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- I\'m not What better way to celebrate this a little? Obscure Guardian is labeled as Independent Thinker - Introverted, theoretical, logical, planning, rational, independent, intellectual, self-confident,  What\'s left to say // The muffins have been made and the second to last chapter of Metamorphsis is online. education not based on class distinctions was Maejima Hisoka. Alpha2late17. 4 Jun 2016 [IMG] One Shot Hisoka Origin Story - By Ishida Sui (TG) Read Chapter Online: Mangastream For more information on how this came to be: Article. The analysis demonstrates that both Bisky and Hisoka disrupt traditional gender norms throughout the series and present a genderqueer identity. Hisoka). They shiver and glance back, seeing a smirking clown holding a card between his fingers. One after the other,  1 Sep 2015 Our dimension is actually little different from yours geographically, culturally, or politically when the monumental magic factor is set aside: even our global histories Last year, I transferred from a minor metropolitan high school in southern Japan to the prestigious Magical Academy on the remote, southern  For the abolition of Chinese characters: Maejima Hisoka . Does this page And what do you think is next for the last human survivor on Da Vinci Four? . Now, in the most recent chapter of HxH, you see Shalnark's phone ring as Hisoka turns the corner and kills him. I enjoyed the Hisoka origin chapter, even if it was just basically more of his perverse shenanigans at a younger age. . Canon Point: Mid-chapter 60 (Book 12), just after healing Kojirou. It's the best shot I've at regrouping with Ron and 'Mione. Hisoka strides over, picking up the slumbering child with a chuckle. com/a/FCyjl. . Also, the trailer teased the presence of a mysterious man behind the villain. Tsuzuki met the murder The past two years together consisted of small dates, conversation, and tiny displays of affection from time to time. Content Tags :  1 Jun 2010 24 Even an elite no less educated and worldly than Yoshinobu, the last Tokugawa shogun, could only scratch his head when faced with regional Janet Hunter, “Language Reform in Meiji Japan: The Views of Maejima Hisoka,” in Sue Henny and Jean-Pierre Lehmann, eds. The last thing the Magician has heard are the stumbling of feet from below. 8 Jul 2013 Especially the last few, as they establish what characters can or cannot be accepted. baidu. 30 May 2016 “Hunter X Hunter” Chapter 356 is anticipated to unfold the final score between Hisoka and Chrollo and whether Magician will bounce back and defeat the latter. OBSESSIONS - Ging used Hisoka's obsession for Chrollo as a diversion to keep him busy during the Chimera Ant Arc events. (Kuroro vs. “Mom's cooking is amazing, but that can only do “We all know your knowledge of magic theory is great compared to others, but you're still too aggressive. If that's “Hijiri-kun, you're already up,” Kijin said, slightly surprised. 5 : Final chapter. 8 Roland Hill, the primary architect of modern postal  One Piece Theory · Eiichiro Oda Is Using Persian Mythology One Piece Chapter 781 - One Piece Theory · Luffy Vs. CHAPTER 2: THEORETICAL FOUNDATIONS. Alpha2late17 Chrollo Depressed & Angry because all member hunted down by hisoka ( latest chapter ). 10 Jun 2016 Phantom Troupe Theories As we know from the latest chapter shit is hitting the fan and the Troupe is right in the middle of it. Hisoka decides to have a little fun and test Leorio's skills. Just… thoughts. He was just on the phone with Chrollo  29 Aug 2017 Some theories believed Hisoka's last name was based off the Spanish word "amor" meaning love or "amorous" meaning a strong feeling of love or sexual desires. One Piece - Chapter 611 [manga] One Piece. The timing just seems waaaaay off, and  The analysis demonstrates that both Bisky and Hisoka disrupt traditional gender norms throughout the series . Al Harrach' . Kaido & His Zoan Devil Fruit "Revealed" One Piece Chapter 782 - One Piece Theory · Sabo Vs. 167644407. Anonymous 01/27/18(Sat)08:35:36 No. “Still tired?” Katsuro asks after a moment of silence. They shiver and glance back,  10 Jun 2016 - 6 min - Uploaded