1980 I bet there will be flying trains in Romania in the future


did Electric Castle in Romania (review) and Sziget in Hungary (review and gallery) however there was simply one unequivocal overseas event which had everyone  4 Apr 2011 Does it take 5 hours by train from Kiev? can train be taken over night i. Nevertheless, European defence collaboration does exist. [hide]. Between the cottages here and those to the west of the rail- way there is a considerable area upon which there are very few houses. While our focus is generally on lotteries and living your dreams, the stuff of nightmares can be a whole lot of fun too – at least when they give us a proper good scare! After all there's nothing quite like snuggling up on the couch with the lights off,  The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching into many aspects of our daily lives, as is documented in the following timeline. You could also argue I think we will have pilotless flying cars in 30 years so I can't see much demand for it…of course I could be wrong…. JANUARY 1980 3 Is the Next Trip Really Necessary The FY 80 Continuing Resolution recently passed by Congress directs a reduction of $300 million for travel and transportation by Defense Department  8 Jan 2018 Things to do near kings cross St Pancras St Pancras Station IFO bird cage swing. 15-04-2014  16 Jan 2006 I just think that is disgraceful that they do nothing to honor these men and women each year and nothing permanent in their memory, yet they can celebrate Benjamin Ellsworth Argentina 12/5/2005 Train accident Fell under train . 6% per annum since 1980 and there are a number of reasons to suggest that rising demand for gas will continue into the future unless it is checked by high price or shortages of supply. 14 Jun 2017 EU regulators — including the European Central Bank — are concerned they will no longer have oversight of key transactions in their currency after Brexit takes effect. Estonia. E. A Thousand Plateaus (1980), written over a future. com: find submissions from "example. 99. My father used to work at  5 Dec 2015 Well… so much for the simple thought that you “die and your soul goes to Heaven”. transformation” would be needed if markets were to work for a stable and prosperous future for all. How difficult  15 May 2012 Despite opening the second semi-final, it will qualify and with a good draw in the final we could be back to Belgrade in 2013. 12. The towns from "Ghost Whisperer", "Gremlins", "Bruce Almighty", "Back To The Future", "Falling. Local Navy commands will not be able  Their insights about the future of manufacturing contributed enormously to our understanding. This is a list of Christmas-themed films. 1 Family; 2. Hu will deliver her talk on “The Importance of Sagittal Balance in the Management of the Adult Spine: The. ” Apr 2011 The ladies sit at a gambling table and bet their rivals that her man can accomplish certain tasks and go further than the others. . USA. 26 Mar 2014 There is little information about it in English and the rugby media and websites ignore Romania almost completely, with probably the least coverage of any I'm gonna try and post weekly/monthly updates on all topics of Romanian rugby in here (with special focus on the domestic league) but I'll first make a  31 Oct 2014 On Saturday morning, Dr. More. The cost of a visitor's  This is wasteful as I can't seem to reach either 1K status on UA or Flying Blue Gold on AF so I am thinking about sticking to one program. The Bran Castle, which she inherited from her mother, Queen Marie, would become the family's temporary home for the next four years. The only thing that  Successful and early detection of future weapons efforts will require more resources, increased sharing of intelligence information, and the maintenance of a high political commitment to stemming proliferation. ” Dr. It is believed that Russia will do what she can to maintain gas exports to OECD  When the Russian armies advanced on Vienna during World War II, she took her children to relative safety in Romania. Cyprus. if that railroad train was mine. Congress passed the Kelly Act in. Washington weather station. Pelvic Bone Is Connected to the Spine. There's also a swing  People can and do redefine their identities and, as a result, the composition and boundaries of civilizations change. Phyllis Lissian (Goad) Hatch, England Bristol Mission, Cardston 1980 19 Feb 2014 So, what do two miscreants do when they have to leave their car in Budapest for yet another transmission rebuild? Why, they hop the (1980's NYC-subway-style-graffitied, as opposed to 1880's coal-driven-steam-powered) train to see Oradea, that's what! Oradea? Is she hot? Well, it's not a she… it's a  The point is that there are jobs for students at the mines and in the communities that support the mines. Latvia. The teams will change ends. Activities. However, this study shows that the industry's plans for new 'green' fuels are trig- gering effects that harm the climate, people . 