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- Once I decide what type of STB, . If you want to participate in our Token Sale, follow us on Twitter, Medium, or Youtube to stay up to date. Changing the concept of money. 30 Aug 2017 In this blog post, we will explain how the LNBs should be connected to the receiver. You're welcome. , explain the need for confirmations and how to keep private keys secure. com (secure)] for more details. Switch: 1 x Videopath SW-44 (SW44) Multi-Dish Switch with Power Inserter and Adapter. Have you ever tried to research about Nimiq or are you spewing nonsense to increase post count? . limit my search to r/Nimiq. Submissions and content ideas from all WAC members from across Canada are welcomed and encouraged. Price: Free. If you read it, you'll find answers. 1. 13 Jul 2009 I expect that you are aimed at Nimiq 1. And without a Educating users about unfamiliar aspects of blockchain technology will be key to the wallet interface — i. and 82W Nimiq-4 Canada. I select Bell Expressvu as the system and the go thru the set up choices and click on DONE that when it goes to the to signal screen I don't have Nimiq, each transponder and give me a report of how many transponders it found and what the best and worst transponders are. Dish Network describes this strange receiver as "A standard definition satellite receiver with the added benefit of being able to view analog/digital . 8). Read the specs for  Slave Lake, Alberta. S. I just discovered the possibility of browser mining and Nimiq has received quite a bit of buzz. Malfunction affects available power, some transponders off. Telesat says "Bell TV, the leading provider of direct-to-home services in Canada, has agreed to utilize a new Telesat direct broadcast satellite which is planned for construction beginning in the first quarter of 2010. There is no doubt that many ordinary Afghans have also benefited from the cash inflow -- according to a report by the Congressional Research Center, a US Congress body, 46,000 Afghans  Inventor Behind The Nimiq Blockchain - Robin Linus, Bitcoin Blockchain Innovations: Sidechains, Loan Syndication Solution Based on Blockchain Technology [Demo], Etoro: Make Money Easily With Bitcoin & Ethereum. For the… Nimiq 4, located at 82° W primarily serves Bell's high-definition television content. There is no civil or criminal penalty that I know of that would result from this transaction. 0?W http://www. flag Florianópolis. MH . 07. Also, a 20" dual dish is included with the full system for Nimiq 82 & 91. Someone has suggested a PACE receiver…stronger signal? Can anyone explain. html Robin Linus. This means that snowbirds in Florida, Texas, Arizona, etc. 17 Jun 2017 Supply of Nimiq. You will need to understand elevation, azimuth, and skew - weird words, but not too complicated. results is because you were searching for information on the Nimiq satellites used by Bell TV. 16. Read the specs for  “I have been in touch with our devs and admins and they are working to restore AlphaBay as soon as possible. 1 in my front yard for nimiq 82 and my old one on the side of the house to get nimiq 91. it can often explain puzzling  25 Nov 2005 In the past, I had already tracked several of Telesat's satellites, including the Anik F series, and the Nimiq series, both actively servicing customers. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In-App Purchases. Is your project really mature. none cheif. The footprint extends approximately 100 miles into the States. Details. This is in compliance with NASA observations made shortly after the failure, which indicated the spacecraft was still in place but slowly spinning. I'm not sure if this helped or not,  The 6000 is compatible with standard definition televisions, which means even high definition programming can be displayed on your regular TV set…your standard definition TV never looked so good! And, when you choose to audio/video cable. I. With a fleet of 24 owned, leased, and managed satellites, EchoStar Satellite Services provides video distribution, data communications, and backhaul services to meet the needs of media and broadcast organizations, direct-to-home providers, enterprise customers, and government service providers. 7 deg. 8. com. It is dif ficult to make a recommendation, since they are extremely similar, and they all perform the same  20 Jul 2017 This week 25th district of Texas congressman, Roger Williams, published his commentary when he addressed the congressional hearing and the Terrorism and Illicit Finance . later. The first part will speak to a broad explanation of what bitcoin and cryptocurrency at large are. definition ready no switches or power involved just connect coaxial to dp plus spiggot and run coaxial to receiver you can hook up 2 high definition receivers with this set up and will get nimiq 91 and nimiq 82 automatically when dish aimed. username. The Bell ExpressVu services currently ride on Telesat's four 12 GHz BSS Nimiq satellites situated at the A summary of the mass and DC power budgets of the spacecraft is shown in Table 3. If this is a good idea what model if any in particular. 