by ForneverWorldHunter X Hunter 357 Manga Chapter ハンター×ハンター = Death and 12 Jun 2016 Recently I've read a lot of blogs and theories on the Phantom Troupe, now that the Hisoka vs Chrollo match has officially concluded. hisoka vs kuroro yahoo dating Hisoka +  Hunter X Hunter Hisoka Deceives Gon And Killua Eng Dub DESIGN BY HUMANS CLOTHING: http://goo. Nen: Hisoka is a transmuter. His Nen abilities  11 Dec 2016 An alternate universe where Leorio is Hisoka's target, Gon has an odd love for oddities, and Killua is a very curious individual. *As of Dec 6, 2014, I've decided to make it 7 chapters, not only to better build up the ship of franziska and my character but also to wrap up the story even better *I'll also endorse my Ask/RP blog (beta phase) http://kristophgray. the last 150 years or so of British postal history. Hisoka would like to  I've seen some confusion about Chrollo's skills in the new chapters, so me being the hxh fanatic that i am, I decided to put my two cents in. Mmh, I guess the ants are magical beasts  This Pin was discovered by Zoey Black. a foreshadowing for an amazing appereance. This last chapter disappointed me so much. , an em- ployee of the  14 Sep 2017 Teacher Hisoka wakes up to find that he has died and is now inhabiting the body of the student he tried to save. Their norms would be codified only gradually, over the final decades of the nineteenth century. It's Hisoka. Hell, the only  Fake bodies of Chrollo and all other Phantom Troupe members are found, calming the mafia community, and the auction takes place as planned. Content Tags : Sequel to 'Kage' Tatsumi POV [Spoiler theory on Tatsumi's past, slight psychological angst] AU. That's as long as my little sister, who's also a Hisoka fan, has been alive. About; Download Video 14 Jun 2017 http://imgur. 6 Jun 2014 The theory I posted said that Maha Zoldyck once went to the Dark Continent. Doesn't matter if he's stronger or not, at least not if we're talking only a little strength difference. vol. Maybe he's Hisoka's retarded little brother :D. " Not sure  28 May 2017 Light's Last Sanctuary Ch 1. ^I see it going a little differently. Speaking of Big Mom, if it turns out that she was the one who was providing the NMP crew with the steroids, then my theory of them being the ones who muscled Jinbei out of the island wouldn't be so unplausible now, would . The Riverdale finale has been said to be the American drama Outlander Oscars 2017 Best Picture Error Video: Watch What Really Went Down with Moonlight & La La Land. His very existence is not safe for this world. [ T - Teen: Not For one thing, I couldn't find anywhere that said whether or not Kurikara became Hisoka's shiki, so I decided that no, he didn't. Woah this is bad for Hisoka. Just a theory. Illumi once  Josh Tolentino Bleach chapter 530 Plot twists aplenty about in the latest chapter of Bleach as we learn more about Masaki Kurosaki, orange-maned genki-chick, last of the Kurosaki clan and fellow Quincy Not to leave people stunned too long, he does this again, managing to knock out Razor with a little help from Hisoka. Chapter Information. gl/XilFQC 10% DISCOUNT CODE: ABD Hisoka Theory: http://tieba. Chapter 371: Im guessing I'm remembering wrong because of Kurapikas new theory and the kings ritual and all. >> Anonymous 01/27/18(Sat)08:35:36 No. >Boat arc will feature Kurapika, Spiders, Princes and Hisoka 15 Sep 2017 “How much trouble could one little exam be?” Besides, Harry thought, remembering his spinning, lost Point Me. Might veer into NSFW at some points, because you know. Lord Togashi, the man who brought us great series such as Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, & My Hero Academia is back to bring us yet another HxH chapter. Located : Descendents of Darkness/Yami Tatsumi and Hisoka play a little tennis. “A little. There is no reason to  It breathes down their back with a poisonous breath. Not only this, but he can use a skill that he has opened to as well- meaning he can use two at a time (well, as hisoka said its technically four at a time, but who cares about his input). What was actually the most interesting thing to me about this chapter was the ensuing talk Ging had with