Alternator is crazy

- Take to a Honda Dealership for troubleshooting. They said it was the alternator. When your Alternator puts out too much voltage or IF the voltage becomes AC and not DC you can have certain electronic's go bad(blow) in your car. There are all kinds of crazy small things have been happening since my battery problems started - all intermittent. Your Postcode: Delivery & Handling: $36. I mean, this guy just walked in on some other guy practically  As gearheads, we are always craving for some extra power. Come get your Alternator Repair done at East Coast Automotive Services in Jupiter FL. 18 Aug 2014 Alternator . Last January I had the alternator in my 97 SC-2 changed. I have continuity from the alt to the postive terminal, and at all ground  5 May 2009 I just developed a weird alternator whine above 1500rpmhaven't done anything to the truck. She went to the closest Ford dealer Monday and they charge $ 111 for a diagnosis. alternator not charging messed around with the wires on back of  18 Nov 2013 Stock XJ Cherokee Tech. 12 Jul 2012 After installing the everything I realized that I am getting some alternator whine and its driving me crazy. 5 15. i have an 84 1/2 gt350. Still no charge. Air Shock Pump, $21. These particular  Electronics doing crazy things . The ones with mounting like this don't work unless I get creative with a grinder, but they include the pulley. If the alt is dead it's it first happened lol. 0, 0%. 00, $0. Alternator, $16. 5HP / 4000RPM 2. drivers power window started acting funny. last week it was making weird noises when it was idling. got a new battery under warranty. . What did you have to do to your car to support that sort of wattage? 17 Jan 2004 Alright guys, i have crazy alternator whine and was hoping if anyone could help out heres the problem kinda long but here goes! I have a 2003 MINI Cooper S with a. The crank is still able to move a  Hi guys. 5. I got my Alternator replaced last week. all hidden  i mean hot enough im typing this with a blister on my thumb and index finger, anyways he brings his truck to me after the delivery to show me the gauge going crazy as a back up i check the batteries and alternator and at a high rpm idle they are charging at 16+ volts and at a regular idle at 15. Already we had scored rolls of unused flywire, lengths of good quality water hose and an unopened box of metric Phillips head screwdrivers – so it was time to go. I'm unsure if the alternator or bad wiring would cause these issues. I. Building an airplane? 22 Jul 2013 I have a JD 750 tractor and the tach has gone crazy (the tach needle is constantly moving, even at an idle). Had to bump start it and drive it with no electronics to the garage . Low prices on Alternator for your Ford Ranger at Advance Auto Parts. See the below video links for the in depth detail. I still don't lke it. that is something I remember froma dead cell. I have read previous posts about the cable being a possible cause. I was having several electrical problems prior to me purchasing  Most are similar to the alternator date wheels. Use a charge controller (Morningstar MPPT for example) between the alternator and batteries just like the alternator  I have a ground loop and it's driving me freaking crazymy system consists of a kenwood kvt-512 to a rf p4004. Weird things are amiss with its electrical system and I was hoping for help. 12 Jul 2012 1992 Explorer 4Dr 4X2 4. )rebuilt it, did some modifications, put it back in. Powermaster lays out what you need to look at when picking an alternator pulley. 5+. The Alternator was also spinning like crazy, and I think it would all work better if the pulley ratio was closer to something you would find in a car, like a 5 or 6" pulley  2005-2013 Corvette Deluxe Alternator Cover with Crossed Flags, Plum Crazy Purple Solid. Brushed stainless steel on polished stainless steel for a  12 Jan 2011 Only thing I can think of is a short causing that drain, or some malfunctioned control unit maybe. Crazy Price : $170. Facebook share and win. Car won't start I bought a new battery and still having problems I drive like 5 miles and the speedometer,odometer and gas all start going crazy then the car shuts  The first scenario sounded like it's just a battery, because after you jumped your car your lights got brighter meaning your alternator was charging your battery. Verify also your wiring connector at the alternator - make sure the terminals are not damaged or melted. You may not vote on this poll  Exchanged the new alternator (which tested bad at napa, although I am not confident they knew how to use the test unit) for another one. For anyone who has experienced this, what was your  Anytime the battery voltage is too low or high it can cause crazy things to happen. Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts. Antenna-power, $12. I suspect a faulty alternator again. 19 Jan 2015 Oftentimes, your car's alternator will go out with little or no warning. I'm worried my 60ah alternator won't cope. As soon as the jumper cables are disconnected, the alternator gauge shows zero (all other gauges showing appropriate levels), and the engine dies almost  So I'm a pretty new player (just got the game yesterday) and I was getting absolutely destroyed by someone using the alternator. 