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Upvote. 4 месяца назад. Ark's SmartBridge technology, developed by the Ark Ecosystem Team, is the first blockchain technology of its kind and gives ARK a unique angle in the cryptocurrency space. With the development of smart bridges, pushbutton deployed blockchains, and smartbridges, Ark could be the go to platform for ICOs. Vote 4 Ark  12 Jan 2018 by building a blockchain in Javascript they'd be able to tap into a huge pool of Javascript developers. Nathan_D 2017-11-02 06:34:27 UTC #17. Ark Ecosystem Community Chat: Ark provides users, developers, and startups with innovative blockchain technologies. 23 Sep 2017 SmartBridge technology is a major selling point of cryptocurrency named ARK. Verwirklicht wird dieses Konzept durch eine Eigenentwicklung, die Smart Bridge genannt wird. ARK, with its extensive capabilities, incorporates some of the best features like SmartBridge Technology, allowing it to communicate with other blockchains. Explaining #ARK 's #Smartbridge Technology. com/watch?v=XaS3hXHVSdc #ARK #SmartBridge #pushbuttonblockchain #ACES #cryptocurrency #blockchain #crypto #opensource #developers #javascript #DPoS. | News | Cointelegraph. Ark Smart Bridges And Neo S Da Hongfei Meets With Chinese Government Officials Bullish :  4. Linking block chains allow developers to invest in better ideas relaying in different blockchains, but in one platform. 2cdca9e5ff, 2018/02/03 12:41:59, dutchdelegate · AdQ1wLhhtQ AdQ1wLhhtQ, Thank you for voting. How would a smart ridge link ethereum and bitcoin for example together? Secondly, if I had bitcoin. If you no longer want to receive notifications,  #etherparty #doge #datacoin #subcoin #paycoin #vtc #vertcoin #atmchain #atmcoin #navcoin #nav #eos #san #siacoin #ardr #funcoin #decred #dcr #xem #nem #ark #arkcoin #bittrex #bitcoin ARK. Use code "6bXKwD" Ark HUGE Buying Opportunity Right NOWCrypto Investor. In this example, we will create an "Ark Ethereum Contract Service" that allows a user to create an Ethereum contract using an Ark transaction. 30 Tem 2017 Bu tek başına çok büyük bir gelişme olsa da Smartbridges teknolojisi sadece bundan ibaret değil. Creating, Sharing and Celebrating the World's Visual Language. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. php?topic= 1649695. io Bitcointalk thread : https://bitcointalk. Recent surge in price may be a glimpse for what is coming in  29 Sep 2017 Enter Ark, an ecosystem launched on March 21st of this year, geared towards mass adoption by making blockchain technology easier to use. ARK - SmartBridge Technology. Also, right now, the focus is on "Vendor Field" a 64 bytes custom available space on Ark blockchain  SmartBridge, Ark tarafından kurulmuş olan blok zincirlerinin birbirlerine bağlanmasına izin veren ve aralarında iletişim kurmasını sağlayan bir teknolojidir. In short, ARK is a blockchain-based digital ecosystem that is equipped with SmartBridge technology. Для этого у Ark есть поставщики и закодированные . NOTE: Before we delve deeper into this article I'd just like to clarify I was in no way forced to do this article, nor was this  3 Aug 2017 ARK is a crypto assets company based on an advanced Blockchain, with a repertoire of features such as SmartBridge Technology, which allows communication with other block strings – listeners participate in this process thanks to ARK's SmartBridge service provider, Messages themselves are executable  19 Aug 2017 The platform relies on smart bridges to extend the reach of its operations to other blockchains. Get daily udates via: ARK; The proof that Ark's Smartbridges are needed  29 Jan 2018 ARK Smartbridge ARK has announced a release of ARK Deployer, a lightweight script enabling “Point. Keywords: coin, crypto, bitcoin, ethereum, smartbridge, altcoin, dpos, community, blockchain, web3, ark, ecosystem, arkcoin, trading, development, delegate,  Congratulations @ryoting! You have completed some achievement on Steemit and have been rewarded with new badge(s) : You got your First payout. The ARK project has been focusing on SmartBridge technology for some time now. In a recent interview, Mike Doty ARK's Managing Director said, "One major future use-case of SmartBridge and interconnected blockchains will be the ability for a decentralized exchange in a trustless  2 sept 2017 Dit wordt SmartBridge technologie genoemd. Ark would be great! 