Dark Link Muhel, especially with regards to the  27 Jan 2018 Hisoka´s gonna gut them all. Probably a lot more  I bring you today a little blog about a very unique anime called Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei, or rather, The Tatami Galaxy. The fact  11 Jun 2011 So, we've had some different theories about the androids's motives on Da Vinci Four. This is One day, an unnatural murder occurs, and a little girl escaping the killers runs into Hinomiya and Shijiro, with the supernatural villains not far behind! More. Kirigaya Kazuto-kun • 1 year ago. Thank You Yoshihiro-sama. He also has an unusual friendship with Hisoka, although it is unclear as to how it developed. So Chrollo can stop being a little coward who steal his allies powers and/or protect himself by never being alone in the same place as Hisoka. 23 Apr 2016 "Chrollo Lucifer's Return & Zeno Zoldyck's Death" Hunter x Hunter Chapter 359+. I think Hisoka is either gonna use a condition-type nen (see Gon : willing to lose everything to beat Pitou) or he'll just die and his strong will A little theory about Hisoka and the latest chapter. Hisoka's past. Yes, in the Hunter Chairman Election arc, it is clear that basically everyone who is a licensed hunter knows that Ging Freecss is Gon's dad, including Hisoka. My guess  10 Jun 2016 - 6 minYou either die a likeable character, or live long enough to see yourself become a little bitch Muraki's curse is a metaphor for AIDS He gave the curse to Hisoka while abusing him, which, after years … Tsuzuki has demonstrated his incredible 'hanyou powers' a la Abe no Seimei, the Japanese Merlin who was supposedly half fox and who was the last person to have Tsuzuki's set of To back my theory up: 1. youth training centers in the 1920s (Fukushima 2002), and in a book chapter on the expansion of higher education in the tionary Antoine Condorcet, describing the tenth and final stage of human prog- ress, spoke of several types of . people there appear to be adults; Gon and Killua are clearly years younger than many of the. It all just falls into place,  To ensure that Killua would live to carry on the family business, and as a means of protecting his little brother, Illumi implanted a needle in Killua's brain, forcing the latter to run from battles he wasn't sure he could win. Hunter x Hunter began I've loved Hisoka for 15 years. Spoilers (Theory). 'Riverdale' Finale Spoilers: Archie, Jason Blossom are Siblings? Here's Our Theory. Out of these 28 survivors, only 3 were able to return to their everyday normal lives. One of my  10 Dec 2016 An alternate universe where Leorio is Hisoka's target, Gon has an odd love for oddities, and Killua is a very curious individual. , Themes and Theories in  8 Jun 2012 Turin Turambar: Jun 5, 2011. We are back at Zevil island with the gang trying their best to be Hunters. Don't get me wrong I've been waiting for this fight for a long time. Ging. "So much trouble for one child, you  13 Jun 2016 I thought the point was that they're only limbs in appearance and that the Spiders are so overrated that Hisoka could've killed 3 of them in rapid If it was possible to do it easily, why didn't Netero just had someone make him 50 years younger before fighting Meruem? Virtually . 200 chapters later. com/p/1176191032 Follow us on Twitter to keep upto . I still love hxh  Were there animals drawn on the DC that were also in the kurapika special chapters, and a little village with huts? That's just a fan theory peddled by certain people who want their favorite character to be more relevant than he actually is. >  'Hunter x Hunter' Chapter 357 Spoilers, Predictions: Chrollo Gathers the Ryoudan As Hisoka Dies. A bit suspicious that he He definitely helped Gon and Killua mature during the Hunter Exam days, so I think he's due a little more credit. Chapter Guide Moritonio claims that he enjoys surprising people, to the point that he killed his younger sister to see the expression on her face. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. The main problem with the above theory is that Nen that becomes stronger after death has never been implied to require any sort of vow or limitation to become . In the last seconds of the episode, Hisoka sends a text message to Kurapika telling him the corpses are fake. Explore Arya's board "Hunter x Hunter" on Pinterest. This latest mess started between the old woman and Muraki. I'm a bit disappointed with the latest chapter. +. Latest Game of Thrones Season 7 spoilers reveals Jon Snow's real name. These theories should round Not to mention Shalnark and Kortopi were probably playing at the park like a child should be doing, when Hisoka came along. Page 1 of 4 - Intro chapter on youtube - posted in FF5 General: Somebody must have got their game early, because they posted the first chapter of FF5 on youtube. Edited by Sylar, Sep 8 2011, 07:34 . Will Leorio qualify Hisoka's expectations and  "Chrollo Lucifer's Return & Zeno Zoldyck's Death" Hunter x Hunter Chapter 359+ Spoilers (Theory). Yami No Matsuei Fan Fiction / Gundam Wing Fan Fiction ❯ Living Shinigami ❯ Shikigami ( Chapter 7 ). Persona - June 22, 2017 at 4:16  Hisoka is daddy af! :P. I\'m not What better way to celebrate this a little? Obscure Guardian is labeled as Independent Thinker - Introverted, theoretical, logical, planning, rational, independent, intellectual, self-confident,  6 Jul 2003 Tsuzuki and Hisoka investigated a case involving the murder of a descendant from Eda-Kimoto clan. Home hunter x hunter other contents The Mysterious Cases of Ging Freeccss and Hisoka I just watched the latest episode of Hunter x Hunter - Debate x Among x Zodiacs. In a shocking twist of events reminiscent of the The Latest. its was great to see hisoka,alongside ging he is my favourite :) @madara,i doubt its him he and killua and i have even found a little proof for my theory look what kalluto said 5 Aug 2017 - 6 minHunter X Hunter main character Gon Freecs & the mysterious Hisoka final fight is destiny Are 3 Jun 2016 One thing lead to another and Ishida made what most call the "hisoka spin-off" manga/storyboard. Enjoy! Explore the r/HunterXHunter subreddit on Imgur, the best place to discover awesome images and GIFs. Kurapika calms down a bit and meets with Gon, Killua and Leorio. The wiki says that the magical beasts come from the DC but in the actual chapter Ging only mentions the Chimera Ants. Gon Ging Don Freecs Dark Continent Theory Hunter X Hunter Manga Chapter 371. The old . com. This study is a textual analysis of  30 Jan 2018 hisoka vs kuroro yahoo dating Read Chapter 12 - that video from the story Be mine( kurapika x kuroro) by kurapika2 (Kurapika lucifer) Chapter 16 Gon Freecs/Hisoka; They've been dating for one year but lately Gon has been feeling more than a little frustrated. KanekiKen • 1 year ago. Spoilers, obviously. tumblr. According to the latest chapter (342), there have been 149 attempts to go to the DC, and out of all of them, there were only 28 survivors. Will Leorio qualify Hisoka's expectations and  30 May 2014 "reincarnate if I'm killed as a little ant-girl"? The same bodies were shown in the lab spread (was posted on last page for quick reference). G, z, d, b, are represented by k, s, t, h, with two dots on their right hand side, while p is sometimes represented by h, with a little cipher in the place of the dots. There really . Ging's adeptness at analyzing Nen isn't too surprising given how he's been hyped up, but I'll talk more about that below. Release date, June 2nd, 2016. I haven't found anyone else so far - this is pretty much it except for this, which shows a little more. You know his little Spanish music entry? That could have also indicated this theory to be true. Anime_Otaku • 1 year ago. Gon is very upset and angry  Hisoka's Past. | See more ideas about Hisoka, Wind breaker and Anime art. Last edited by Hisoka on Sat Dec 06, 2014 3:40 pm, edited 6 times in  Updated : August 27, 2004 12:00 am -:- Rated : Adult + -:- Chapters : 5 -:- Reviews : 2 -:- Dragon prints : 1334. IM DEAD BWHAHAHAHAHAHHA lmaoo. tem's economic and political trajectory: Maejima Hisoka, the mid-level bureaucrat who laid the institutional As Chapter 5 illustrates, this is because Hashimoto's accomplishments in the postal sphere were in many ways . He created a circus to have his enjoyment in a humane way, but  Read the topic about Hunter x Hunter Chapter 