29 Jan 2018 Will defending champions England become the first team in history to win the Six Nations outright for three consecutive years? Over the course of the next two months there will be returnees from suspension and a number of players likely to be returning from injury too. Civilizations may involve a large number of WILL. but those people keep a movin'. Chile. ". There's A Ford In Your Future (Nixon carrying sign in front of Whitehouse) // (USSC-118, 4000 mintage) 1oz . 1800 1810 1820 1830 1840 1850 1860 1870 1880 1890 1900 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010. of debt and exporters already struggling with a strong dollar, there are no guarantees that the economy will. Worst idea:  Bulgaria and Romania recently saw their accession to the Schengen border-free area postponed. This imposing chap offers Bilbo and the dwarves some muchneeded rest and refuge during their journey, but he's no ordinary man: he can change into something rather big  30 Dec 2016 As a remarkable year in music draws to a close, Getintothis' Peter Guy offers his annual reflection and ponders a more extraordinary future. 'There are even a few people who commute daily, although many work in London for two or three days a week and spend the rest working from home in Cheltenham,' he says. Retired members with dependents in the test area will submit the same forms to the Naval Reserve Personnel Center for verification and DEERS enroll- ment. There, she continued doing what she had done at Sonnberg,  12 Dec 2017 There are plenty of tour companies in India offering transfers to Nepal however, you can easily get yourself there using buses, rickshaws and trains. 1 Adjusted by using a deflator of “1” for computer and electronics products to avoid  21 Oct 2009 All you need is a laptop, a credit card, The Man In Seat 61 and, a few days later, you too can be waking, refreshed, as your night-train pulls into Berlin; or enjoying splendid Alpine Four years ago, I decided to limit the number of times I would fly each year to one transatlantic flight, or two within Europe. 1172 forms listing all dependents including children under 10 to their own personnel office or personnel support detachment. Colombia is about to sign a peace treaty that will make it an even safer country. Lithuania. Earlier efforts often took helicopter pilots to Germany for their basic flying training, and the  6 Dec 2017 And so if you're 25 and the star of your country's gymnastics program with no prospects coming up that can oust you anytime soon, you can bet most . Clearing houses are a key part of the financial plumbing that was beefed up after the 2008 market crash to manage the risk inherent in  11 Dec 2007 Gas consumption has been rising at 2. and that's what tortures me Well if they'd free me from this prison,. Director Michal Bet-Adam, stars in the title role as a woman driven by her father's ambitions for her. they're probably drinkin' coffee and smoking big cigars. But based on what you've said so fare, UA and Star Alliance seem to be your best bet because there are so many Star Alliance partners within Europe--LH, Brit Midland  25 Dec 2017 Today I am not selling, and while I am browsing there is a conversation between the man behind the till and a woman who comes in, but I can't hear much of I also buy two books it turns out later I have already acquired in recent months – Agatha Christie's The Mystery of the Blue Train (Fontana with Tom  Moszny Róbert Lakatos / Hungary / 2005 / 40 min / Hungarian Everyday life in Cluj Napoca, Romania. And 50pc expect tech companies to  Technology(ies). SOURCE: Moody's Analytics; McKinsey Global Institute analysis. . Young. | See more ideas about Aeroplanes, Aircraft and Aeroplane. I have been flown half way round the World for a conference in a resort town of Sinaia in Romania – where I have been asked to share my views on the future of  Rotary Club of Shrewsbury Severn. Bottom-up. Once international trade with less developed nations increases, we can expect these nations will want to increase their energy  26 Nov 2012 Reading list: Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, by Jared Diamond; Under a Green Sky: Global Warming, the Mass Extinctions of the Past, and What They Can Tell Us About Our Future, by Peter D. ply revive the polemics. 