06 Jan sonic. io description page “So it's target audience is consumer based, that's great, but what's the game changer with this coin?” Two Words: SmartBridge Technology. · November 3, 2016 ·. 2 days ago ARK - SmartBridge Technology. 28 Dec 2017 Populous (PPT) · Stratis (STRAT) · Tether (USDT) · Waves (WAVES) · Hshare (HSR) · ByteCoin (BCN) · Dogecoin (DOGE) · Komodo (KMD) · Siacoin (SC) · Binance Coin (BNB) · Augur (REP) · Full Coin List · Coin Price Prediction. 04 Jan Bootleg. Qtum is a great hedge against Neo. Deze technologie kan alle verschillen tussen de verschillende blokketen ontwerpen overbruggen en met elkaar laten communiceren binnen een netwerk van blokketens. Accessible via push button clone-able blockchains, and our SmartBridge technology. com/@samuelzwaan/ark-bounty-move-away-from-ark-js-dependency-1fb1becde0c5. It has a huge team  2 Nov 2017 Learn about ARK, an ambitious crypto project aiming to create a user-friendly platform for mass consumer adoption via an ecosystem of linked chains. With the integration of alternative programming languages, almost any developer can feel comfortable building on top of  So I have now read the white paper for ark, and I have a question. Photo. 14772725, 0. To do this  22 Sep 2017 The one downside to the only working SmartBridge available today is that it needs to go through the ARK blockchain. Ark bu teknoloji ile bireysel kullanıcıların veya şirketlerin basitçe birkaç tıklama ile kendi ihtiyaçlarına göre düzenleyebilecekleri Ark blok zincirine bağlı yan zincirler oluşturmalarına imkan sağlamayı amaçlıyor. 1800158951946590526, 3424481, 2018/02/05 18:42:24, 0, wes, 0, 2. Sept. ARK will be in top 5 CMC very soon :) 07 Jan Matt. DPOS: DPOS is a system in Ark  Learn about the key features of ARK and its advantages and disadvantages. . Demandez pour en savoir plus. io. Blockchain” systems. About us. 25 Apr 2017 By now many people want to know the technical details of ARK's SmartBridge but broken down into a less technical and everyday example. To do this Ark has vendor fields and encoded listener nodes which  2 Dec 2017 Ark is one of the most ambitious projects in the crypto space. All metrics are updated by minute to minute, as they happen. Instead of using sidechains, ARK has SmartBridge, which enables other blockchains to send special messages to and  23 Jan 2018 One aim of the platform is to increase the interoperability of many different blockchains in the ecosystem by use of ARK's SmartBridge technology. The most immediate application is to bring in essential features like smart contracts, but further down the line it could become even more important. One of Lisk's goals with sidechains was to allow other distributed applications to have their own chains but stay connected to the Lisk ecosystem. ARK aims to create an entire ecosystem of linked chains and a virtual spiderweb of endless use-cases that make ARK highly flexible,  $ARK's Dr. One of the most important updates on the new release is that it now includes  ark smartbridge Video Download 3GP, MP4, HD MP4, And Watch ark smartbridge Video. 11135164067545898017  28 Jul 2017 The Encoded listeners listen to the communication sent over ARK SmartBridge service provider fields. This means that Ark's 'SMARTBRIDGE' system could potentially be used to run  21 Dec 2017 What is Ark? Ark is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency which aims to facilitate transactions between every blockchain using Ark tokens, on what is called a 'SmartBridge'. That's what this article will focus on. The apps include a mobi The latest Tweets from ARK. Ark'ın SmartBridge sağlayıcı alanları ve özel kodlanmış dinleyici düğümleri olarak anılan, yerine getirebileceği görevleri bulması için  12 Dec 2017 Ark, a new all-in-one blockchain solution available to users, developers and startups, is using the innovative smartbridge system to offer flexibility and power like never before. 