357 Discussion on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! In theory, the battle between Chrollo & Hisoka hasn't ended at all, it's just moved station and Hisoka has had a tactical epiphany. In Hunter x Hunter Chapter 357, the controlled humans catch Hisoka's wrecked body. Chrollo  Inside the airship, Kurapika approaches Gon to thank him for the last round. Akainu In The Final ARC: "Raftel War" - One Piece Theory  What\'s left to say // The muffins have been made and the second to last chapter of Metamorphsis is online. Despite the fury they hold for July, they wisely retreat to live a little longer. Although, I did notice (doesn't seem like anybody has mentioned yet) that our "cute little man boy" has a name-- it's Jeff! Chrollo Lucilfer vs Hisoka and Illumi - Battles - Comic Vine Pages similaires. “I'd have  Any thoughts on the theory that alluka's alter ego steams from the dark continent? I'm a little surprised if Saiyuu really is the traitor. Hisoka's Fate & the theory of the other We're in the middle of the death match between Chrollo & Hisoka, I'm not going to talk in details about what happened untill chapter #356 but rather talk about my  Sorry @kisshiichu i stole your wig Was watching Tangeled bc ya boi loves disney and i had to- also seeing as my natural hair is similar a little side by side too! whos OH MY GOD this new chapter has me stoked and so many more questions and theories and i dont even speak japanese im just a massive heckin weeb. 17 Jul 2016 - 9 minHunter X Hunter Theory Kites Abilities And Character Inspiration. My last post has left you seething, I see. >>. Hisoka, Magazine . Gon says his target was Hisoka and explains how he managed to steal his tag, but lost it, only to have it returned by Hisoka. He wanted to retreat using the ceiling and he couldn't. Results 17 - 44 Chrollo Lucilfer, Hisoka, Isaac Netero, Genthru, and Jed ~Hunter X Hunter Mais I don't know I just thought that it was an amazingly badass fight between two badass characters. Last edited: Jun 13, 2016. people there appear to be adults; Gon and Killua are clearly years younger than many of the participants, appearing to be no . about the last page of the latest chapter. Meanwhile, the coming 'Boku No Hero Academia' Chapter 100 Spoilers Predictions: Theories on Class Special Moves. The best place to read the latest & greatest manga for FREE! From the makers of the popular Manga Rock app, we aim to provide the best-quality manga & be the first one to publish new chapters. No theories. It is also clear to everyone that Ging and Gon are not emotionally close, per Leorio's outburst in the Hunter Chairman Election. ” Hisoka mumbles in his seat, through a slightly dopey grin. 1 ch. participants . He notices that Gon has been acting a little weird since they met and asks what happened. Chrollo>Hisoka 1-0 - June 22, 2017 at 1:42 am #. Skirting around a plethora of people, maneuvering so as to not get his robes trodden upon, the Savior of Magical Britan at last picked his  9 Jun 2016 Spoilers for Chapter 356. >> . Will he help Hisoka to defeat Chrollo? The latest chapter of the “Hunter  Haha at this latest chapter. 29 Sep 2014 That's right, all of the scenes we see in the final episode, including that creepy one of Meruem and Komugi, were genuinely in the final chapter of that arc. Falling, Hisoka reaches out his hand to nothingness, human ashes burn before his eyes, the sight he sees fades along with his consciousness. Time went by . I dunno, I dare say if he manages to have offspring, they could be like a concentrated form of his gay. Loading Unsubscribe from Alpha2late17? Well to be exact his last name is "Lucilfer" with a second "l. Page length, 69 pages. 2 Jan 2018 And since Chrollo is such a good villain he might tie with Gin In fact I You must spoiler tag Latest Chapter Spoilers (i. In discovering the . At first, they'd thought their son Hisoka to be merely a particularly sensitive child, if a little weepy, prone to fits of hysteria at the faintest touch. He keeps losing more and more, and it isn't like he is doing mindgames, the chapter is from his perspective and we don't have evidence he is secretly planning a hidden strategy