80 ретуита; 109 харесвания; OUCH! Crypto Artist [DRGN] Crypto Coin News m4d10x δhΔγlo0ω [NIMIQ] mahCrypto [NIMIQ] Cray Singh [NIMIQ] Chris ✖ [NIMIQ] Car Refinancing. 0°W Brasilsat B3 81. This means that some things are generalized and simplified. The U. 0. com/echo3. Suggestions to improve the wizard are welcome. 0°W Nimiq 4 110301 83. 01. few questions and do a search for Podcatchers based on the corresponding answers. I have lost many channels that are located on even transpoders. Later in 2002, I ended up at Baikonur for the launch preparations of the Nimiq-2 satellite. Upgrade to No Ad ₹ 159. apple. Expected behavior. They likely still have ESPN and HGTV in Standard Definition, but they are broadcast on Nimiq 4  PR: Nimiq Delivers the World's First Browser-Based Blockchain Technology to Enable Mass Adoption #Bitcoin #based #blockchain. on Ku lnbfs, is an area explaining LO frequencies. 84°). 1256 0700. 7. nimiq. html. 91° and 82° are the positions of the Bell satellites in the sky and does NOT mean that you are pointing your dish at 91° and  This project is an open source contribution of Nimiq: The first browser-based Blockchain & Ecosystem. Nimiq: http://www. Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75870407. Tierion has a . This is brand new from box assembled and set up for bell express vu coordinates. Languages. No. I can find the nimiq 91 satellite in my sleep, but when it comes down to finding the Anik E2 I have nightmares. e. Table 3. Mission goal is to increase the precision of measurements of the Cosmic X-Ray Background (CXRB) in the 30-50 keV range, to constrain models that explain the relative contribution  11 Aug 2017 Read more about ICO\ITO here: https://goo. 10247 views | 61 comments | 333 faves. . Ideas expressed should reflect the vision of the WAC and will be published at the discretion of the editor  23 Sep 2002 Gigi. Keep in mind that these satellites are located over 20,000 miles above the earth, so it's extremely important that you accurately point your satellite dish. Nimiq 3 is at 82 degrees west and carries the standard definition channels. com: find submissions from "example. e its ability to Partner with VISA payment services to create a VISA-to-Nimiq exchange (centralized in the first place). Rod Brown . 5 billion coins in circulation, compared to Bitcoin's 21 million. April 8, 1997. by Diego Alberto Tamayo · The Blockchain Technology Explained - The real value of blockchains and crypto currency technology - YouTube · Internet. Nimiq 2, identified by WSNet as “the space station under construction that. 180E INTELSAT 18, 178. Although this vulnerability is well known for several years most companies won't fix it. 1° W primarily serves Bell's standard-definition television and radio content. Copyright: © Dayana Networks Ltd. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit: find submissions in "subreddit"; author:username: find submissions by "username"; site:example. A clear explanation of what's going on at each step. Belgian astronaut Frank De Winne, to the International Space Station (ISS). Later, in the Third Space Station Reform Order, the Commission explained 11 Nimiq 1 is now operating at 91º W. Nimiq 2 @82. Formula is too strong a word for the relationship between local His explanation may be simpler than mine. ah, okthanks for the explanation =) ARCHIVED-Aukar, Aug 12, 2004. http://www. The Grey Ghost is published 4 times a year and available to all members. 89. Shut down after a short circuit of its primary power bus, total loss. Could you also explain how you decide to make 1 nim cost around 15$ for the ICO ? Balancing act between incentives for investors vs. Nimiq 6 is at 91. slot has been fully leased by Dish. 5-1. 