1. ARK SmartBridges and Encoded Listeners. ebf84. SmartBridges allow for communication among validated bridged blockchains with the ability to perform tasks and advanced functions. This means that the platform can function as an intermediary to merge  12 Sep 2017 FREE Video Shows How to Earn Serious Income with Cryptocurrencies: HERE. The code embedded in the ETH chain is always listening for an ark SmartBridge transaction and will collect this info and trigger the function to issue a  Die Selbstbezeichnung von ARK ist daher auch ARK Ecosystem. io/) is the first working use-case of ARK's SmartBridge technology. Ark is a decentralized company developing a next level blockchain, with the main scope to create the possibility to have different blockchains communicating between them. Best, Yokoama  13 Jan 2018 Ark is a cryptocurrency that has pioneered an interoperable 'SMARTBRIDGE' blockchain system between all cryptocurrencies, which uses 'encoded listeners' and 'vendor fields' to link any blockchain app function to another. As blockchains proliferate and become a standard  ArkEcosystem. Find out how it works today in our ARK review. 0 previous DPoS implementations. ARK 플랫폼은 사이드체인이나 dApp 데이터베이스에 대한 직접적인 지원을 제공하지는 않지만, 그 대신 블록체인들을 서로 연결하는 메커니즘이 ARK 코어를 통해 제공됩니다. Замысел довольно простой: мы берем блокчейн приложения и даем им больше возможностей, мы позволяем им использоваться за пределами их собственного блокчейна. The concept behind Ark is that chains can be linked, enabling anyone to create their own blockchain whilst benefiting from the security and scalability of the Ark main chain it's tied to. 14 Sep 2017 To increase the reach of the Ark platform, Ark bridges together useful and proprietary blockchains through the use of ARK SmartBridges. ARK's SmartBridge does not use sidechains and other blockchains can send special messages to and through ARK by using SmartBridge. Referring back to the whitepaper we see that Ark is: a community, a token, a SmartBridge, a point of sale network and many other  Taken from my Insider newsletter: Ark is an ecosystem. Id, Timestamp, Sender, Recipient, Smartbridge, Amount (ARK), Fee (ARK). In effect, ARK is a platform to enables  22 Nov 2017 These platforms can use encoded listeners to act as a medium for SmartBridge transactions while still charging their normal transaction fees. 31 May 2017 Post with 8 votes and 300 views. How Ark Works. With this ARK seeks to create a blockchain solution with all the traditional benefits that come with blockchain networks and systems. However, investors that aim at understanding the real use of cryptocurrencies, find better buys both in the short term and long term. ARK is configured to process fast transactions and uses a decentralised voting system which enables those invested in the network to vote for its future. 20 Jan 2018 FOMO and FUD investment strategies gains returns for the whales and a lucky few early investors. ARK is a blockchain technology platform that involves a combination of different blockchains and technologies. Rules. A blockchain interoperability platform for a new world. 0. According to Github, Javascript is, by far, the most used development language. Watch Intro Video. ARK also uses SmartBridges to  Free Download Ark Smart Bridges And Neo S Da Hongfei Meets With Chinese Government Officials Bullish mp3. Ark founder Travis Walker provided some great examples earlier in the year. Which exchange can be used to trade eth/ark? I've seen that this isn't possible on bittrex. Yeah, Ark smart bridges are key, yet they're not very far into development. 16 Jul 2008 Can we engineer bridges that tell us what's wrong with them before it's too late? ARK Blockchain Explorer. Tagged with bitcoin, cryptocurrency, altcoin, ark, arkecosystem; Shared by ominousshark. Very speculative. Excellent development team, DPos, Smart Bridges, Push button blockchains, Great tech Great future. 21 Sep 2017 ARK Contract Execution Services, or ACES, is a community sponsored and developed project utilizing the ARK SmartBridge to provide users with the ability to connect to the Ethereum Blockchain via an ARK created technology known as "Encoded Listeners. Waiting for transactions Latest Blocks. ARK CORE - Founding Members, Advisers and Crew Mike Doty, Managing Director / Co-Founder François-Xavier Thoorens, Head of Development / Co-Founder Lars Rensing, Head of Finance / Co-Founder Travis Walker, Board Member / Co-Founder Rok Černec, Board Member / Co-Founder Scott Royal  15 Nov 2016 ARK's solution is called SmartBridge. Ark is fast, boasting  SmartBridges: The Smart Bridge functionality will allow different enterprises, individuals and developers to use different functionalities from different block chains and networks. 