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- massdrop. We Build the ULTIMATE Gaming Headset (AKG K7XX/Massdrop Minimic Review). หยิกหู 0. to/1UehMxV. com/buy/akg-k7xx-massdrop-first-edition-headphones. com/buy/akg-x-massdrop-k7xx-limited-edition-ruby-red?mode=guest_open . Here's all the info you need on Massdrop AKG K7XX drop. Sound: Yes. com/buy/akg-k7xx-massdrop-first-edition-headphones Thoughts on these? I've never And that makes it very difficult to know if you'd like them if you've never heard an AKG open headphone before. Also, AKG's K7xx series is know for extremely wide sound stage, I hope it rubs off on the 550 (it seems so, as people do remark on the rather wide sound stage for a closed set). 21 Mar 2016 The track used for the purpose of this review was, “I Hear You Talkn',” featuring Amos Lee. K7XX took all that was great about that signature AKG sound and tweaked the bass response (among other little things) making it more controlled, clean and tight. com/buy/massdrop-x-akg-k 9 Feb 2016 Recent exclusives included a Massdrop version of the AKG K-701 headphones called the K-7xx, as well as a version of the AKG K-551, called the K-553. Pictures Background Massdrop has quickly become a hub on the internet for headphone enthusiasts, especially with the introduction of exclusive  11 Dec 2017 Today, we're taking a close look at the Massdrop x AKG K7XX Audiophile Headphones, paired with their own Minimic and Creative's Sound BlasterX E5 gaming amp, to build our very own “no sacrifices” gaming headset. This includes the Pioneer  9 Oct 2016 Living room HT: Energy RC-50, Ascend Sierra Horizon w/RAAL, Ascend Sierra 1, PSB Imagine XA | PSA V1500 and CHT SS 18. Equipment used: Headphones: RHA T10, T20, AKG K7XX, LCD-2f, Momentum, RE-400, HD-650. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. Just Yes. All sound really for the most part. I'm enjoying it almost everyday at work and in vacations. For classical the refinement of a Sennheiser HD6XX or the transparency and huge soundstage of an AKG K7XX might appeal  6 Jul 2016 Perhaps it behooves me to try some of these high-performance cans, thought I. But, if I had to pick one failing of the HE-400i's design, it's one that was carried over from the HE-400, the screw-on, mini-coax connectors that  gw coba post di salah satu thread disini buat tanya ini spesific headphone gak ada yg tahu, mungkin karena barang "special" jadi to warung pun gak ada. Since then, they've received praise from Head-Fi, Super Best Audio Friends, Z Reviews, and more for offering a rare value in the world of open-back cans. quality. I have the Sennheiser HD6XX, Sennheiser HD598SE, AKG K7XX, AKG 593 Pro, AKG M220, HifiMan HE350. 2017. com offers the best prices on computer products, laptop computers, LED LCD TVs, digital cameras, electronics, unlocked phones, office supplies, and more with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. 4 GHz? If so it's a no  9 Apr 2016 Sennheiser HD800: http://amzn. AKG K7XX (Massdrop) Measurement and Succinct Review [ATTACH] OK, it's really the AKG 7XX, but I thought seven triple-X sounded more interesting. 4 Jun 2016 I bought this pair of K7XX from Massdrop as part of the initial release and have had it ever since. My budget is 200£ and for that, I could get a pair of AKG Q701 headphones. 0. I spent the afternoon and most of the evening playing a lot of CD-res FLACs from the iPad. Flat-wire voice coil. LG seems to have done something quite amazing with their V20 by adding the Quad DAC inside. AKG K 553 Pro: http://amzn. Most relevant reviews. With the AKG K7XX, I play music about 1 tick below the full volume of the phone. Massdrop allows you to vote on cool technology and various goods you are  4 May 2016 - 10 minConfigured by Massdrop, manufactured by AKG, and made possible by you, the AKG K7XX 21 Dec 2015 The AKG K7XX headphones last year and the Grace Design m9XX USB DAC / amp a few weeks ago were both warmly received by the discerning audio lovers at Head-Fi, the Mecca for high-end headphones enthusiasts. of each headphone. Headphone Output DSC_0571. Music used: From Röyksopp to Amber Rubarth, Diana Krall to Apoptygma Berzerk, Tom Jones to Sphongle, Yello to Camouflage, mostly FLACs 24/96 or 16/44. This morning I'm listening to Mark and Maggie O'Connor's Duo album via Tidal through my pair of AKG K7xx headphones connected to the Grace  28 Sep 2014 The headband has been changed from a more rigid leather wrapped affair to a suspension headband system employed in headphones like AKG's K7XX series. Ultimate retail price will be around $650. gl/Vio6Qi]. ความคิดเห็นที่ : 1  They came packaged very well, new like they said (bought from someone else on here as the others wouldn't ship to Canada and none were on amazon. I thank him for making this review possible. 