13 May 2012 In accordance with the flight cyclogram head unit in the Republic of Belarus the Briz-M and SC Nimiq 6 cleanly separated from the third stage of the . Functionality to  In 1962, the world's first active communications satellite, Telstar 1, was launched. We'll explain  What if anything can I do to recieve all the good stuff thats FTA. The Nimiq satellites are a Canadian fleet of geostationary telecommunications satellites owned by Telesat and used by satellite television providers including Bell TV and EchoStar (Dish Network). Telstar 4. LNB: 1 x Bell TV Legacy D-Type Circular Dual LNB. A transponder usually has enough bandwidth to broadcast approximately 10 channels. The reason for this Nimiq and Dent are very small by marketcap, but launching their products next 2 months which could mean 5–10x return. DOMSAT is defined as Domestic Communications Satellite somewhat frequently. If what you're saying is that BEV can cut me  This is a demonstration of all the data your browser knows about you. Unpack the satellite antenna, receiver, and parts (see pages 4-8 through 4-10) and the optional installation kit, if you  29 Jul 2015 The next launch of Russian Proton-M rocket carrier is scheduled for August 28. This of course was not the case, so during trainings I always started off with an explanation of each. This old bird has a sharp cutoff in the footprint, meaning that the entire southwestern US is now lacking the odd transponders from ExpressVu at 91 degrees. It's time for growth , its gonna get bigger, get your I might get some profesional visual help soon , and explain what am talking about… As some of you may remember i was having troubles pointing my expressvu hd dish a few weeks back and i ended up settling by using 2 dishes to get both satellites. Compatibility. Requires iOS 8. Guest. dorada. Hope I haven't wasted your time. 28 Jun 2017 Overview. How is Domestic Communications Satellite abbreviated? DOMSAT stands for Domestic Communications Satellite. com/nimiq2. This satellite was built by Telesat's predecessors at AT&T and Bell Laboratories. When i first starting pointing the  Finding Your Satellite. A contest in 1998 was held to choose the  6 Jun 2017 However, there is nothing explaining fundamental operation I can find except the source code itself, and it seems to me that it suffers from pretty serious scale limitations. Each satellite has 32 Ku-band transponders. Get a wallet, comment your address and I will send you some Betanims. You know he is the one who has not got a clue ,but keeps seeing adds for all inclusive or low fares that do not incliuded anything. We received substantial feedback on the Nimiq Contribution Terms. com/uAzUyVATXp. English, Arabic, French, German, Persian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish. It also will eventually have 16. 1 degrees west and  If you don't know what those terms mean, simply scroll down for a detailed explanation. How a signal from around 100 miles away can be  What has happened is that odd transponders from Nimiq 1 have been transfered to an old DirecTV bird renamed Nimiq 3, which is located next to N1 at 91 degrees. As a result, this will ensure a fast network all day, every day (in theory). A history of your recent transactions  As well, we offer a great selection of pay-per-view movies and live action sports, and every month we're adding to our line-up of high-definition programming. Nimiq review is designed to give you an insight into the workings of the blockchain and ecosystem. Gustavo(me). If Bell is similar to Dish Network, they have converted these 2 channels to HD service (which you have to pay extra for) - on Nimiq 1 (and on Echostar 8-10 110W for Dish). 43. 0°W Horizons 2 110301 75. See [link to nimiq. 19 Sep 2003. gustavoSC: in: All Mountain/Enduro. The wizard tries to explain in simple terms the various options you usually have to think about when choosing a Podcatcher. By Q4 2017? NASA SATELLITE MAKES ART OF SHIP TRACKS, CLOUDS OVER ATLANTIC OCEAN - Using its Aqua satellite, NASA captured a beautiful image of ships tracks through the Atlantic Ocean off the coasts of Spain and Portugal on Jan. The new satellite will  While we cannot fully explain how space weather is . We strive for transparency and hope to clear up misunderstandings. If you are During a tea time gathering at Tisarana, Ajahn Viradhammo answers questions about: transitioning from the "end" of formal meditation, explanation of the terms: awareness/  23 Oct 2017 The Blockchain Bitcoin & Crypto Weekly CXO Briefing is all you need to know, each week, jargon free for CXO level business leaders and investors who will use this technology to change the world. The Blockchain Technology Explained - The real value of blockchains and crypto currency technology - YouTube  Nimiq: Fundamental crypto coin research analysis and investment reports. During the synchronization phase, explain that first the blocks need to be fetched before mining starts. space agency posted the photo with a brief educational explanation on ship  Here we put together a list of answers for the most frequently asked questions from Hackernews , Bitcointalk … by nimiq. The footprint for the new satellite will be considerably less than what is available now. 20 Dec 2017 Also, Verge supports a number of different proof-of-work algorithms, some of which work best on CPUs, some on GPUs, and some on ASIC chips, meaning that anyone is able to mine Verge on a level playing field. https://nimiq. 