2017 Ark ist eine Kryptowährung, die auf der Technologie von Ethereum basiert und bietet eine Plattform für Verbrauchereinführungen. In dat geval kan je gewoon naar je ARK wallet gaan en met behulp van het SmartBridge tabje de juiste instructies invoeren voor de FCT blockchain. This now focuses on ACES (ARK Contract Execution Services) sponsored by ARK and built by community developers. Id, Height, Timestamp, Transactions, Generated by, Amount (ARK), Forged (ARK). By utilizing the ARK SmartBridge, ARK will be able to link  4 Oct 2017 ARK provides users, developers, and startups with innovative blockchain technologies. 11 Sep 2016 Quote directly from ARK. Ark is another new cryptocurrency using Javascript, with the aim of creating “Smart Bridges” between existing blockchains. c1b18fd6e1, 2018/02/04 21:43:17, AFrPt8nE9V · ATDvgHeCsJ ATDvgHeCsJ, binance, 3,479. Click. ARK Ecosystem - Smartbridge & Cryptocurrency. There is a small bit of code in the ARK structure which helps it to be connect different blockchains to the core of ARK. 27 Nov 2017 Ark is an ecosystem meant to bring mass adoption to cryptocurrency. Current price: https://coinmarketcap. 3 Jan 2018 Ark Ecosystem - NEXT. In a recent interview, Mike Doty ARK's Managing Director said,"One major future use-case of SmartBridge and interconnected blockchains will be the ability for a decentralized exchange in a trustless  30 Jan 2018 ARK SmartBridge: ARK is built to integrate features from other blockchains and work across multiple chains. adb69a010f, 2018/02/04  11 Sep 2017 ARK's SmartBridge Technology is their way of connecting and communicating with other blockchains. db186d380c, 2018/02/04 21:44:15, AJoi53oTqK · AQ4gH6DhBy AQ4gH6DhBy, 52. The premise is rather simple, we take the apps produced on one blockchain and we give them more  24 Aug 2017 16 Nov 2017 Ark is a cryptocurrency that connects the blockchain of every cryptocurrency in existence. 16 Nov 2017 Ark is a cryptocurrency that connects the blockchain of every cryptocurrency in existence. 23 Apr 2017 Re: ARK - Blockchains Interoperability with SmartBridge ARK on BiTTREX What the fack just happening, is there something with Ark failed? 17 Jan 2018 The very competent development team working on the Ark blockchain will be implementing ARKVM, an Ark implementation of Smart Contracts as well as SmartBridge Partnerships, similar to cross-chain atomic swaps. View On Twitter. 즉 어떠한 블록체인이라도 ARK 네트워크 상에서 트리거 기능과 정보 데이터를 보낼 수 있습니다. 31711, 0. They have managed to do this for Ark — Ethereum but recently also  Id, Timestamp, Sender, Recipient, Smartbridge, Amount (ARK), Fee (ARK). The same technology can also be used for other coins such as Ethereum, bitcoins and also for SmartBridge apps. It's built on top of a highly secured blockchain that's designed  21 Mar 2017 A new decentralized digital asset token, ARK is based on a much-advanced blockchain technology and is meant for mass consumer adoption. ARK Contract Execution Services (ACES) provides simple protocols and tools for building  Hey everyone, if you have heard of the crypto ARK, you may have heard of one of their developmentsthe ARK… by pbgreenpoint. How would a smart ridge link ethereum and bitcoin for example together? 11 Sep 2017 This is where the SmartBridge system in Ark kicks in, the premise is rather simple, we take the apps produced on the blockchain and we give them more functionality, we allow them to be utilized outside the bounds of their own blockchain. You can earn around 3k USD. youtube. 11 Oct 2017 Ark is a platform built with the goal of facilitating consumer adoption of all cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications by using SmartBridge technology. À propos | Services | Solutions DPoS | Formation|Blogue | Calendrier | Contact  Related Posts: ARK Paves the Way for Cryptocurrency Regulation Becoming France's First SCIC ARK Paves the Way for Cryptocurrency Regulation… ARK Creates a Unique Business Entity · ARK. Through the use of SmartBridges,  15 Dec 2017 Ark (ARK) is very persistent in achieving SmartBridge adoption on the rest of the market. Not to be confused with side chains, these allow blockchains to be connected by sending and receiving trigger function notices and informational data through the primary ARK network via custom developed  3 Nov 2016 About ARK Ecosystem. ARK is a new and emerging cryptocurrency that is designed for those who are new to the market. io (@ArkEcosystem). Interconnexion de Blockchain. To achieve this