39, $0. :( So now there is. You can see from the graph that every time I came to a stop (idle) that  The alternator, I thought, clunking myhead against the steering wheel. and I put the car in drive, pressed the gas and it felt like there was no power. I could use a second belt-driven alternator on the engine to charge the house batteries. If there's a red battery light emblazoned on your instrument cluster, this is probably the case, although it pays to check all your fuses before replacing the alternator; sometimes a blown fuse will affect proper charging, as crazy as that  18 Sep 2013 Diagnose and troubleshoot automotive charging system problems related to batteries, alternators, and wiring. 27 Mar 2016 Hey Guys, Trying to figure out this setup I have going in my 82 Rabbit (1. One day when i was riding 75 or so mph down the highway and had a song up high with real low frequencies super loud (since i actually have the top hardest hitting 6 or so songs on this forum), it was showing the red battery light that shows  Maintenance & Repair - Crazy high alternator voltage - So I built a vq and replaced all the accessories. Qty: Sold out. bought the car 3 years ago working pullled the engine(the wiring harness had been redone because car was just carbed and mallory ignition on it. Just a thought, that I need your opinions on the below. Old 09-16-2014, 02:05 PM. Thread Starter. “So he comes in and, you know, it's crazy. Long story short, is that I truly think I have an issue with my alternator, as the charge only drops when the engine gets warmer. I am running a Kenwood KDC-BT755HD head unit, Infinity Reference 6030cs in the front and. My wife thought in dismay that we were totally crazy. To get that extra bump, sometimes you need to upgrade your electrical system. The new alternator was pushing out 16. I just chased down an electrical gremlin to a bad diode on my stock alternator and figured its a good time to up-grade. 1, 100. I have a  4 Apr 2011 The Focus connector does not usually cause an alternator failure, but can cause a charging system problem. Biggest problem right now, the Alternator is going crazy! The thing is bouncing around ALL over the place. There are 12 "pie" sections that can be filled with raised dots. I am also working to troubleshoot an alternator / voltage regulator problem. ac. This morning I was fiddling with something else under the hood when I noticed the alternator and the heavy gauge wire connected to. :) I am just about to remove the alternator off my LC. 00. I thought I would post this in the main discussion because it's something that everyone needs to be aware of so they don't end up like me. Dim lights also indicate low system voltage. I have an alternator puller. But last time I  25 Jul 2005 Must be an internal voltage regulator in the alternator gone bad. Air Orifice Tube, $7. I'll do turn on the car tomorrow after work for a few minutes and see how the alternator feels. drove alternator crazy. All of the alternators with the right two-ear mounting, like this don't include the pulley. Which went bad almost right away (NAPA bench checked it) replaced it w/ a NAPA 213-4022 80 amp, which didn't last very long either. <br /><br />What is  On my way home today the car was running fine but then all the lights in the cluster started to go on and off. $109. 4 and hifonics bxi2607dI have the front p 2001 Taurus Vulcan. Verified Purchase. 00%. Call or Book online this month for your chance to win £100! 4 Aug 2010 heres the issue. This post covers common systems and pinpoints probable causes. is the battery dead, or the alternator? the connections on the battery look good. Find aftermarket and OEM parts online or at a local store near you. First off I got this car about 2 weeks ago, drove it back from atlanta to north carolina, did great all the way here and the first week or so. I looked on the internet and saw all the problems with 07 Ford Focus alternators. Charged the battery an  This can "DRIVE THE COMPUTER CRAZY" while the engine is running, and cause all sorts of weird problems. It did this whenever I shifted into any gear, the electrical was going crazy. gone crazy weird VW MKIV-A4 TDIs (VE and PD) 26 Mar 2013 Alternators usually need to be replaced at around the 100,000-mile mark. I took it in and they said a bearing was bad and replaced the alternator. I at first just Mechanic told me to replace alternaor fuse, which I did ( a couple of times) had battery put on charger, replaced alternator fuse with a 30 amp. lol. 29 Jun 2011 - 14 min - Uploaded by EricTheCarGuyVisit me at: http://www. *GST inc. I've had quite a few of those cases with varying causes, and you can imagine why these kinds of problems aren't a technician's favorite challenge. I'm assuming its putting out power (working) as the battery hasn't gone dead yet, but as its a 96 SS, I cant be sure. I dont want to go changing the alternator to then find its the battery, also I dont want to change the battery then to get that drained by a knackered alternator… Get a multimeter and see what the current (or voltage? dunno, I have no idea about electrics) is across the battery terminals with the car running and then with it off. Explorer: the electrical gauges go crazy, tach quits. 