8 / 5. 1 | Denon X4200W | modified Dayton SA1000 Other rooms: CBM-170 SE | SVS SB-1000 | Audio-GD NFB-11 | Parasound Zamp | JBL LSR305 Headphone & Portable AKG K7XX  AKG Authorised Dealer in New Zealand & Australia - Rubber Monkey - Your Audio Visual Superstore. Become a patron. "Just wanted to comment that I've only had the O2/ODAC combo for about a week, and am astounded by the quality of the sound, and of the device in general. If you're at  19 Oct 2015 Most obvious would be the Q701's cousins: AKG's K612, K701, K702, K712, and K7XX from Massdrop. com. This took an item that was limited edition and priced over $400 and brought it down to $199 simply by switching some build materials and moving production to China. Unfortunately, most of the headsets I have been looking at have an open back system. I can hear distortion on the right driver and even changing sources/cleaning. The AKG K7XX was sent to us for review by Massdrop. The problem with having a simple answer comes down to the multi. to/1R8uECG. I'm not a huge believer in burn in as a significant factor in changing the way something sounds (though I'm well  6 Feb 2017 This review is pretty good on the AKG K7xx vs the Philips SHP9500, looks like the extra bass is there on the K7's »www. A few weeks ago, one of my good friends came with something in his hand that looked pretty much like a bomb. They are the product of a joint venture between AKG and Massdrop. to/1Uei87t --------------------------------------------------- I'm blown away by the sound quality of the JDS Element with the Massdrop AKG K7XX. ให้กำลังใจ 0. com/akg-k7xx-red-headphones-review-13767/ …pic. If anyone has any questions,  9 Jun 2017 If you've been looking for your next pair of audiophile-grade, open-back headphones this classic collaboration between Massdrop and AKG may be the one for you. I personally . Genuine leather headband. The K7XX has gotten good reviews and measurements. The K7XX has been around for a couple of several years now, and have appeared exclusively on Massdrop a number of times. S Originally I was about to buy these pads from my  Basically, I am looking to get a new set of headphones since my old Grado SR60s are giving up the ghost. However, unlike Walmart, you can't really hate on Massdrop and AKG for  Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for AKG K7XX First Edition Pro Studio Reference Headphones at Amazon. ○ . 4 out of five stars in 376 reviews  12 Sep 2016 The new AKG K7xx is the result of a joint venture between AKG and Massdrop https://www. I've had them 6 days, the high's and mid's are what shine in this. Some of these are harder to push for what their impedance is so I had to find some workarounds. org, and average 4. Recent Posts. Mine is a first edition with a serial number less than 300. 2 Apr 2009 The AKG K 702 Open Back Dynamic Reference Headphones offer an ultracomfortable way to enjoy sound that is remarkably more open than most sets; they're like personal speakers for your head. I have read some good things about them but one of the things brought out in every single review is that they are hard to  21 Apr 2015 Great review! Although I disagree with the "value" portion While I agree that the K7XX cannot perform at it's best on as many varied amp setups as the HD650, it does perform at it's best on clean SS rigs Budget options of which happen to comprise an enormous margin of the market. 28 Nov 2016 If it ain't broke don't fix it. It feels solidly assembled, and looks great on my desk!" Email from Arthur C5 Owner. Consider this my experience log! Home · Video Games; Food. Second I'm going for the  6 Feb 2015 Featured in the pic are: Headphones (left to right): AKG K7XX dynamic, ZMF planar magnetic, Sennheizer HD800 dynamic, Grado 325i Prestige Series dynamic, and Grado 225i Prestige Series dynamic. 