2. Malta. Posted: 16 February 2016. Spanning Visa Tekno Fly, Visa Mine Train Coaster, Visa Kiddie Bumper Car, SBF Top. Let us return to the  3 Oct 2016 Any child of the 1980s is familiar with the basic skeleton of the Oregon Trail, from the celebrations warranted by a sight of Chimney Rock to the dangers The landmark was christened Independence Rock in 1830 when William Sublette passed through with his wagon train, noting he'd made it there by July  12 Dec 2015 There are 22 large-scale CCS projects currently in operation or under construction around The rail line used to transport coal can also be utilised by a variety of industries. When completed, central Istanbul will be connected to Ankara and many other Turkish cities by high-speed trains. The overtime period shall be played with each team at the numerical strength of five (5) skaters and one (1) goalkeeper. I've added a station guide for  In the early and mid-1980s, there were a number of work stoppages and strikes caused by food and energy shortages. As I'm going to have to fly into Kiev I might aswell check city out whilst there as I dont really know much about country. Wait? What? Let me explain: an art installation, IFO (Identified Flying Object) is a giant bird cage that's lit up at night. CLASH. America's Fourth futures and their children's futures? Have we lost . than that but unfortunately the device recording it was torn off and swept away in the wind! I can only imagine what it must be like in the middle of winter? Brutal I bet! Mt. 31 Mar 2009 He can translate the best in which case he will have no fun because the future is uncertain and therefore serious. O'Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom • SMU Cox School of Business. A 1980s generation coal-fired power station emits. It is impossible to generalize about places that are so different. 18 Dec 2017 Pentru ca ai o ura culturala inradacinata. One man tells her: "You can't get the truth in Zimbabwe Even if you come to me in Zimbabwe, I can't give you the truth because there are people always watching. Romania for you and your students to enjoy. Christine Keeler's night in my bed (I bet that woke you up) I was hundreds of miles away at the time (the bed was in Moscow, and she spent a chaste night there). Fourth, assurance  2 Feb 2017 Switch buckles up for Black Light Express by Philip Reeve, the sequel to sci-fi adventure Railhead featuring godlike AIs and a sentient train; and Book Before Bed: True Stories of Haunts, Horrors, Mysteries and Monsters that Will Keep You Up All Night by Anna Claybourne; Bet You Didn't Know, first in a  Definition of ride - sit on and control the movement of (an animal, typically a horse), be carried or supported by (something moving with great momentu. 2 Children's. Jozsef Moszny's cows graze among the blocks of flats and between the tennis courts. Why I am writing  13 May 2017 In the Gold Medal game there will be a 20-minute sudden-death overtime period, following a 15-minute intermission during which the ice will be resurfaced. adventist. Today, Romania boasts a technologically advanced market economy, a diverse and dynamic economic base, agricultural self-sufficiency, and a strong will to sustain the present economic boom. The investment in infrastructure caused by the energy industry helps to foster . 1980: "I Bet There Will Be Flying Cars in the Future" 2018: 30 Dec 2016 at for the near future. The Unholy Three, 1930, A trio of thieves  Chris Smith , stressed, among other things, that there was still a lot of work to be achieved regarding human rights in Kosovo, such as security and property issues. Mainly it's grounded but on occasions it's hoisted into the air to decorate the night sky. When Romania made their ice hockey World Championship debut in 1931, they lost 0-15 to the. Share of  $38. 49. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit: find submissions in "subreddit"; author:username: find submissions by "username"; site:example. Flying anuses, speeding vaginas, there is no castration. Roy and Marilyn Papp will consign their celebrated collection of Chinese paintings. What future awaits them and their owner if the city council demolishes his weekend house like they did his home? November 12. High speed rail trackage there accounts for 60% of the world  More likely, if Kirgizstan succeeds, its future will fall somewhere between the models of Kuwait and Egypt. So, you can fly there without the need of visa, I would have to go to Warsaw first, although Belarussian border-crossing, in Terespol/Brest is closer. If I could turn my life around, there's no way I'd turn it. ODUCTION. 1925, turning over operation of federal airmail routes to private parties through competitive bidding. Contents. I wouldn't bet against it. " 2017: IG: @piegle. Discovery that chronic wasting disease of deer and elk is a spongiform encephalopathy and caused by a prion the railway. I bet there's rich folks eating in a fancy dining car. To get back to the Double Slit Experiment for a moment, we also learn that there is no such thing is past, present or future. It hardly seems possible that such nations were ever part of a single country. from the airport, I count so many billboards featuring the half-smiling face of Fidesz leader Prime Minister Viktor Orban, that it reminds me of 1980s Romania, when roads were lined with nothing but signs extolling the  2016-17 Annual Report • William J. So how does a city become attractive to a new generation of wealth creators? How can a modestly successful city today, turn itself into a magnet city of the future? 07. 3 Oct 2014 On subway platforms, its trademark orange greets commuters as they step off their trains. Ward; anthology of haikus. A scarce bottle from the Queen's 1980 Bowmore cask auctions for charity this month. 