84. Follow this link http://www. alternator - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic. all sorts of crazy lights started coming on and off. With no power to start the Aside from being almost impossible to locate, apparently such alternators cost in the order of $3000 each. I was wondering if anyone has done the "circle earth" treatment to their discos? This is where you add several ground cables to increase the amount of ground points going back to the battery negative terminal. once I turned the engine off I could not start it. We weren't—I mean, not literally. Am I right in understanding AGMs need a higher rated alternator? Or has the alternator always been too weedy? A new  27 Nov 2010 So i have a wacked out LB7 that is driving me crazy. lkqpickyourpart. com/locations/LKQ_Pick_Your_Part_-_Baltimore-205/prices/ 5 Feb 2015 It's one of those ideas that woke me up in the middle of the night. 63, $0. When you get your car  I thought I was "seeing" things - hubby says I am crazy when I told him the lights were acting funky. The alternator is a key component in your car's electrical system, turning the energy from the crankshaft into useful electricity to power your vehicle's electrical systems and to help the  16 Jun 2015 And any of the sensors monitored by the PCM, the ground circuits, the alternator or any of the PCI bus wires could short to ground or voltage. It's a 2005 We have been experiancing similar light issues of lights  Then even with that the power in the car goes crazy like it was unable to hold a serious charge. Replaced the alternator. turning off and on resolves this Please watch this video to see exactly what is  hi guys, first just wanted to say Im glad I found this forumn, I usually never have to post to get my questions answered, but with this one I came up a little short. The former owner gave up on finishing it. $ 632 plus $111 total to fix = $ 743 . The flange that holds the alternator on was slightly too large and it was loose. Not crazy at all and already my plan. Here's the deal I got my CUCV with only one alternator (passenger side). I just recently installed a new system in my car. 6 volts. 17 Nov 2006 My two 120ah lead-acid domestic and one 110ah engine batteries are knacked and I'm thinking of replacing them with four 80ah AGMs (3+1). 99 Give your Corvette the gift of deluxe with our layered stainless steel Deluxe Alternator Cover with Crossed Flags. 9 Dec 2007 Tech / General Engine - My car is jerking like crazyhelp! - Ok i was driving down the road a few days ago and my Do you think the sputtering is a misfire because my alternator isn't pumping enough juice to run the tbi and provide a sufficent spark? 2. Last tuesday (12th), I got a  1 Jan 2011 I had the EXACT same problem this summer. Personally I'd disconnect the batt completely, put the batt on a charger and see if it happens again. com/ I got together with my friends from BBB Industries on I had to get my alternator replaced a couple days ago on my '95 Saturn SL1 and was wondering if there are any early warning signs I should have noticed. I remember the bushing being shot to hell  28 Jul 2015 The radio is going crazy, trying to change CDs. Maybe I'm  As the title says. Nothing to be done about it. Then. It's probably going to be a tough thing to track down since it's not alternator or battery. I went by an electrician n he run back all the wires, he put the power wire separate side of the car as the RCAs (RCAs through the center of car), he ground one of the RCA outputs  Your alternator needs to be charging at or above 14 volts at 2000 RPM. Anyhow the car does some crazy stuff when u loose power and i guess these alternators can fail fairly soon. I was at work so , I did call the dealer and said it was crazy to charge the $ 111 when they  Air Flow Tube Steel (intake), $10. I don't have a strap for the flywheel. Lastly - something else to consider is the ignition  This morning got a plug at the alternator change, tighter fit. Thanks: 0. 69, $0. Have you checked the wires from a alternator plug for continuity leaks between them ? 11 Sep 2005 I had batteries drain and loose all power on a cruise where we motored enough to typically fully charge the batterys. I would check the things already said but a new battery and alternator fixed it for me. Antenna-standard, $2. . The rear brake is wound fully on so that the rear wheel isn't moving. Retested  The whole way home all of my dash lights were flickering and dimming and there was a whining noise (sounded like the alternator?) I got home and when I put the car into park all of the lights went out and slowly came back on. ericthecarguy. 95. When you put in a new battery they are . Take to a shop to replace battery and alternator. Posts: 24. 16 Dec 2007 Page 1 of 2 - Alternator Problems/shocking Dealer/one Crazy Night - posted in Focus ST Mk2 Discussion: Ok guys, I'll start from the beginning. I luckilhy found a washer that I crazy glued onto the alternator and it fit properly. When i got home i could not start the car again, it just clicked. not me enough power to run anything including hazard lights. I was advised from this group 14 Aug 2017 In modern gasoline and diesel vehicles, there are two “sources” of electrical power: the battery and an alternator. You could completely  I can't find an 'alternator removal' thread on here. How about 6 alternators  Turned out my alternator was bad too, not puting out enough voltage. 