4°) 110228 82. Nimiq 6, located at 91. 25 Nov 2017 It is browser-based tech so if you have it up in your browser then you earn. lyngsat. During its seven months in operation, Telstar 1 dazzled the world with live images of sports, entertainment and news. 97°E INTELSAT 18 [PM] . Project Details. 29 Jun 2004 PARIS - EchoStar Corp. I will show it to the Mr. What are Bitcoins? Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin - super clear explanation. iTunesTM: http://www. Distance: 37698km. " Nimiq 1 was launched by Telesat in 1999 when Bell ExpressVu introduced  Hello Betag, since i can see you are well aware of Nimiq, when the ICO crowd sale was going on, i bout 500$ worth of 250 NET, can you please explain whats the difference between NET and NIM, also what is the worth of my 250NET? Agree Agree. However, it isn't actually live . 0°W AMC 9 Again any REAL questions can be forwarded to our e-mail and we can explain it to you in great detail. Age Rating: Rated 4+. 341626. 1 or later. 2017 г. Does anyone  A simple explanation of #Cryptocurrencies. I have no explanation for them, but beyond question, they exist. Cryptocurrency Trading and investing on eToro. L. 42°) · 88. co. A lot of promising and innovative projects are flooding the market while the technology keeps improving in plain sight. . I was just trying to explain a situation that is happening to us and to let everyone know at the same time to be more vigilant when final payments arrivals. I have changed receivers and experienced the same exact problem. 92°E YAMAL 401 · 89. 3. Nimiq-91° and Nimiq-82°). As I have said before, during downtimes, there are added risks that you should understand and be wary of. nl. You can read more about sidechains in the whitepaper or Richard Brown's simple explanation. the Nimiq-1 satellite, Saudi Arabia referred in its letter of 10 July 2014 to satellite 4AR as having. Welcome to CoinChoose! Explore the colorful world of cryptocurrencies and create a solid foundation for successful Bitcoin and crypto mining. Bell TV Multi Satellite Upgrade Kit (2). Understanding a little about the satellite system and your location on earth will make it much less intimidating. Role of token -Access rights; Token supply — 21 million NIM; Distributed in ICO — 10. With the new satellite, we can continue to offer more of what our customers like to watch. 1E INMARSAT 3-F3, 176. This includes a summary of general news and updates from the team, updates on what is being worked on in the public Github repository and information about  7 Jun 2017 Bug report. 19191 views | 277 comments | 1241 faves. Chairman Charlie Ergen said he thinks construction of the CMBStar S-band video mobile broadcasting satellite for China eventually will be restarted and the mission launched despite EchoStar's recent decision to suspend construction at Space Systems/Loral in Palo Alto, Calif. SUMMARY New Accounting Pronouncements · Nimiq · Nimiq Satellite · Nimiq Whole Channel Service Agreement · Non-merger · Northpoint Technology · Notices · Now Therefore · Number 001-33807 · Offer Comprehensive Network Infrastructure Solutions · Opposition Other Risks Licenses · Organization Qualification. It was a simple single-transponder  Would it be possible for someone to explain the differences between Circular and Linear LNB? Thanks a lot for the explanation and the useful links. These are One possible explanation is that the satellites are tumbling very slowly, thereby looking uniform in brightness for a long period of time. -Licensed Ku-Band FSS Satellite and Canadian-Licensed Nimiq and Nimiq 2 Satellites to Offer. C  "feed," "web feed," or "channel," contains either a summary of content from an associated web site or the full text. Weimaraner Association of Canada. This kit is used to expand your current Bell TV 1 LNB set-up to 2 LNBs to allow for HD or International programming. Rotate the dish - Slowly move the dish east or west incrementally until you observe some activity on the receiver meter settings. 8 replies 80 ретуита 109 харесва. So you know about it in advance and have a device to mine. :). Other theories claim that the  A new high-definition television broadcasting satellite was deployed by a Proton rocket early Tuesday, bolstering DirecTV's programming lineup for customers in An International Launch Services Proton rocket with a Breeze M upper stage deployed the Nimiq 4 direct television broadcasting spacecraft to serve Canada. 179. Bell is launching a new satellite (Nimiq 6) on May 17th from Russia and it will replace the old Nimiq 1 so called 91. I have moved adn repositionned my dish - changed the cable and all connectors and I have the latest firmware. 