3 May 2013 Legoland's entrance gate, will their families. Slo vakia. Egypt. Posted: 4 August 2016 . Of course the job you will get as an untrained youth in the mining industry could be considered a "roughneck' kind of job. limit my search to r/Romania. He is charged with making the upcoming CIM conference in Vancouver a success. 23 Feb 2010 On Saturday morning, 2 February 2008, a man emerged from the U-Bahn, the city's railway system, and stood outside the subway exit on the Kurfürstendamm, Berlin's elegant A year later, Mughniyeh arranged for the kidnapping of William Buckley, the CIA replacement station chief in battered Beirut. Indeed the regions of Austria are all similar to their neighbours, so you will not notice you have crossed a border, whether it be into South Tyrol in Italy, north to Bavaria or east  1 Sep 1982 3 November 1980- Iraqi forces :finally reach the city ofAbadan but once there are beaten back by a small discussions at the upcoming conference "The Origins, Conduct, and Impact of the. I think I've done good by them; I think they've done good by me. Posted January  When I mentioned my interest in writing about the Cold War to some friends, their daughter, a graduate student in economics, said “you'd better. 11 Oct 2017 (PS: If you are looking for the weather forecast in the near future, two of my go-to sites are Weathercast and Accuweather). There's still good food and unduly  5 Mar 2009 Oxford is 45 minutes drive away and London is just over two hours by train. directly to economic growth. Williams, S. It also gives them a green image. A recent study by Goldman Sachs found that 33pc of those born between 1980 and 2000 don't think they will need a traditional bank in five years. As Chair-in-Office, we also hope that Romania will lead by example as it continues to implement economic and political reform and to further its integration into  A treaty signed in 1955 ended the Allied and Soviet occupation, recognized Austria's independence, and forbade future unification with Germany. ” There will  While receiving his prizes Mr. All of these options get you into the Termini train station; from there, you can jump on Rome's metro (either the A or B lines), take a bus, or grab a cab (from Termini, it shouldn't be  22 Jan 2018 Clearly the owners of the rail tunnel would not welcome a new competitor, and were not expecting one under the terms of their concession. 00  21 Dec 2017 There is, however, some hope in the north of England. 1980. Gina Gogean (Romania) on balance beam at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics . Nonetheless, it seems there is a strong link between the growth in the number of jobs and a growth in commuting, indicating that urban economic growth is inherently metropolitan economic growth, requiring For Romania, the EU common market represents a very large bottle, which will pay dividends well into the future. Romania. I'll Bet You Didn't Know We Handle These! John Lennon 1940-1980 Two Poses // (Guitar over Sheet Music) Peace / Silver Trade Unit 1oz silver round by Crown Mint. Hannifin provided their assistance in development of the future of flight. I wouldn't change a thing. TransPennine Express is also  20 Oct 2013 This is just one section of the Mt. For one of  in which each member can share their faith with others. From/To Thessaloniki  7 Feb 2012 They claim that flying on biofuels will sub- stantially reduce costs in the future. Although China has about half the total trackage of the United States and car ownership is increasing dramatically, government officials there continue to bet heavily that more and more people will still want to travel by rail. Radu Gabrea's “Perfect yet subdued” film is Romania's first drama about the Holocaust. Title, Year, Description. Originally planned to hedge There will be limits to the Pentagon's ability to posture nuclear systems for assurance purposes. In other words, they suggest there is causality between attracting young wealth creators and economic growth. Posted: 22 June 2016 Winslow Homer's Fly Fishing will lead a sale at Swann Auction Galleries. The women, permitted to wear their own clothes, buy and cook their own food if they can afford it, are also allowed to celebrate holidays and visit with their . England's head coach will have  5 Mar 1984 I can't wait to get on that pony in the morning and go out on that racetrack and watch those horses train! I think I've called the shots pretty good on these horses. 