ambitious goal, Ark uses smartbridge technology which allows the platform to reach out to other blockchains. thank you man. 18 Sep 2017 ARK Contract Execution Services(https://aces-ark. ark. For more information about SteemitBoard, click here. exchange. The primary objective of ARK is to increase consumer adoption of blockchain  A simple explanation of #ARK #SmartBridge #technology and what we are trying to achieve. These SmartBridges allow for communication among validated bridged blockchains with the. ACES is an Encoded listener node, with a user interface connecting ARK and ETH. When a matching message is found, it sends the transaction to the consumer for further processing. 2. Click on any badge to view your own Board of Honor on SteemitBoard. Unlike Ethereum, where it provides a backend network as a platform for other coins and DAPPS to run on, Ark created its own blockchain and is creating all its own Apps. This SmartBridge allows for communication between validated bridged blockchains. An ARK transaction could  29 Tháng Mười 2017 Sau khi triển khai các công nghệ này vào ARK Core thông qua các blockchain được kết nối (ARK SmartBridge), nhóm ARK sử dụng các kết nối này và các lĩnh vực dữ liệu đa năng để xây dựng các tính năng mới cũng như cung cấp các dịch vụ có giá trị cho người tiêu dùng thông thường. Ledger, on the other hand, is the cryptocurrency hardware wallet that is used for saving  10 Jan 2018 What is Ark? Ark is a stand out project in crypto that began in February of 2017 and is aiming to redefine the way blockchains are created and interact with each other (SmartBridges, explained later). com/currencies/ark/#markets Exchange to purchase Ar. The latest Tweets from ARK. 14 hours ago · $ARK's update on  Id, Timestamp, Sender, Recipient, Smartbridge, Amount (ARK), Fee (ARK). ×Close Not your pump n dumb coin. https://www. SmartBridge is the ability to  ARK provides users, developers, and startups with innovative blockchain technologies. We aim to create an entire ecosystem of linked chains and a virtual spiderweb of endless use-cases that make ARK highly flexible, adaptable, and scalable. org/index. ARK Cryptocurrency Altcoin Review: Smartbridge Blockchains. Unlike sidechains, smartbridges enable  ARK SmartBridges. ARK is a new cryptocurrency ecosystem focused on consumer adoption through a series of innovative core technology advancements, practical applications for everyday use, and strategic partnerships with industry leaders. Die Smart Bridges werden dabei entweder ähnlich den Smart Contracts von Ethereum in die Blockchain, zu der die Verknüpfung hergestellt wird, eingehängt oder  Instead of using sidechains, ARK has SmartBridge, which enables other blockchains to send special messages to and through ARK. This article will also assume for examples that most blockchains are already SmartBridge compatible. Get price, charts, news, exchanges and detailed analysis for Ark (ARK). 55681286, 0. It uses  24 Aug 2017 Get familiar with the Ark token, Ark Ecosystem and Smartbridge Technology with our Complete Beginner's Guide to ARK. #ARK #LSK #ETH #BTC #TEC #altcoin #Bitcoin #fintech #crowdfund #ICO #blockchain #investors #VC #crypto #crowdsale #investors #technology #news #blockchain #secure #cryptocurrency #launch #application #startup @arkecosystem. 104 online / 629 total. Diese Kryptowährung versorgt ihre Benutzer mit innovativen benutzerfreundliche Fällen durch die Entwicklung und Integration von Technologie. Blockchain Interoperability Platform. 1f69b, 2018/02/03 12:42:10, dutchdelegate · AMaVyZFwss AMaVyZFwss, Thank you for voting. La solution SmartBridge de Ark couvre vos besoins d'interconnexion. This means that Ark's 'SMARTBRIDGE' system could potentially be used to run 15 Nov 2016 The ARK Platform relies on smartbridges to extend the reach of its operations to other blockchains. 11 Mar 2017 ARK is a new decentralized digital asset token that can link any blockchain by using SmartBridge technology. ARK is a secure platform designed for mass adoption and will deliver the  Building a blockchain app (encoded listener) and connecting it to ARK's mainchain via SmartBridge for initial testing. 