2. The AKG K7XX are driven by an external Audio-gd Sparrow A DAC. How much leakage is there in such a setup? I have been primarily looking at the AKG k7xx as I've heard great reviews  3 Nov 2016 And they were the top U. 0 replies 3 retweets  26 Jan 2016 Ok, every time I see a thread asking about headphones for mixing, I always tout these bad boys. impedance: 62 Ohms 8. Ultimately, I see the K7XX as a very capitalist pair of headphones. Specifications & Highlights. Lite mer bas men lite sämre ljudbild än AKG om jag får gissa, men mer prisvärda och även mer lättdrivna skulle jag tro. akg-k7xx · General Information · Reviews (19). Bestel nu = maandag in huis (gratis). Both the Meze 99 Classic and the AKG K7XX offered large, somewhat diffuse soundstages much larger than that of the DT1770 Pro. OK, it's really the AKG 7XX, but I thought seven triple-X sounded more interesting. These headphones present the music "uncolored", as it was  Introduction Earlier this year, Massdrop organized a drop for a customized Hifiman HE-300, much like how they did for AKG k7xx. Specs Configured by Massdrop Manufactured by AKG Open-back construction Ruby Red (RAL 3003) colorway Preselected dynamic transducers Flat-wire voice coil https://www. twitter. 16 Dec 2016 iFi Audio Pro iCAN review. Dù đều là những hãng âm thanh tên tuổi nhưng nếu xét về mặt tiếng tăm cả Fostex và Grace Design đều không thể sánh được với hãng tai nghe AKG (Áo), nay đã về tay tập đoàn Harman Kardon. All summer, me and my juicer there are actually several latest lists from must-see travel and leisure destinations. by cmaihoferApr 18, 2016. The first drop is going to be 2000 units and is scheduled to start in the next week. You can read the. S. Читать дальше  2 Aug 2016 although i do not work for ZTE, not for their partners, and don't even have the Axon 7 :((( If anyone wants to give me one for review, i don't mind! I can drive my AKG K7XX open-back headphones fairly well with my HTC 10 without a need for an external amp, although I'm pushing the built-in amp near its  Generic Replacement Coiled Headphones DJ Cable Wire For AKG Q701 K702 K271 K272 K240 MKII K242 Headphones 1-3Meters AKG Q701 K702, AKG K271 K272 K240 MKII K242, AKG K271s K240s K267, AKG k141 k171 K181 EK300 EK500S, AKG k249 k 249, Massdrop AKG K7XX headphones. iFi Audio Pro iCAN. 0, gives you an experience and level of quality you can't achieve through traditional headsets. So, they're clearly in demand, but are they any good? 27 Oct 2016 Disclaimer: It's been a while but I'm back with my first article that covers a full size headphone on Headfonia and I think you'll see me covering more variety of gear soon. 20 Jun 2016 I am one of the lucky few who made it into the OnePlus Lab to Peer Review the OnePlus 3, and I'm here now to let you know how great this phone sounds. solid isolation but not outstanding (in comparison to my Focal Spirit Professionals) with good but not great clarity (again in comparison to Focals and my AKG K7XX), they  21 Feb 2016 You've come to the right place!! What I will bring you in this review. I'll update if I find it. In winkelwagen. . I borrowed the AKG K7XX Red Edition from a good friend for this article. Superlux HD 668B – These headphones have gotten lots of positive comments in reviews and on Head-Fi. Varimotion two-layer diaphragm. My previous Amp  I´ve had a couple of different pairs of AKG-headphones and sure, all of them sounded ok-ish but the buildquality was abysmal. Vergelijk. Pre-selected dynamic transducers. 01. If only I hadn't just bought a new microwave/oven, Civ: BE and Dragon  K7XX - Q701 - Sennheiser HD558 - Sennheiser HD600 - Sennheiser HD600 - Logitech g35 - AKG 553 Pro's Reference earphones for comparison, Apple Earpods: . Wellthey've changed their tune a bit with the just announced Massdrop Sennheiser HD 6XX because in this case they didn't  12 Dec 2017 - 12 minhttps://www. I don't think I'll ever go back to the “all-in-one” solution again. P. I did see a review that measured the output power now that I think about itI'll have to look for it. REAL CUSTOMER REVIEWS. Memory foam earpads with velour covering. 12:00 PM - 27 Sep 2017. 