1° . Day by day, as you get more into bitcoin, ethereum and the blockchain technology, you will understand more about its benefits and how it could shape the future. Note that some satellite selections describe the satellite service provided in a text format. and as such Bell TV may not reach your birdog unless in Canada. Integrated 306-09). All this data can be accessed by any website without asking you for any permission. All odd transponders are coming in perfectly. incentives for miners vs inflation vs market price vs disincentives for whales. com"; url:text: search for "text" in url; selftext:text: search for "text"  5 Jan 2018 - 7 min - Uploaded by Ilias NahiWhat is Nimiq? And why will it unite all the browsers? 5 Jun 2017 If you are new to Blockchain technology, visit our Youtube Channel, get to know the team and watch our interviews and explanations around the topic of Blockchains and Nimiq. "They wouldn't arrest you or sue you," as you note. We recommend that you perform the procedures in the order presented. We have deployed a betanet that runs without any issues since two weeks. Good luck. Bell-TV While the files will still lock in Canada, the footprint of Nimiq 6 does not reach very far South into the U. From discussing Facebook's viability as a blockchain technology to learning about small but promising coins like Nimiq from Amith Nirgunarthy, this  United States' proposed amendment appeared to be posing problems of interpretation; after all, the whole of . 10. twitter. 5 Jun 2011 This is a SD (Standard Definition) satellite receiver with HD capabilities for over the air signal. A possible explanation is that many of the PHAs may have originated from a collision between two asteroids in the main belt lying between Mars and  Under that definition, my view remains the same: there is nothing "illegal" about a US resident purchasing service from BEV. This directly leads you to be more passionate about it and tell someone else and try to explain it. While it's just  Category: Navigation. But here's a question. Nimiq birds) should be set for 11250mhz. com/nimiq1. Could you explain why you think it's interesting? news cryptocurrency blockchain nimiq bitcoin-wallet Nimiq. If you want to join the team  6 days ago That is why, from this point onward until Mainnet launch, we will focus solely on polishing and hardening the fundamental elements of the Nimiq Ecosystem and NET for NIM replacement. Shipmaven As always thank you for your well put explanation of all inclusive . RSS makes it . 28 Mar 2017 What are the differences between the hundreds of blockchains in existence? Our Ultimate blockchain Wiki guide aims to explain it all for you! Summary. 0°W Intelsat 3R (incl. Telesat announces plans to contract Lockheed Martin in building NIMIQ, the first Canadian direct broadcast satellite, for launch in May 1999. 7E TIANLIAN 1-02, 172E AMC-23  with a U. If receiving Bev Nimiq 1/3 (91) goto SID channel 0994 (TESTN) (12618,H), If above works your LNB type is set  72. One of the key issues is the comparison to  1 Dec 2017 With these Week In Review articles I hope to bring regular updates of what is publicly happening in the Nimiq blockchain project to the community. 56°E NIMIQ 2 (incl. To help you understand this, let's talk a little bit about Bell satellites (i. During a visit to the  Nimiq birds) should be set for 11250mhz. The LNB  3 May 2016 December The Government of Canada approves the definition phase of the RADARSAT-1 remote-sensing satellite program. gl/aAL882. The rocket is planned to deliver the British telecommunications Inmarsat-5F3 satellite into orbit. 33 The Chairman suggested, in the light of that explanation and the entire discussion, that § 3 be retained . ARCHIVED-Miramicha ARCHIVED-Aukar Guest. Adjusting your receiver dish for best reception of a TV signal can be confusing. The amount of Nimiq Exchange Tokens (NET) for sale is equivalent to 5% of the total future Nimiq (NIM) supply (equal to ~25% of the circulating NIM supply after one year, for further explanation see here). Select satellite for simplified Satellite Tracker. 7º W orbital position. Because  30 Jun 2010 Nimiq 5, that is in the 72. Dish Setup Data: Elevation: 41. The Lack of simplicity – is what Nimiq team think that is the barrier  23 Oct 2017 The cryptocurrency ecosystem is growing faster than ever before. This is the best thing since SmartContracts. 20 May 2012 Kabul (AFP) May 20, 2012 - Flash floods triggered by torrential rains in northern Afghanistan killed at least 19 people and left thousands homeless, an official said on Sunday. 5:11 - 19. 5+. 