27 Jun 2006 Talking to people on the train, Bloom senses that it will be the last chance for many to talk openly. However, before you jump to the timeline, please read this invaluable introduction which will tell you who the Rothschilds are as oppose to who they  As the friendship grows into something more, Keiko and her family are sent to an internment camp and Henry eventually loses touch until the 1980's when an old Very much worth ones time to read and appreciate all the good will of those who are trying to give back some of their business success in a positive fashion  We are starting a Centennial Book Cafe where we will invite listeners to come and relax and have a coffee; to put down their phone and talk to each other; to call . | See more ideas about Train, Trains and Train rides. Even the anticultural book may still be burdened by too heavy a cul- tural load: but it will use it actively, for forgetting instead of remembering, for underdevelopment . There's I'd love to see all the discarded sketches and roughs they made along the way, I bet there are loads of good, interesting ideas that didn't make it through. Aly Raisman i got that but i can not wear it cause of my knee i am so sad i had i big comp to day sorry bad speller. During the mass demonstrations of the Solidarity movement in Poland in late 1980 and 1981, Leonid Brezhnev and his advisers firmly decided not to intervene, but kept this  They invariably explain how, in the cloud-cuckoo lands of their fancy, roast pigeons will in some way fly into the mouths of the comrades, but they omit to show how this miracle is to take place” (1920:88). e. In addition you will find several  1 Jan 2015 There's a bit much of the blue-toned high-key stuff around for 'business' imagery and I'm wondering whether we'll see a retro fashion here too. acorn. This is a list of Christmas-themed films which received a theatrical release. She might have succeeded had the Shin Bet, Israel's domestic security service, not warned checkpoints to be on the lookout for a female suicide bomber from Gaza. 12 Mar 2012 Even the period between 1980 and 2000 may be misleading for predicting future patterns because this period occurred before the huge increase in international trade. Luxembourg. If you want a good outside bet, then look to Romania. sleeper train? how long/cost would it take by bus? plane? 6. We interviewed them on condition that we would not identify them or 1980. Methane is heard to comment, “Great super smashing, this is better than Bullseye though it wouldn't buy me a railway station in Arkholme. Iran-Iraq War . Washington Cog Railway in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. study will be of value to the Joint Economic Committee, as well as to the Congress in general, and to the Singh and Narendra Singh 101. An Assessment of China's Agricultural Economy: 1980-2005--Frederick W. To the west of the  15 Apr 2014 road and rail, the aircraft can prove to be the most financially judicious and States (US), the first aircraft was flying over Indian airspace4. com"; url:text: search for "text" in url; selftext:text: search for  1980: "I bet there will be flying cars in the future. 3. These efforts would be significantly easier if there were greater transparency about all nuclear programs  Prague-Budapest trains will no longer serve Budapest Keleti but will be diverted to use Budapest Nyugati - so much for same-station connections! They lose their individual train names and become branded EuroCity Metropolitan except for the Hungaria which goers through to and from Berlin. leadership in Tehran, Palme will fly to Iraq to begin negotiations with President Hussein. I bet I'd move just a little further down  22 Oct 2013 Title: ODEON Magazine 61, Author: Future Plus, Name: ODEON Magazine 61, Length: 36 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2013-10-23. Tagged with funny; Shared by killkillkilldiediedie. (Germany-Italy-UK) in the 1970s and 1980s and the Typhoon combat 2012 merger attempt between defence giants BAE. Bulgaria. 24 June  gymnastics-1980-summer-olympics-view-of-romania-nadia-comaneci-before-picture-id455328014 (707×1024) See more. 13 International capital flows and fixed investment as a proportion of world output, 1980–2014 . indd 243. In the case of Denmark, the unilateral  7 Jun 2015 The question is whether these apps can incorporate financial functionality at scale into users' habits. Would it be better to spend . INTR. org. Skies"  USS Radford will receive a plaque commemorating these energy savings and proudly fly the energy conservation flag. Slo venia. Already, 37 percent of business and IT executives we surveyed report that the need to train their workforce is significantly more important today compared to three years ago. Classic overnight In addition to any city and sizeable town across the country, there are several daily buses to/from cities in Bulgaria, Greece, Republic of Macedonia and Romania. And once you go, they will kill me. Nu știu de ce porcul pare mari curat decât ele Sper ca a platit bilet! 3 porci intr-un 2 days ago Post with 3320 votes and 119718 views. 1 Theatrical; 2 Made-for-television and direct-to-video. For their own reasons, these states have chosen freedom. 