8 Aug 2017 ARK, the decentralized digital asset token based on advanced blockchain technology such as its SmartBridge, allowing it to communicate with other blockchains has announced extensive improvements to its desktop platform. The latter road map goal is more of a reminder as they will never be able to complete a  ARK developed SmartBridge to overcome this obstacle. io Website Modularized & Internationalized  Example 1: If you wanted to trigger an ETH smart contract but hold ark, you could just send the instructions through ark SmartBridge, right in the wallet to trigger the event. I held some but dumped it going into the forks, but hope to re acquire in the coming weeks. 36791434, 0. The Ark Blockchain Explorer provides detailed information about addresses, blocks and transactions on the Ark network. 또한, '중앙화' 서비스와의 연결도 가능  ARK 的宗旨是使区块链被更广泛使用(increasing consumer adoption)。以技术上来说ARK 是基于一个DPOS 区块链,并有原生的ARK 虚拟货币。最主要的功能是让使用者可透过ARK 平台和其他区块链互动,他们称这个技术叫做“SmartBridges”。如果未来区块链被广泛地使用,不太可能使用者在每次使用前都要先透过交易所兑换;  Aiming to provide innovative blockchain technologies, ARK aims to create an entire ecosystem that is flexible, adaptable and scalable. If you wanted to trigger an Ethereum smart contract, but don't hold any Ether, you could send instructions through the Ark SmartBridge. We are building a developer friendly blockchain interoperability platform to unleash the full potential of the crypto revolution. What Is ARK? ARK is a blockchain technology platform made by the ARK Crew. Lisk allows other distributed applications to stay connected to the Lisk ecosystem through sidechains. #blockchain #IoT #cryptocurrency #fintech #future ARK. Learn more about the company and its SmartBridge technology. Ark is an ambitious cryptocurrency seeking to be the bridge between multiple blockchains through its SmartBridge technology. Scott McPherson full presentation from #BTCMiami #conference. It is the first blockchain ecosystem to be incorporated in the European Union, having been incorporated in France as a cooperative  11 Sep 2017 ARK's SmartBridge Technology is their way of connecting and communicating with other blockchains. " ACES will allow users to execute smart  hi everyone one: is thare any way to buy Ark with euros or dollars? As for now dude you cant buy an ARK using dollars or euros directly but theirs a option ; buy Bitcoin or ETH and convert it to ARK. Vous utilisez d'autres chaînes de bloc? Pas de problème. ARK chain will consequently be the go-to intermediary for all other cryptocurrencies utilizing this concept. The keys are Ark's Encoded Listening and SmartBridge features. SmartBridges enable the Ark  31 okt 2017 Je wilt gebruikmaken van de Factom blockchain door een record entry op de Factom blockchain toe te voegen, maar je beschikt alleen maar over ARK. This is both a lofty and noble goal which makes Ark unlike the myriad of other cryptocurrencies available. Welche die Kraft des  Ark (ARK) is a blockchain technology and cryptocurrency that has a number of proprietary features including SmartBridge. ARK zal eerst een SmartBridges bouwen met het Bitcoin, Lisk en Ethereum netwerk. 22 Aug 2017 - 2 min - Uploaded by Delegate DoomWebsite : https://ark. - A Set of Bridged Blockchains through SmartBridge ​- To increase the reach of the ARK platform, ARK bridges together useful and proprietary blockchains through the use of ARK SmartBridges. It recently established itself as a formal business entity in France, an SCIC, allowing it to make the future  13 Apr 2017 Currently bought in @ around 2-3cents when it first got listed on bittrex and accumulated some more at 5 cents. So I have now read the white paper for ark, and I have a question. ACES initial release made for another world first for ARK, by bridging two separate blockchains together and achieving true interoperability between ecosystems. This would jump blockchains and trigger the  2 Dec 2017 The ACES team is working on use-case for ARK's SmartBridge technology. The concept of being able to connect to Ark's blockchain through the addition of a simple snippet of code makes every project connectable amongst them. Mục tiêu chính  13 сен 2017 Вот где появляется система smartbridge (умный мост) в Ark. Someone could issue an ARK transaction using Ethereum or trigger an Ethereum smart contract from Bitcoin through ARK–once Bitcoi Hey Ark Community, Ark Community Fund has a bounty opportunity: https://medium. The technology is called 'SmartBridge". The current state in the world of cryptocurrencies has faced a challenge in  The SmartBridge Listener scans Ark transactions for matching message tokens Rated by MyTOP