02. Read it to learn whether and how to contribute to its ICO. 82W Nimiq-4 U. 6237 likes · 13 talking about this. It seems as though people want to tell you how  13 Nov 2008 The text reader of choice was Read&Write Gold from Texthelp so for the next 3 or 4 years I think half of the state thought that UDL and Read&Write Gold were the same thing. The various types of STB, there are straight STB's; STB's with built in hard disk video recorders, STB's with program upgrading using a USB thumb drive and now High Definition. Nimiq 1/3 @91. Another  SUMMARY OF INSTALLATION. uk. 5 million NET (1,050,000 NIM); Emission rate 88% of total supply issued as mining rewards over 100 years; Blockchain Ethereum — (eventually migrate to Nimiq blokchain); Consensus method  shared transactions with distributed record… See More. concept actually. Originally posted by nimiq First wow thanks for caring that much and only good news we got is that our friends went from being #5 on the waitlist to #3  A detailed explanation on how to locate a satellite using the position of the sun is provided. 2018 15:37:48 UTC. Explanation. 'Nimiq' is an Inuit word used for an object or a force which binds things together. Following is a summary of the procedures to install and set up your ExpressVu™ system. 18 Jun 2016 to independent blockchains and serve as a place to put all the high-volume transactions without interfering with the main blockchain. i am trying to pick up nimiq 1 can i achieve this with a dish 500 which has a 110 and a 119 lnb on it? 8 Oct 2017 Nimiq is a third generation blockchain protocol combining elements of bitcoin and ethereum. Bitcoin; Ethereum; Waves; Litecoin; Nimiq; Dent; Tierion. New solutions for old challenges are being developed and implemented by the day. The extension connects directly to the Nimiq blockchain and gives you instant access to your funds. Exchange rate: 1 NIM = 10 NET. ” Trappy then went on to explain the increased risks of phishing activity in an effort to extract more bitcoins  19 Jul 2008 One explanation for the death of Telstar 401 seems to be that a magnetic cloud caused a massive short in the satellite's circuitry. View My Profile; Follow Following Unfollow; Edit My Profile. Sure hope this works for me. Before we dive into a summary that outlines the remaining pieces we need to assemble on the way to the Mainnet  15 Jun 2017 Token Sale Summary. However, mining is still one of the  This extension lets you manage all your Nimiq wallets directly in your browser. 4. 12 Aug 2004 I can not wait to use it either, so excited. Nimiq 2. テレビ番組や、アーティストなどの動画を探したいならYahoo!検索(動画)。各種動画サイトを横断して探せます。無料、有料、サイト別での絞り込みも可能。話題の動画をチェックしよう。 26 May 2014 Wikipedia also includes an explanation for the Almaz/Salyut's failure: Three days after the launch of Salyut 2, the Proton's spent third stage . charge too. atomikboy: All in: Bike Drawings/Art. 5. anomaly tendencies that are not reasonably explained by artificial faults. NOTE: Simplified Tracker is not as accurate as trackers using SDP/SGP models !! Satellite list generated from two line elements 12. We appreciate the questions we received and thought some background would help explain our approach. capacity on Nimiq 5, Telesat's 12 GHz satellite to be built and launched into the 72. For most web platforms there's a way to abuse the login mechanism to detect whether a user is logged in to that service. NET are standard tradable ERC20 tokens. Buy Bitcoin, and when time comes the new Browser-based Blockchain - Nimiq will make things easier for everyone. 2 days ago From Shawn Owen's explanation of his token SALT to Reeve Collins sharing his vision for BLOCKv, this week had many different crypto perspectives . pic. Отговор. 93°E TDRS 8 (incl. Minha casa. 7°W Nimiq 5 110226 74. If you rotate the dish too quickly, you will run past the satellite as there is a usually a small lag before  If you already have podcasting software such as Juice, Nimiq, or iTunes installed, you can copy and paste this link into your software. Each week we select the 3 news items that matter and explain why and link to one expert opinion. You can easily import your existing wallets, switch between them and send NIM directly from the extension. Sep 23, 2002 · #3 · Sep 23, 2002 · #3. Name: 91W GALAXY 17 (G-17) | NIMIQ 1 | NIMIQ 2. Explain this like your explaining it to a 5year old please? spock. From what I know about satellites, which is very little actually, Bell leases two of them: Nimiq 3 and Nimiq 6. 7 Jun 2016 I can hear the unit moving and automatically positioning itself to find the Bell satellites. For ExpressVu the satellites are Nimiq 91W & Nimiq 82W. Mission: Nimiq 6 is a 4,500-kg communications satellite equipped with 32 Ku-band transponders to provide coverage to Canadian users. 21 May 2012 That isn't an excuse, it's just an explanation," says one, requesting anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue. im not a halo freak actually i dont even own a xbox here is the guy from halo on a bike