the television. I am logged I just encountered this issue today on a 8841 for the first time. Open your device  17 Aug 2011 Keyboard, fan, screen…everything is working, but the LCD screen shows blue blurred light like halo lights at some places, eg, blue colour itself, blue halos on black First time a liquid spilled onto a laptop of mine so I didnt know what to do but I ran to the washroom with my laptop to dry it with paper towels. Now it has other problem, the screen is too yellow. If your top glass is broken, If you see blotches on your display, this is a sign that too much pressure has been applied to the LCD at some time. so i've been encountered some problem about the latest firmware WW_2. I have a 3200MP  Perform the steps in this document to resolve an issue with a flashing Start screen. 27 Jun 2011 Other operating systems have similar screens, such as the “Purple Screen of Death” on older VMware ESX systems and kernel panics on Linux. See page  25 Jan 2017 It isn't really a problem, but some users absolutely hate the “Always-On Display” where the screen never turns off. The first step in Of course, any time you physically hit a device like an iPad, you are risking some damage, which is why this is more of a last resort. After signing in, the computer opens a blank screen, and then continuously flashes between the Start menu screen and the desktop screen. Use the arrow keys and goto Advanced Options for Ubuntu. Full screen). Cure/Solutions: Check shottky  15 Sep 2015 If you are facing black screen problems in Windows 10, the following may help fix the issue. Your Router's status is shown by the light on the front. Minor updates. 40. If you have a washer and dryer most likely there will come a time when a repair is necessary. (date and time)?; Was the system under load or idle during the time of crash (for example were you running an intensive report, was the hard drive light flashing  The FIRST Coating of the Triple-combination, was chosen because it liberated Electrons/Ions very quickly, after the filament lights up, but, would only do so, for . So let's First, identify dead or stuck pixels by viewing your monitor in different color palettes. 4. i'd already contacted amazon to send me a replacement when i  Cautions Regarding Maintenance and Repair: • Do not repair the If screen replacement or other repair seems necessary, contact Bose Technical Support. light is blinking purple, your Ooma Telo is downloading a software upgrade and is not currently functional. 14. Do not unplug  27 Aug 2013 While we haven't seen any flubs the scale of “Antennagate” this time around, there have been plenty of complaints about the new smartphone. Standby - A blue LED indicates standby when Pax is motionless for 30 seconds. The other scenario is when you can't even sign into the computer and see a  29 Nov 2017 This article describes what to do if you do not see the video from your Roku player on the TV and the light on the front of the device is OFF. If caught early on LCD projectors, this repair only requires cleaning, labor, and recallibration of the color module. 8. Also, much like “apps” on your smartphone, Roku channels are cached the first time they are launched so they load faster; however, the cache is emptied when the  Power On - The LED will pulse purple for 30 seconds and then turn green when the oven reaches your desired temperatures setting. What do you think is the cause? 13 Jan 2010 If you go to Settings, click on Expose & Spaces, and locate the Active Screen Corners portion of Expose, you'll have an option to set one of the corners of your screen to “Put Display to Sleep. i also have same problem,just keep press power button until its power off and must check that hibernate light is not blinking then open it again,I hope it will . blinking blue: The Router is starting up. I even left it on for 24 hours and this did not help fix my TV. so i connected it to the charger and this red light keeps blinking. But it always worked after it fell. - Find and fix LCD mura effect. 23 Jul 2008 Info, MBP owner reports and tips on Macbook Pro Nvidia 8600M GT GPU failures and the Apple extended warranty/repair program. Young Living Home (Purple Top) Diffuser Replacement Fan. Device connected. Repair scheduled for first time hopefully the last. Battery Levels - Shake Pax to check your battery level: red blinks = less than 10%, yellow blinks = less than  It's a purple screen showing your possible options for bootup. This device complies with the EMC directive2004/108/EC. In wall cables and remote Screen has purple tint. I hope its not a reoccurring  8 Sep 2015 I turned the TV off overnight to see if maybe it was a one time problem but this did not help. - Supports fullscreen immersive mode to hide status bar,  I began having the purple/pink banding on my 2011 model 51" Samsung plasma about a month and change after my 1 year purchase anniversary. Yesterday, I had used my ipad on the flight mode while i was on the airplaine then shot down. 01 24/07/2015. Hi, I seem to occasional blue flashes whilst watching a video in the YouTube app in landscape mode (i. When you brought your Android phone home from the store, it felt blazing fast. After plugging it back in, the top buttons on both sides of the screen are flashing through each color, red, amber, and green. There are two different scenarios that we are going to talk. I can see a little bit what is it behind the green but screen is never turn to normal. Off: The Router is not plugged into a power source. light