3 oz (235 g). Where the Beyerdynamic was superior was imaging within its smallish landscape. A 3 Mar 2017 Once again, Massdrop is offering the AKG K7XXX, which seems to come up every 3 months or so: https://www. Are you saying that the Samson SR850s are near equal in terms of flatness, harmonic distortion, and 'revealingness' to the AKG K7xx? 7 Tháng Bảy 2016 AKG k7XX. Configured by Massdrop; Manufactured by AKG; Open-back construction; Varimotion 2-layer diaphragm; Frequency response: 10–39,800 Hz; Sensitivity:  12 Aug 2016 Readers' Choice 2017 Ballot. But all and all no need  เห็น massdrop มีขายอยู่ $200 ซึ่งราค่แพงกว่า k702 ที่ร้านมั่นคงเสียอีก ว่าแต่ว่ามันต่างกันกะ k702 มากมั้ย พอมีใครทราบบ้างมั้ยครับ? https://www. Being priced at $450 it was AKG's flagship. Here is a link to a head-fi review for those after specific variations between the different models: Head-Fi(head-fi. More specifically which in general would be better for positional audio in games. 1 – some mp3 320kbps,  6 Aug 2015 After three seperate demos, I bought the HIFIMAN HE400S yesterday. The sound for the price  1 Oct 2016 One of the most common "Non-ModMic" questions we get is what headphones to pair with the ModMic. 4. Honor your favorite business by nominating them to be Herald & Review's Best of 2017! Subscribe to our podcasts! promotion  7 Nov 2015 The AKG K7xx is a Massdrop exclusive limited edition headphone based on the AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition. The result surpassed all . This Head-Fi post is a great primer on the differences between each. Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro: http://amzn. 27 Sep 2017 Among them are the 65th-anniversary AKG K702 reference headphones, upon which the Limited Edition K7XX—being reviewed here today—are based. 06. Headphone Amp: Burson HA 160. com touting these pair of cans to basically be a warmer, bassier AKG K702 Annie back around November. youtube. Inner Fidelity says go for the HD 668, which costs only a few dollars more. Connecting in unbalanced mode and with the stock cable, the AKG K7XX immediately showed us a nice synergy between the small headphone amplifier and the Austrian headphone. org)  Jag funderar på att köpa ett par AKG K7XX från Massdrop och jag önskar lite råd från de kunniga här om vilken AMP jag borde köpa. Latest iFi headphones amplifier review. Specs Configured by Massdrop Manufactured by AKG Open-back construction. About · Careers · Create on Patreon · Brand · Press · Partners · Sitemap · Help Center & FAQs · Developers · App Directory · Creator Blog · Creator Guides · Community Guidelines · Terms of Use. gl/KGlYbc. It is a very popular headphone, having been created by AKG in collaboration with Massdrop, and being distributed exclusively by the latter. comfort. That may well be fine for everybody who is someone with hundreds of cash who is  Sonarworks individual calibration service has made the choice between all AKG K7xx revisions quite easy - none of the other AKG headphones lets you hear deeper into the mix than our calibrated K712 Pro. And yes, it really sounds like I am wearing a  Hello guys so im decided to get akg k7xx cuz from some review they are great for 200$ headphone, but i wonder is it also good for csgo or positioning? I have seen someone in reddit saying gunfire is s 5 Jan 2018 - 12 minThese are the BEST ear pads for my favorite headphones - Dekoni AKG K7xx Ear Pads Review. waktu tengah malam ditambah minuman kurang bergizi akhir nya beli ini kucing dalam karung (belom pernah lihat dan dengar langsung), berhubung  21 Dec 2014 My son just received his AKG K7XX's. jdslabs. It's a simple thing to  25 Nov 2014 Deal: AKG K7XX Headphones - Limited Anniversary Edition - Massdrop - $215 USD Delivered, Store: Massdrop, Category: Electrical & Electronics. Firmware: 4. The only downfall I see is that you do have to enable that setting  15 Jan 2018 I have three headphones lined up, the AKG K7XX, Asus Orion Pro, and the Immersa Pro. First, the build quality and comfort: this headphone is made in China, and, like  11 Jul 2015 As for the backstory behind these cans, I bought the AKG K7xx when I read the description for the drop for it on Massdrop. 3 Retweets; 13 Likes; jhanno. The drawback with this really, those destinations are typically exotic, expensive places which were spread out across the globe. 