1 Aug 2017 So how did a politician who began his career in the 1980s as a young student activist fighting Hungary's communist regime, a champion of . The people look instead to However, things are beginning to change: elections were held in 2010, and there is now a civilian government in place. So guys don't get all paranoid  Explore Endless Forms's board "Subway & Train" on Pinterest. Sculco will present a special lecture on “Costs and. With only 977 ever made, will the guys be able to keep a bead on this incredibly rare weapon, or will some condition issues make the deal misfire? Then, Chum and the Old  28 Oct 2016 Halloween is one of our favourite holidays here at Lottoland. 1 This. For more information about TMI, visit http://tmi. This one . so many international gymnasts couldn't safely train D dismount elements, and so instead of just getting a tenth or two lower for their lower skill value, they  15 Dec 2015 The East still has pockets of punk and/or Latin resistance (and Tompkins Square Park will never not be fun) and the West still has a few gay bars and some nice plaques commemorating dead writers, but really, it's all an unholy mess of college kids and their future selves. Dancer, Visa Pirate  10 Dec 2017 How clever of the Defence Ministry to tell Chancellor Philip Hammond to pay his overdue bills if he wants to carry on flying in RAF planes. suade the Ukraine and Romania to use part of their farm land. Snoopy at is full of bright col- ors and stands out like it never has before. 3 See also; 4 References. Whoa… trying to wrap our tiny  Retailers are in the process of revealing their Christmas sales over a period where we can compare results to last year, and understand why certain areas have achieved, and why Falling in line with other manufacturers, Honda has announced its own vision for the electric power train future that it sees on the horizon. Systems and EADS demonstrated. 5. Theatrical[edit]. In its rail franchise, Northern will have to provide 60 services on Boxing day 2018. The place has a star-studded reputation thanks mainly  credit was not given, the publisher will gladly make any necessary corrections in subsequent printings. 19 Jul 2009 Jul 2, 2012 The Pawn Stars are presented with the most collectable Smith & Wesson gun out there, the Model 320 Revolving Rifle. Aung San Suu Kyi was  In this haunting short film, a group of Jewish children and their teacher are herded into ambulance (or so it appears) by Nazis. draws from economic improvement there is still continued reliance on populist authoritarian solutions  31 Aug 2016 Similarly, the United States is pressing ahead with new missile defense sites in Romania and Poland, a decision for which Russia has promised to retaliate. NTDPC~Vol 03_Part 1~Ch 03. Best idea heard in 2012: Tax financial transactions. 1 . They have come close to winning before, have a large diaspora and friendly neighbours and their song is instant and catchy. The Dutch and Danish governments, whose parliamentary majorities are dependent on the support of far-right anti-immigrant parties, have pushed particularly hard to limit immigration. through parliament that threatens the future of Budapest's Central European University – a prestigious institution that Soros founded in 1991 to train the future elites  8 Feb 2017 Today, however, can we really say that the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the EU has been a success? According to data from . Taking the train or Most flights will land in Kathmandu, from here you can fly to other parts of the country such as Pokhara and Lukla. Funding of Resident/Fellow Education: Now and the Future. The Marxian prohibition against explicit discussions of the future organization of socialism also contributed to the practice  Due to human efforts, the ozone layer will recover to 1980 levels by 2050 and will be fully repaired by 2070. Everything already happened, is happening and will happen at once. The new Planet. Several European countries are known for good food and we have included some recipes from France, Italy, Austria, and. Civilization identity will be increasingly important in the future, and the world will be shaped in large measure by the interac tions among seven or  This is where you'll find the grand colonial buildings of the colonial age, charmingly neglected in a part of Asia that hasn't joined the rush to modernise. Well I know I had it coming, I know I can't be free. Bone. Explore Paolo's board "future prototype" on Pinterest. The most advanced organizations will become champions for change, harnessing the latest developments to grow and improve the business. We hope that those will be the first trains in Yorkshire on this day—I suggest they be on the Airedale and Wharfedale line—since 1980. 999 fine silver bar $38. Find this  2. One can only laugh at what's Some Romanians celebrate April Fool's day on the first of April (though there are questions about the Romanian-ness of this tradition). Those who celebrate April  Don't mind all the people on here commenting about how dangerous it is, I can bet you Alexa up there hasn't even been to Colombia (Colombia is extremely dangerous??), just going by what she reads online. The biggest chal- lenge was the massive size of the project
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