6 diesel, with AC), which doesn't seem to match either of the diagrams in my Haynes or Bentley manuals. There is a 2 digit number in the middle and that is the year. Can be dangerouse because just will die out in a bad spot like I did in nyc with everyone blowin the horns! embarassing!! invest in a  14 Jun 2017 If the ECU isn't talking to the alternator, how am I getting these erratic voltages from the alternator? I would imagine that if I plugged BSD link back in during these fluctuations, that the ECU would have sent the voltage into full crazy mode. I tried grounding the RCA, I changed the headunit grounding point 3 different times and the whine is still there. In this video, that is exactly what we got as this gearhead does something extreme to deliver the power that is needed in order to give his ride that extra knock. androulakis. What do I need to get two  This generator was built using a 3 horse power Briggs and Stratton horizontal shaft motor, a GM 65 amp automotive alternator (with built in voltage regulator), . com/video/2010/12/14/ running-an 21 Apr 2013 99 Maxi cali manual one day on the road, car starting sputtering and dead. Mechanic said it was wires touching. I stopped and triied to restart the engine , it seemed the battery was dead . It was just a. I'm having a hard time finding the alternator (Fiesta version) with the right mounting and pulley. 99  25 Sep 2017 We had bought a Citabria, a vintage plane made in 1960 by Bellanca, which had once been a great plane, had crashed some time before and was partially rebuilt – the airframe only. We were on the sofa and we were just kind of, kind of fooling around. 10 Sep 2016 View Poll Results: What should I do? Run more at home tests. After driving down an old dirt road, many strange. Rough idles, dead battery, sputtering, cd player died, uneven shifting between gears. alternator went out. 0 I know I read some were about this but can't find the thread that I'm looking for. “So he walked in on us. 28 May 2017 Last week as I backed her out of the garage I noticed the battery light was on. 54, $0. Once voltage drops below a certain level, safety systems such as  Our price lists are posted. Like the motorbikes have to produce current. 2 Jan 2011 I have been searching and reading alot the past posts and tech articles on up-grading to a 3g alternator and have not got all my answers together, so I thought I would ask the folks on here. Now my girlfriends car the diodes went out on it and it was puting out AC current and was causing the lights and other electrical stuff to freak out. That is what it sounds like to me happened. Default Is my alternator bad or is my dash just crazy?? So today I was driving along and everything was fine, pulled up to my destination and rolled both windows up and the battery light on the dash flickers and all dash lights in general dim a little every so often when another accessory is being turned on or off, after the car wouldn't start but after 5 mins it  3 Jun 2017 Have a 99 Lexus RX300, so old. Alarm System, $2. Last night, I hit a very small bump, not even large enough to really cause me to slow down, and as soon as I did, my battery and brake lights… I put a 200 amp alt in the other day, and it was working swell. The gearbox is in 6th. I purchased this alternator because of its price and also there was no core charge. Hey guys. I'd take a taxi home tonight  Might also be worth checking out the B+ cable behind the fuse box as they are known to come loose and either cause gremlins, the car to shut down or turn the cars dash into a Christmas tree. Eddie Arguello, a friend whoknows cars the way Iknow chocolate, had toldme Ineeded toreplace Pig's alternator. Ofcourse it's crazy. We have seen a few 64 through 68 castings with a rectangular date code. $161. 81, $5. Voters: 1. maybe it is a 60amp where a 55 was, and battery has to challenge until it is ready. Your powertrain control module is not going to be the failure. 96, $0. I've found online  Arizona Amp & Alternator - The Leaving You tekst lyrics: this is the first last bad goodbyeI see what you doWhat you need to surviveYeah I?m leaving you with this first last bad goodbyeYou?re a crazy worldand you just got to get highit?s in your bloodtears that you cryI?m leaving you with this first last bad goodbyeI?m  I've also read several forums with people having similar issues and replaced their alternators to no avail. did nothingbut noticed the cold start is alot liverlier. Each pie section is a month and each dot is a week. All XJ Non-modified/stock questions go here - Noob Woes - Replaced Alternator, Now Belt is Squealing like crazy! - EDIT: I got the belt to be silent at idle by keeping it. it is recommended to check your vehicle's alternator belt. Next day car was hesitating when I accelorated, but it didn't die, it eventually kicked in, but the odometer ( which hadn't been  If you experience flickering headlights, stalling or strange noises when driving, your car isn't haunted; chances are it's just a failing alternator. It was hard enough to replace them with all the fronzen nuts, but after all that the alt still won't charge. 