18 Dec 2017 My Beyerdynamic DT990 250 Ohms headphones is starting to give out on me. Basically, they're re-branded AKG K702 65th 8 Aug 2015 As such, it isn't surprising that many write great reviews of it, and it is actually rated the #2 over-ear headphone on Head-fi! The other “budget” headphone that has been garnering huge attention on Head-fi is the new AKG K7XX, the joint effort of Massdrop and AKG that was introduced only 8 months ago. แจกหู 0. Vậy Massdrop mang được giá trị gì cho một tên tuổi giàu truyền thống như AKG? Câu trả lời là sự  22 Apr 2016 First, the AKG 550, because it gets good reviews including from you guys, and it fits the requirements. All the headphones in AKG's “x7xx series” are very similar, but can differ slightly in comfort and sound. A huge huge thanks to Massdrop Will+Danny for 1/27/2015 update: Q: Now that the hyper is over, how to the K7XX compare against the venerable HD600? Down to a more comparable and relevant price range, I would certainly recommend X1 as a universal headphone, particularly for gaming / movie watching / electronic / acoustic music listening. soundguys. Individually tested and numbered 2 Apr 2015 - 16 min - Uploaded by Z ReviewsIf you can't afford the Austrian Made K702 65th anniversary cans [http://amzn. AKG headphone seller with their numerous AKG K7XX drops. Not as much information as I would have liked but this overall review convinced me to buy these headphones. It is a very popular headphone right now, known particularly for its value, boasting a modest price of $199. Popu lair. That being said, once again many others in my “what's the best headset” thread have written vary positive reviews so drop them a message. Meze 99 Classic: https://goo. Although the price might be high however it's definitely worth every penny if you want to "upgrade" from your current AKG K7XX stock pads. Advanced patent pending Sonarworks measurement technology delivers a custom-made calibration profile and  11 Nov 2016 I did all my tests with either my AKG K7XX or Sennheiser PXC 550 headphones and used the Tidal streaming music service (for HiFi sound). NOT a basshead phone, but bass is detailed, quick, and deep. As I have already tried various AKG cans in the past and disliked many of them  22 Nov 2017 We're taking a look at the AKG's ear wrapping headphone, K7XX. is creating A/V Reviews, Setup Help, Tutorials and Liquidations. So, let's begin with the headphone output. i've only read online reviews and the main differences that i could find are: the K7XX's are a collaboration with Massdrop to bring down the cost, the K7XX's are made in China instead of wherever AKG usually makes their K700's, the K702's  3. AKG D5 stage pack met microfoon, kabel en statief · 2 reviews  Used AKG K701 Headphones for sale on 300+ second hand hifi sites & shops. I'm only  25 Jun 2017Watch and download Z Review AKG K7XX in HD Video and Audio for free. org/t/743280/newst-edition-an-exclusive-from-massdrop-and-akg. I waited to write this review until i had received all the headphones I recently purchased to arrive. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Finding the best model for you  I plan on purchasing a new pair of headphones here soon, primarily being used for gaming/movies. SJY. BACKGROUND. to/1NG8vIx] Then you can get the Chinese equivalent of them on massdrop [http://goo. Specifications; Summary; Pros; Cons; Neutral; Amp/DAC requirements; Who these headphones benefit? Video Review; Consensus/Conclusion; Similarities & Differences; Final Word  I have started my collection some time ago. It was actually… 6 Jun 2015 Buy. Если вы никогда не слушали наушники дороже $100, уверен, послушав K7XX вы останетесь под сильным впечатлением, звук для вас приобретёт новое измерение и грани. At only \\\9, these have to be the best buy in pro he. Fantastic headphones. AKG K7XX: https://goo. I entered the drop for the AKG K7XX's over on Massdrop and I was wondering which is better, K702 or K7XX. Apparently "round bass" was good in the 90s, but modern headphones can achieve a flat bass, which is better, however reviews still use 'round bass' as a compliment. 11. DAC (black box on top of Amp): JDS Labs ODAC. com/buy/akg-k7xx Our first custom headphones ever, the Massdrop x AKG K7XX have been an enduring community favorite since they first launched more than two years ago. I looked at sennheiser also among a bunch of other headphones and sennheiser headphones impressive from what the reviews say. . Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 http://amzn. The deal is back!! Currently at this time of posting 15905 Purchases on Black has been made, the deal is really hot! And Red has 5955 Purchase: https://www. The tone . The K7XXs sound excellent directly out of the box, but I assume they'll benefit from a few more days'  I was looking at the Sennheiser HD 6xx and AKG K7xx, and as a gamer which of these would provide the better gaming experience? I mainly play competit 13 Sep 2017 For example, I use AKG K240s & K7XX Massdrop Edition (more on that later), and considering Beats is one of the most popular headphone brands on the market, I am able to use Reference 3 to simulate the EQ curves of supported Beats models on my AKGs. My experience is that Massdrop headphones are consistently a big win for the consumer. 26 Nov 2014 https://www. I tested the OP3 with the following: Sennheiser HD598; AKG K7XX  De AKG K-702 is een professionele open-back dynamische studio hoofdtelefoon met een uitzonderlijke geluidskwaliteit en een zeer comfortabele pasvorm. ca) I'm not going to get a detailed review done quite yet as I like burn them in for a month at least. com/products/177/ol-switcher/ It's hands down my favorite little piece of gear! Read JDS LABS OL DAC & O2 AMPLIFIER “Inseparable” Review here! Samsung Galaxy S7 edge review: Stargate - page 8 - GSMArena. Accordingly, I asked AKG to loan me another pair of their K-1000s (footnote 1), while GAG sent In his March review, BS was bothered by a nasal coloration that he felt to interfere with the K-1000's basically good sound quality. gl/v91Wwq. org/products ··· ws/15339. Rewards. It'll not only save you some dough, but provide you with clean, accurate audio. Z Review - AKG K7XX  AKG 7XX (Massdrop) Measurement and Succinct Review. 617 patrons. They broke just by normal wearing and use Lusav65 wrote: That's an amazing article regarding the reviews of top Headphone brands! Thank you so much for sharing the reviews  10 Feb 2015 Since the first time I've heard FiiO X5 I became one of its fans and I do own one for myself now. to/ 1NG8vIx] Then 29 Mar 2017 - 8 min - Uploaded by DMS3 TVMassdrop AKG K7XX - REVIEW K7xx: https://www. AKG K7XX RED Headphones review https://www. head-fi. Smooth and Spotlight Review for the JDS Labs OL Switcher https://www. Does have a +3 db bump in low to mid bass, making them more "fun" or musical to me. 10 May 2017 The AKG K7XX holds a special place in my heart, being the first open-back I have heard. + -. AKG 7XX. Full volume gets it right over  Обзор наушников AKG K7XX RED. 9 written ratings Read all reviews You can also use these pads on other K7XX products as well. 1. It's quite unfair to compare the Cougar Immersa Pro against a pair of high-end headphones, but I'm actually shocked at how good the Immersa Pro  Newegg. I spent the evening listening and doing some listening comparisons with the AKG K712 and the Audio Technica ATH-R70x. Winning that extremely demanding crowd over is no mean task, but Massdrop has  Superlux HD 681 – Visually, at least, this one's a low-priced knock-off of the AKG K 240. Custom-Made. 3 Nov 2015 i've never auditioned the K702's, so i can't really compare them. It is an open-back, over-ear/circumaural dynamic transducer headphone. m Nitin Bansal Mohd Yaseen Lily Katz Jeffrey Hale Chris Thomas Shivang Joshi Rohit Dhyani Kiran. com/watch?v=ULoMu-hnxw0 If you can't afford the Austrian Made K702 65th anniversary cans [http://amzn. Once you know, you Newegg! AKG - K 912, price, review and buy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and rest of United Arab Emirates | Souq. Very neutral sounding. 18 Jan 2018 I did the same with some Massdrop/AKG K7XX and a Modmic. 4 Oct 2015 Latest reviews for headphones, earphones and portable media. Francesco Donadel . Bara att kolla in reviews på youtube på den. € 1902,- € 952,-. This one is the Massdrop special, “Red Limited Edition”. I have a pair of these and have owned them for, I think, about a year now if memory serves me right. Log in to Reply · 19/01/2018 at 03:26 Nihilexistentialist says: This review is missing something vital and basic that needs to be in any wireless review: is it using 2. jpg. Coffee · Drinks · Food · Tech · Music · Travel · Bloggin' · Circuits & Coffee tech AKG K7XX Headphone Review! 25 Feb 2015 My pair showed up today. ” A decade ago AKG released the K701, their top of the line headphone back then. Email from Ben O2+ODAC Combo Owner. There's a thread about them including a mini-review on Head-fi http://www. Massdrop quickly sold 1000 of them at $200. to/1SbKCuS. com/watch?v=Gm43zUvNsMQ Z Review 29 Dec 2014 The K7XX's matched with a good microphone, like the AntLion ModMic 4. com/DvSp9eWFCw