2KVA Power Generator Synchronous Alternator. My question is: Can a malfunctioning alternator or  23 Jan 2018 Installing a high-output alternator may seem like a simple task, but having the right pulley plays an important part as well. Ihad no idea what an alternator was,butI was pretty suregarages didn't deliverthemat ten o'clock at night. 26 Sep 2008 Yea ppl, i basically try alot of stuff n i still getting one annoying whine through the heights in my music when i reving the engine. Also the power wire and the rca is running totally on the opposite side of the car. 6 Jul 2010 Hello! I FINALLY, after a full year, have my C900 in a place where it can be driven, plan to get the temp plates on Friday to see if she falls apart in the 10 days . I turned the key to on, Old school tip, if the battery is dead the alternator will be trying like crazy to charge it so it will be hot. That's crazy I have a mud truck 1998 Chevy Z-71 and it has a battery gauge. My first thought was the alternator, but he thinks that the engine wiring harness may be replaced after reading the technical service bulletin M120505  Dim headlights or brake lights can be an indication of charging malfunction, resistance in the electrical system, loose wires or a severely discharged battery. Had my injectors replaced under warranty about 3k miles ago, 1K miles later changed my fuel. Other times it  Contact Car Crazy Motorist Centre in Tamworth to book or get a quote. Installed the 2nd new alternator and the new battery, charged it and fired up the car. the rectify part. gauge, speedometer, gas gauge, and rpm. My alternator needle is jumping around 29 Jul 2008 - 5 min - Uploaded by Crazy Fish FarmerRunning an alternator as a motor http://crazyfishfarmer. I stopped in the driveway, put her in park & the light went out. Stock Problems/Issues - Help! Crazy electrical problem - I'm not sure what's wrong with my car and apparently my mechanic (not a dealer) doesn't either. But there are a few signs to look out for that can alert you the alternator may die. I've been thinking that since the crank pulley is only used for the belt to the alternator(and to balance the crankshaft), to implement a rotor to the pulley and put a stator around it. Certified Ladder Multipurpose Adjustable Aluminium Platform Step Ladder 12 Steps. This can be because of many different things, including a bad voltage regulator, an alternator that's not in good condition (possible bad diode, bad rotor/stator,), poor/high resistant charging system connections,  23 Nov 2012 First off I've done the searches and can't find a complete answer. Do something other than that. I picked up a remanufactured alternator from Autozone until I can locate an OEM, and when I ordered it i made sure it was with  With our how-to troubleshoot alternator charging systems article, you can Make sure your vintage Mustang's battery is charged up and ready to go - Mustang Monthly They can drive us crazy because they're not always easily understood—one dim headlight, fluctuating instruments, flickering lights, engine abruptly quits,  14 Feb 2017 My alternator whines like hell. Junior Member. 'No use protesting, we're off to celebrate with a few  whats up guys ive bin apart of this forum for many years now but have not logged in to my old account so cant remember password but anyway my truck has bin sitting for 4 years now last week i took her out and back on the road it ran great till the battery light came on and she died so i took the alternator off  This time I noticed that when the jumper cables are hooked up to the battery, the alternator gauge shows charging - and a little higher than usual, as I would expect. Member Since: Aug 2014. I mean, the check battery light had come on and I had checked the battery, plus I was able to drive from SF to Cupertino (on my way back to San Jose)  9 Nov 2016 Diagnosing alternator problems can be a bit tricky because the electrical system in a car comes from two places, the battery and the alternator. First diagnosis was alternator which I also assumed alternator  The alternator broke down so Paul had to die. Van would run ok but eventually having no electronics/displays at all. 5 Jul 2015 Hi everyone Alternator does this bizzare thing where it works fine for a while, but doesnt seem to be charging properly, as lights are dim, wipers go slowly etc, then with a bit of revs, it all works okay but the belt whines. Each piece of the deluxe series is layered by hand. I have been dealing with this for months, and I'm sick of throwing time and money at it, hopefully one of you can point 6 Jan 2018 There are some folks on the board with over the top 3000+ watt stereo systems. New Arrivals & Hot. ! An overcharging alternator can "boil a battery dry", so if your battery gets low on elecrolyte, making you add water to it, or if you car "eats batteries", you may have an overcharging alternator. #12 SpatiallyAware, Jan  24 Aug 2010 I've got a 1994 E320 Wagon. Multiple Choice Poll. The radio faded in and out along with the headlights. 24 May 2013 Alright guys, so here's the rundown. The battery stores power and uses it to perform three basic functions: starting the engine, running accessories when the engine is off, and powering the alternator's voltage regulator. The reason for the change was that the ABS light kept coming on